Calling out the worst of all NFL draft clichés

2012 NFL Draft

Leading up to an NFL draft, there are a lot of hackneyed conversations that will drive a fan absolutely crazy. It seems that some fans want to rely on simplistic rules to simplify the NFL draft for themselves. It’s a coping mechanism to help deal with the fact that most fans have do not possess nearly


Cowboys loss was more frustrating than most Browns losses

Browns penalties must be hysterical to Ed Hochuli's crew

I have a tough time explaining why my frustration levels fluctuate so much throughout a Browns season. Some weeks as the Browns lose, it barely registers on the imaginary frustrate-o-meter in my house. I kind of shrug my shoulders, write about the Browns game on Sunday and just move along with my week. Then other


Browns Survey Results: fans expected to lose, but not that badly


Browns fans weren’t overly excited about the game. Even after a 14-0 first quarter lead, it seems the skepticism was warranted. Nearly 30% of Browns fans who filled out our survey thought the Browns would win. I personally thought the Browns had a good chance, for them, but to me that meant 37.2% as I


Browns 27, Giants 41 – Browns Start Fast, Finish Last

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The good news is that the Browns scored two touchdowns in the first quarter. The Browns recovered a fumble deep in Giants territory to open the game and Trent Richardson scrambled 15 yards for the TD. Then Brandon Weeden finally hit a home run pass when he caught Josh Gordon against a linebacker deep for


Browns vs. Giants – Reader Survey


The Browns go on the road for the second straight week to a paved-over swamp in New Jersey to face the Giants. Here’s your chance to stand up and be counted to help us try and figure out what’s going to happen and how.


Giants receiver Nicks in doubt for Browns game

Is it the foot, or is it the knee? Well, both, I guess. Nicks had a foot problem originally that the Giants were waiting to heal. In the meantime, his knee has apparently started to swell. The Browns will face another team without Joe Haden this week as they face off against the New York


NFL Draft: Bullet point thoughts on RG3 and the Browns

RG3 Browns

On a day where I’m having trouble thinking about anything but the crazy news out of the next town over from me, I am trying to distract myself with RG3 stuff.  And I find it all confusing. I’ve said it before, and I know the logic isn’t sound, but I have a lot of trouble


Super Bowl Box Score: New York Giants 21, New England Patriots 17

Your Super Bowl MVP- Eli Manning. Scoring Summary 1st Quarter NYG – NE 8:52 New York Giants NYG SAF Safety 2 – 0 3:24 New York Giants NYG TD Eli Manning passed to Victor Cruz down the middle for 2 yard gain (Lawrence Tynes made PAT) 9 – 0 2nd Quarter NYG – NE 13:48


Giants Advance Past San Francisco 20-17 in OT

The New York Giants ended San Francisco’s amazing run with new head coach Jim Harbaugh in overtime Sunday setting up a Super Bowl rematch of sorts with the New England Patriots. Today began with the possibility of 2 Harbaughs coaching in the biggest game of the year, and instead will feature neither of them after


NFL Rumor: Browns to Pursue Peyton Manning?

I know that is one heck of a headline, right?  Thanks to Adam Schefter talking to Mike and Mike this morning on ESPN radio Browns fans can dream about Peyton Manning taking over the Browns offense next year.  So, what, exactly could this all be about? The Colts have fired the Polian family from their


The Value of Seneca Wallace

Talking about Seneca Wallace almost always involves talking about qualifiers.  When you talk about Wallace, phrases usually end with, “for a backup,” or “for a journeyman.”  Wallace hasn’t been through a bunch of different cities, but for whatever reason he still feels like a journeyman to me.  I don’t mean it as an insult either.


Braylon Edwards Staying Put?

Call it anticlimactic, or call it all a ruse.  Either way, I would officially be surprised if Braylon Edwards is traded between now and the beginning of the 2009 football season.  First we had all of this talk with the Giants.  Eli Manning and Justin Tuck were lobbying for their team to acquire the perceived


NFL Trade Rumors: Hey, Look. New York Wants Braylon Edwards

Late last week, Giants quarterback Eli Manning took a pro-Braylon Edwards stance as his team looks to fill the role vacated by the recently-released Plaxico Burress.  And with the NFL draft four days away, one of his teammates is jumping aboard the “who’s going to catch the ball” bandwagon.  Enter defensive lineman Justin Tuck: “He


Guest Post: Cavalier Lookalikes 101

Every once in a while, we get ideas tossed our way that are too good to pass up.  This is one of those ideas, brought to life by esteemed WFNY commenter I’m Ron Burgandy? (or IRB?, as he has grown lazy in his commenting ways).  Below, enjoy the hard-hitting research of IRB? as he digs


While We’re Waiting… Ohio State’s Losing Streak, Delonte West’s Return, and Emmitt Smith’s Pink Slip

While We’re Waiting aims to be the round-up of the recent WFNY-esque information for your morning viewing. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email in the sidebar. Say it with me: N-I-T: “Once again, Matta got virtually nothing from the bigs. Mullens had eight points and one rebound while


Ben Roethlisberger: Third Best QB In NFL?

I was glossing over an article written over at RotoWorld, one of the best sites for player news out there today.  I got about five lines down and came to a screeching hault.  When discussing quarterbacks and their ranking on the fantasy world, we have this: 1. Peyton Manning IND 32 – With Clark re-signed


File this one under…Are You Serious?

Have I ever mentioned that I don’t really care for Boston fans? I have huh? Ok, just checking. Well it appears that a growing number of Internet savvy Patriot fans are a bit upset about the Super Bowl. Not that they lost. Not that a perfect season was ruined. But that the Giants, and the


GAMBLOG – The Super Bowl Prop Bets

Super Bowl XLII, Proposition Bets Carrying on with the tradition of The GAMBLOG, I thought it would be a great idea to touch on the proposition bets that infiltrate Super Bowl weekend. You see, with only one game on the docket, there is not very much action to throw money on – so if we