August 26, 2014

Cavs vs Rockets Behind The Box Score: If the Cavs lose and no one notices, does it count?

Mike BrownHeading into this latest Cavs game, the season appeared to be as low as could be. After a week of drama and speculation, a New York Daily News report centered on Luol Deng comments painted the team as an absolute mess.

Over in Houston on Saturday night, the final result wasn’t that terrible after all, somewhat. Heck, the Rockets have won two-thirds of their games this season, so this could have been much, much worse. The final score read 106-92. It was a wee bit close for a few minutes midway through the third quarter, but that was about it. The Rockets are a much better team.

During a 33-12 rally by the Cavs that intersected halftime, they looked very solid, especially offensively. Small victories! But at half, only three Cleveland players even scored more than two points: Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters and Luol Deng. Those were the three players with notable efforts, really. The Rockets are just too good, too talented and too efficient in their schemes. It wasn’t really that competitive. Yikes. [Read more...]

NBA News: Dwight Howard to sign with Rockets; Omer Asik on the block?

The domino has finally fallen. Dwight Howard, in his typical back and forth waffling style, has chosen to leave the Los Angeles Lakers via free agency for the Houston Rockets.

In doing so Howard leaves money on the table (in the neighborhood of $30 million), but presumably has a better supporting team around him in Houston. He joins James Harden, Jeremy Lin and company on a 45 win team that also traded for Thomas Robinson this off season.

The Rockets hope that Howard will instantly give them the inside scoring option that the team needed to be a championship contender. In the end, Howard had narrowed his choice down to staying with the Lakers or moving on to Houston or the Golden State Warriors. Golden State had made themselves attractive in the last few days by adding veteran Andre Iguodala to an exciting young team.

The Rockets might not be done however.

Brian Windhorst reports that current Houston big man Omer Asik is not very happy about the Rockets’ recent acquisition-

“Asik has no interest in being Howard’s backup or playing next to him, a source close to the Rockets’ center told It is not yet clear if Asik would demand a trade.

It is possible the Rockets will look to engage the Atlanta Hawks in a sign-and-trade deal for free agent Josh Smith. The Hawks are open to making a sign-and-trade deal with the Rockets for Smith, league sources said. Smith and Howard played together on summer teams as teenagers and have talked in the past about becoming teammates in the NBA.

Asik, a quality defender who averaged career highs in points (10.1), rebounds (11.7) and blocks (2.7) while starting all 82 games for Houston last season, has a complicated contract that could become a challenge in a trade.”

Could the Cavaliers have an interest in trading for Asik? The 7-0 center from Turkey turned 27 years old on July 4th. He is durable playing in all 82 games of his 3 year career twice, and playing 66 games the other. He is a good defensive player and rebounder that is developing his offensive game. He averaged 12.3 points per game in the playoffs for the Rockets.

In addition to the Atlanta Hawks, Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the New Orleans Pelicans are serious about acquiring Asik.

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While We’re Waiting… New Nike Buckeyes uniforms?

“While We’re Waiting” serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at

WFNYBanner www

These might be the uniforms we see at the Horshoe this season: “Columbus-based Ohio State retailer The Buckeye Room posted this photo of a “New twill Nike Limited” Ohio State home football jersey featuring quarterback Braxton Miller’s No. 5. The jersey, which features seven embroidered Buckeye Leafs on the collar – one for each of the school’s seven national championships (or Heisman Trophies) – will set you back $120.” [Eleven Warriors] [Read more...]

Children’s Palace, Analytics of the NBA and MLB, Jimmy Haslam, Kyrie Irving and Mad Men – WFNY Podcast – 2013-07-03

WFNY Podcast LogoIt has been way too long since I caught up with Jon. So, naturally we talked about everything from TV and sports and stats to the Browns and whether or not Jon can ever be an NBA fan. Hint. Probably not.

  • Old stores like Children’s Palace, Kiddie City, Best, Fretter, Bernie Shulman’s
  • K-Mart, Wal-Mart and Target
  • Would a drunk podcast worthy of listening to?
  • Talking about everything but football when talking about the Browns
  • Talking about optimizing strategies and contract language
  • Barkevious Mingo and how it would be refreshing to just talk about him
  • When your team doesn’t make the playoffs you really get short-changed as a fan
  • Enjoying the aesthetics of the sport vs. water cooler fandom
  • Watching the end of a basketball game without watching the early part of the game
  • Which sports are you willing to watch no matter who is playing?
  • Watching sports as a stakeholder is a totally different thing
  • Keeping timelines free and clear
  • Kyrie Irving and if he’s actually one of the superstar types
  • How good is Kyrie Irving and how good will he be by the end of his career?
  • Scott Raab’s question about if the Cavaliers have a plan or not
  • Would Dan Gilbert follow through with his feeling that he would trade a guy that wouldn’t commit?
  • The Indians and having actual athletes and baseball players on the field
  • Kipnis = Pedroia = Eckstein
  • Guys who put up numbers who are not entertaining to watch
  • Guys who don’t put up numbers who ARE entertaining to watch
  • Moneyball and analytics
  • The analytics of movements in basketball and soccer
  • Do we ruin sports with the way we analyze them?
  • Sports stats and analytics are like Bobby having a train set in the Sopranos
  • Mad Men finale and Don Draper. Is he redeemed?
  • Taking people down with the ship is the antithesis of redemption
  • If you find yourself as an artist then you need to let the art speak for itself
  • If The Sopranos are Nirvana then Ray Donovan is Limp Bizkit
  • What will life be after Mad Men and Breaking Bad [Read more...]

Cavs “will likely kick the tires” on Andrew Bynum

This might be nothing more than due diligence, but Bob Finnan (by way of HOOPSWORLD) is reporting that the Cavaliers will explore the possibility of signing free agent center Andrew Bynum.

Bynum was an utter disaster for the Philadelphia 76ers as the 25-year-old didn’t suit up for the team one time in his lone season there. Seventy-sixers CEO Adam Aron’s quote says it all.

“We certainly thought he was going to play in August,” Aron said. “That’s why we made the trade. Even in early October, we thought he would play on opening night. Then there was a delay. Then there was [another] delay. Even when we announced that he was out indefinitely, inside the team we thought he would play in January or February. He himself, in February, said he would play in February. But here we are in March and the team is disappointed. Our fan base is disappointed. And that’s the story of the season.”

However, the Cavaliers need a center and have tons of cap space available to them. It is only natural that the team would explore every opportunity to get better. Every opportunity certainly includes a 25-year-old seven footer who averaged nearly 19 points and 12 rebounds per game in the 2011-12 season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

We’ll see how it plays out, but it is reasonable to assume that some serious money will be chasing Bynum this off-season especially as there will certainly be more than one team that wants Dwight Howard’s services and ultimately will miss out on the premier free agent center this off-season.

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2013 NBA Draft – Kirk breaks down the candidates and potential trades – WFNY Podcast – 2013-06-27

WFNY Podcast LogoKirk and I took the last opportunity before the draft to talk about all the possibilities. I also signed off by saying “Don’t drink too much” so there’s that.

  • The Kevin Love rumors and what that might have meant
  • Quantity vs. quality and Bill Simmons’ thoughts that four quarters don’t always equal a dollar
  • The trade rumors with the Pelicans and Greivis Vasquez
  • Do you think Chris Grant’s board is really so equal at the top or is it all smoke?
  • The Thomas Robinson trade rumor for the #19 pick
  • Houston trying to make a run for Dwight Howard
  • Thomas Robinson was supposed to be NBA ready
  • Nerlens Noel and the concerns about him
  • Noel might be an athlete and not a basketball player
  • Does Alex Len have the chance to be Hibbert?
  • Could Alex Len be Rick Smits?
  • Anthony Bennett and what he can be for the Cavs
  • Anthony Bennett’s dribbling ability and three point shooting ability
  • Victor Oladipo and his chances of being the number 1 pick
  • Victor Oladipo has the highest floor of any of the top six
  • Defense translates from college to the NBA
  • Ben McLemore and the Ray Allen comparison
  • Otto Porter from Georgetown
  • Otto Porter has the potential to be a complete basketball player
  • The Tayshaun Prince comparison
  • Sergey Karasev and the chances to have him with Dallas’ pick

[Read more...]

2013 NBA Draft, 2013 NBA trade scenarios and more with Kirk – WFNY Podcast – 2013-05-29

WFNY Podcast LogoKirk wrote a fantastic article exploring the trade market available to the Cavs and I wanted to go over it and push him further on it since it has been out there a few days. Of course we also talked about some other stuff like Dwight Howard.

  • Kirk’s NBA Draft Rumors article
  • Being an eighth seed and the pains of it
  • The finishing of one three year plan and starting another to compete for a title
  • Oklahoma City trading Harden one season too early to Houston
  • Should OKC have played one more year and taken a CLE deal?
  • Did people expect Harden to be as good as he’s been this season in Houston?
  • Demarcus Cousins and how scared we all are of him
  • Luol Deng and why he might or might not work
  • Joe Johnson contract hell
  • Deron Williams and the Brooklyn cap space situation
  • Dwight Howard and whether or not you can gamble with him
  • Would you take a chance on Dwight Howard with the Cavs? (hypothetically)
  • The Dream scenario and how Kevin Love is not a possibility
  • What if the Cavs do nothing?
  • How coachable are the Cavs’ young guys like Kyrie Irving, Tyler Zeller and Tristan Thompson?
  • Missing Delonte West and loving his game
  • Ben McLemore and Nerlens Noel and who they can become [Read more...]

NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers will be “vying” for Dwight Howard

The Cleveland Cavaliers were a buried mention as a potential suitor for Dwight Howard in free agency in an ESPNLosAngeles report yesterday. Cleveland was tossed in after meticulously exploring the merits of Houston and Dallas, so it’s reasonable to assume that the Cavs are going to be tossed into every discussion due the the extraordinary amount of cap space they will have this off-season.

Howard is expected to entertain the free-agency process and hear competing offers from Houston, Dallas and others, multiple sources told Cleveland and Atlanta are teams that will also be vying for Howard, among other suitors.

If I was making the book in Vegas, I’d say there’s a 80% chance that the Cavaliers talk to Howard or his people this off-season, because you kind of have to when you have the cap space and a player of that caliber is a free agent. The idea that it would get past the talking stage and Howard would come join the Mike Brown-led Cavaliers has to be at 5% or less I would think.

We don’t know exactly how Dwight Howard feels about Mike Brown, but in Howard’s first season with Brown, the coach was fired after only five games. At minimum, it would appear that familiarity or some personal connection would be somewhat unlikely to benefit the Cavaliers should they even truly be in pursuit of the big man.

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Cavaliers Film Room: Defending Dwight Howard

It’s that time again to break out the DVR and dig into another edition of Cavaliers Film Room! Last week, we did our first player spotlight on rookie shooting guard Dion Waiters. This week, I wanted to spotlight the Cavaliers’ defense on Dwight Howard in Tuesday night’s victory against the Lakers. I think we all recall Dwight Howard tormenting Anderson Varejao and the rest of our frontcourt in the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals, as he averaged 25.8 points and 13 rebounds in the six game series while converting 47-of-67 from the line (good for 70%). On Tuesday, however, they used their defense, including scrappiness in the post, to fuel a 24-8 second quarter run that ultimately won them the game. [Read more...]

The Boots: C.J. Miles, Andrew Bynum Trade, Backup Quarterbacks, Preseason Browns Injuries

As I’ve been doing for years, The Boots are my way to assign Boot Up or Boot Downs to various items in the sports world. As a reminder, I got the nickname “Boot” from my older brothers when I was young, and thus, I continue to use this segment as my personal sports writing payback.

Boot Up: Addition of C.J. Miles — Yes, I like the move, but don’t read too much into it. The 25-year-old Miles has career averages of 8.4 points, 2.2 rebounds, 1.3 assists and 51.2% true shooting in his seven-year career with the Utah Jazz. The free agent signing strikes me as a low-risk, high-reward move that can only help the Cavaliers at their weakest position: small forward. [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting… Browns Begin With Win, NFL Stadium Security, Omar Vizquel Wants to Manage

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at

Quickly recapping the GLC victory: “Come on, Browns fans — don’t tell me I was the only one who had a goofy smile on their face when Jeff Wolfert’s 45-yard field goal sailed through the uprights to give Cleveland a 19-17 victory over the Detroit Lions in the Great Lakes Classic? The final score in preseason games usually don’t mean squat for judging the regular season, and the case was no different here.” [Chris Pokorny/Dawgs By Nature] [Read more...]

NBA Trade Rumors: Cavs Want Assurance from Bynum Prior to Deal

Prior to agreeing to a deal that would ultimately send Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard to Los Angeles to join Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, the Cleveland Cavaliers demand assurance from Andrew Bynum stating that the 24-year-old center will sign a long-term extension.

Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski corroborates an earlier report from Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon-Journal which stated that the two parties, despite days of rumors, have yet to speak. The only part missing, according to Wojnarowski, is the Lakers’ willingness to let Chris Grant and the Cavaliers speak with Bynum’s agent, David Lee. Wojnarowski adds that the hold-up appears to be with regard to the Orlando Magic, a team continuing to show extreme indecisiveness with regard to trading their franchise player.

“Los Angeles wants the structure of a three-team deal agreed in principle before letting Cleveland take that next step to communicate with Bynum and his representatives,” writes Wojnarowski, “and that won’t happen until Orlando makes a decision that it wants to also lock-in the framework of a trade, sources told Y! So far, Orlando has shown a level of indecisiveness in the talks, sources involved in the negotiations said.”

The Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks reportedly remain as intriguing options to the Lakers center, who is set to hit free agency in 2013. It is believed that the Cavaliers are using both Kyrie Irving and team majority owner Dan Gilbert as sales tactics to entice one of the league’s best centers into calling Cleveland home for at least the next five seasons.

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Report: Lakers’ Bynum has had no Discussions with Cavs

The agent for Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum has said that his player has had zero conversations with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the team’s general manager Chris Grant, referring to the rumored deal which would send Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard to Los Angeles. Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon-Journal states that Bynum’s agent, David Lee, confirms that his client has also given no indication of a long-term contract with the Cavaliers.

A Yahoo! Sports report recently surfaced which listed the Cavaliers as a preferred long-term destination for Andrew Bynum with the center entering free agency in 2013. Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio added to this news stating that Bynum not only would be open to a long-term deal with the Cavaliers, but has a desire to play for head coach Byron Scott and alongside reigning Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving. ESPN’s Ric Bucher recently reported that the three-team deal would involve Cavaliers’ center Anderson Varejao and multiple draft picks leaving Cleveland as the third team. HOOPSWORLD’s Alex Kennedy adds that the entire deal hinges on the Magic who appear prepared to squeeze every possible ounce of compensation out of the Lakers and, now, the Cavaliers.

Lloyd, adding commentary, stated that his feelings were that he did not have the impression of the Lakers center eyeing up Cleveland as a long-term employer. If a deal were in fact close, the Cavaliers — led by Grant and David Griffin — would be allowed to contact Lee to work out any ancillary items. To this point, the two parties have reportedly not talked.

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Cleveland Cavs Notes: Kyrie Irving’s Injury, Luis Scola, Andrew Bynum, Start of Summer League

What a hectic week to be a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers. It seems that almost every single day brings along a new news cycle, and this week has brought along its fair share of hectic news.

From the Kris Humphries-Brooklyn Nets rumors to the possible Luis Scola waiver claim, to the more recent Andrew Bynum murmurs and recent Kyrie Irving injury, there’s been plenty to talk about in Cavs town lately.

Tonight, the Cavaliers begin summer league play in Las Vegas at 8:30 p.m. against the Charlotte Bobcats. With this in mind, I thought this would be a great time to round up some of the recent rumors and my thoughts on the team for this Sunday afternoon. [Read more...]

NBA Trade Rumor: Cavs Discussing Trade to Land Andrew Bynum in Magic-Lakers Deal

HoopsWorld’s Alex Kennedy dropped a bombshell on Twitter about an hour ago with this nugget of information:

Kennedy later expanded on that initial tease, posting an article with more details. In a possible trade that would send Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Cleveland Cavaliers would end up with Andrew Bynum, and the Orlando Magic would receive a number of picks and prospects. There were no further specifics about what the Cavaliers would give up in such a deal.

Kennedy cites sources close to the situation, but also says “while no trade is imminent, the talks are ongoing.” Kennedy is the only individual currently reporting discussions between the three teams.

In other well-circulated Howard-to-LA reports, David Pingalore (a former Cleveland reporter) of WKMG-TV in Orlando also cited sources Friday night that said the All-Star center will likely end up in Los Angeles. Pingalore’s sources appeared to be fairly adamant in saying that just “some crossing of T’s and dotting of I’s is only left” for Howard to land in LA with Kobe Bryant. Pingalore didn’t mention any possible trade partners for the two teams in his article.

7:33 p.m. Updates: Both ProBasketballDraft and Fox Sports Ohio’s Sam Amico have confirmed through sources that trade discussions are taking place between Orlando, Cleveland and the Lakers. Let’s start first with the new information from ProBasketballDraft:

This account also said the Cavs are looking for some type of confirmation that Bynum would extend. It also said that Cleveland’s Tristan Thompson and LA’s Darius Morris would be two key prospects that could go to Orlando.

Later, Amico confirmed through his sources that a deal is being discussed. These sources also reiterated Cleveland’s emphasis to make sure Bynum would extend with the team. One of Amico’s folks also said that “Cavs, as usual, being a big pain” in their trade dealings, as he reported earlier in the week about the possible Brooklyn Nets situation.

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Wojnarowski: Cavaliers Out of the Dwight Howard Trade Situation

Much of the past couple days have been spent focusing on the potential 3-4 team trade to get Dwight Howard from Orlando to Brooklyn. The Cleveland Cavaliers were expected to be the 3rd team involved in the trade, looking to acquire Kris Humphries and a first round pick for their troubles.

According to Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski, though, the Cavaliers are no longer involved in the trade discussions:

Not only is Cleveland out, but it sounds as if the trade itself seems to be falling apart, with the Magic and Nets now trying to focus on a deal just between the two teams:

As always, the Cavaliers have not and will not comment on this trade. Despite some ridiculous speculation that the Cavaliers were looking to facilitate this trade to “stick it” to LeBron by creating another Eastern Conference power, the reality of the situation is the Cavaliers were merely looking to add assets for nothing. When it became clear, though, that Kris Humphries wanted a longer deal than the Cavaliers were comfortable giving him, the Cavaliers walked away from the table.

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While We’re Waiting… Cavalier Homework Assignments, Dan Fegan, Indians All-Star Game Moments

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at

Here are some homework assignments for three Cavalier players, starting off with The Kid: “Kyrie Irving is by far the best player that wears the Wine & Gold. Like, from “New York to LA”-far. Like, he is probably a top 20-25 player in the world, right now, without a real ceiling to speak of. But the thing about players’ ceilings, and not having hit them yet, is that it by definition means that the player can still improve.” [David Zavac/Fear the Sword]

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NBA Trade Rumors: Marshon Brooks Could be Included in Deal with Nets

With the Cleveland Cavaliers rumored to be the third team in a deal which would help the Brooklyn Nets land center Dwight Howard, latest reports say that the deal could hinge on the Cavs also acquiring second-year swingman Marshon Brooks.

With the Orlando Magic unwilling to take on power forward Kris Humphries, the Cleveland Cavaliers — with all of their salary cap space and short-term flexibility — were quickly added to the rumor mill as a third team to help facilitate a deal. ESPN reports that both the Nets and Magic are “cautiously optimistic” that the Cavaliers will indeed help finalize the long-discussed trade, but a key piece would also be the Cavs receiving the 23-year-old Brooks in the deal.

Although the Nets have made Brooks available, sources told ESPN that the Magic are not interested and he’s being shopped elsewhere, including Cleveland, to find a package that suits Orlando. The Magic have, to this point, turned down several trade proposals by the Nets, some including the Cavaliers who appear ready and willing to make a deal to acquire additional assets.

The 6-foot-5-inch Brooks averaged 12.6 points and 3.6 rebounds per game for the Nets during his rookie year. Prior to the All-Star game, Brooks averaged 14.6 points and 4.3 rebounds, adding at least one steal and one three-point field goal per game.

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Box Score: Magic 102, Cavaliers 94

The Cavs dropped their second straight game on Friday night, falling to the Orlando Magic at the new Amway Center. Dwight Howard controlled the paint for Orlando, grabbing 16 rebounds while adding 19 points. Anderson Varejao, who’s been brilliant of late, tried to match the franchise center with 12 points and 15 rebounds of his own. Alonzo Gee was huge off the bench for Byron Scott’s club, but the Magic, who have been playing some of the worst offense the league has seen in awhile, got some offensive rhythm going among their starting five to hold a double-digit lead for much of the game.
Starters Pos Min FG 3Pt FT +/- Off Reb Ast TO Stl BS BA PF Pts
K. Irving G 39:43 7-21 0-1 4-4 -16 3 4 6 2 0 0 4 2 18
M. Thompson G 29:56 0-6 0-3 0-0 -16 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 0
A. Varejao C 34:20 5-13 0-0 2-2 -13 3 15 1 0 3 1 1 5 12
A. Jamison F 33:54 6-19 1-6 3-7 -7 3 12 0 0 1 1 1 4 16
O. Casspi F 17:29 3-6 1-2 2-2 -10 3 6 1 1 0 0 1 1 9
Bench Min FG 3Pt FT +/- Off Reb Ast TO Stl BS BA PF Pts
Totals 33-90 7-18 21-27 18 57 17 11 5 3 10 23 94
Percentages .367 .389 .778 Team Rebounds: 9
A. Gee 30:31 7-12 3-4 3-4 +2 2 5 0 3 0 1 0 5 20
R. Sessions 26:21 3-8 1-1 7-8 +16 1 6 8 2 0 0 2 1 14
S. Erden 13:06 0-1 0-0 0-0 +4 1 4 0 1 1 0 0 2 0
L. Harangody 8:16 1-1 1-1 0-0 +1 2 4 0 1 0 0 0 1 3
S. Samuels 6:25 1-3 0-0 0-0 -1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 2
C. Eyenga DNP – Coach’s Decision
D. Gibson DNP – Inactive
R. Hollins DNP – Coach’s Decision
A. Parker DNP – Inactive
T. Thompson DNP – Inactive
Starters Pos Min FG 3Pt FT +/- Off Reb Ast TO Stl BS BA PF Pts
C. Duhon G 36:13 3-8 2-6 0-0 +13 0 2 5 1 1 0 0 4 8
J. Richardson G 28:02 7-12 3-4 2-3 +19 0 4 1 0 1 1 0 0 19
D. Howard C 38:10 5-12 0-0 9-16 +9 1 16 2 2 0 8 0 1 19
R. Anderson F 34:24 5-14 2-6 5-6 +14 5 8 1 0 0 1 2 3 17
H. Turkoglu F 31:56 7-12 2-5 2-2 +12 1 7 4 1 0 0 0 1 18
Bench Min FG 3Pt FT +/- Off Reb Ast TO Stl BS BA PF Pts
Totals 34-80 9-26 25-36 10 45 19 5 6 10 3 20 102
Percentages .425 .346 .694 Team Rebounds: 9
E. Clark 23:26 3-9 0-0 2-4 -7 2 5 0 1 1 0 0 4 8
J.J. Redick 22:59 0-5 0-4 0-0 -14 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0
V. Wafer 16:04 3-6 0-1 5-5 -4 0 1 1 0 2 0 1 1 11
I. Smith 8:46 1-2 0-0 0-0 -2 1 2 4 0 1 0 0 5 2
G. Davis DNP – Inactive
J. Harper DNP – Coach’s Decision
D. Liggins DNP – Coach’s Decision
J. Nelson DNP – Inactive
D. Orton DNP – Coach’s Decision
Q. Richardson DNP – Coach’s Decision

Cavs/Magic Preview: Can Kyrie Irving add Dwight Howard to his list of victims?

Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving has been carving up opposing big men as if he arrives to Quicken Loans Arena along side a giant blue ox. 

A spin-move off of Al Jefferson, a cross-over of Marcin Gortat and a high-pick split of the Boston Celtics defense which featured a 6-foot-8-inch Brandon Bass are moves that headline the first chapter of the first-overall pick’s career.  But with all respect due to the aforementioned, Irving, on Friday night, will have to face a man who may potentially be the best post defender he may ever play against during his career in the NBA in the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard.

Despite his well-documented distractions, Howard continues to be a force in the paint, rarely playing nice with those smaller than him.  Which is why Irving — a 191-pound point guard who relies heavily on slashing and weaving and bouncing his way toward the rim – can only smile and wonder what’s in store for him when the Cavaliers tip off against the once-vaunted Magic.

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