August 16, 2014

Stallworth May Still Get Bonus Money

donte-stallworth-catchWho would have thought that Plaxico Burress could have such an impact on the Cleveland Browns?

First, there has been the incessant rumors that have Braylon Edwards linked to the Giants via trade.  Then, the Giants go and release Burress, he of the self-inflicted gun shot would and the basis behind the song Da*n, these sweatpants make a bad holster.  Now, he may have an even larger impact as he has recently won a suit over his former team that allows him to keep his bonus money that was temporarily taken away after the gun shot incident.

And if you’re asking how the Giants v. Burress case impacts the Browns, look no further than the bonus that is due to wide receiver Donte Stallworth.  The day prior to the accident that left a man dead on a Miami, Florida causeway, Stallworth was due $4.5 million. 

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