Every second contract signed by Browns draft picks since 1999

NFL Model3

Successful NFL franchises are built upon the cyclical nature of the athletes on their team. The team drafts new players to be taken under the wing of veteran players in their prime, and the front office supplements the roster with useful but inexpensive players for depth. The prime veteran players are allowed to leave before

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Report: 49ers hire former Browns DC Jim O’Neil to same position

Ken Blaze / USA TODAY Sports

From one bad defense to another: Former Browns DC Jim O’Neil will take Eric Mangini’s old spot with the San Francisco 49ers.

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Match ‘Em Up: 5 Fired Browns Coaches, 5 Front Office Quotes

Browns Fired Coaches Quotes

WFNY celebrates another Cleveland Browns detonation with a trivia game! Can you match the front office quote with the fired coach it referred to?

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WFNY Roundtable: Kerfuffle in Brownstown

Joshua Gunter/The Plain Dealer

The 2015 Cleveland Browns season has long since been completed even with four games left to play. Last Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals demonstrated the Browns have a far way to climb to even be considered playing NFL football again. A common question this week at WFNY has been if it is more the fault of Pettine

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A week in the life of a Cleveland Browns fan

Cleveland Browns Fans

Browns fans are predictable creatures of habit. And the Browns are kind of like a bad habit.

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Debate Day: The Best Browns Coach Since ’99

Cleveland Browns best worst coach debate

As a seemingly bottomless pool of Republican presidential candidates descends on Cleveland for the first big debate of the 2015-16 election season, WFNY has decided to host its own panel of vaguely familiar, easily scrutinized authority figures — similarly eager for your approval and re-consideration. Yes, on one conceptual stage, we’ve managed to gather all

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Former Browns linebacker, Kaluka Maiava, goes to jail


Former Browns linebacker Kaluka Maiava has turned himself in to serve a jail sentence for assault. It’s only a 15-day sentence for what sounds like a bar fight back in 2013 where Maiava and his brother reportedly walked up to two men and “punched them repeatedly.” “This conviction will have an adverse effect on his

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Former Browns coach Eric Mangini to interview with Washington


Someone tell me why Washington would interview a tight ends coach for their vacant defensive coordinator job? Well, when Eric Mangini is that tight ends coach it makes some sense. The former Mangenius from the New York Jets and one of the worst drafters in Cleveland Browns history will be headed to interview in Washington.

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The Cleveland Browns’ All-Nickname Team

Frank Minnifield Hanford Dixon Cleveland Browns

Top Dawg, Touchdown Tommy and the rest of the Cleveland Browns All-Nickname Team

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Terrance West mocks injury reports on Twitter

Terrance West Browns Running Back

A source is quoted by the Cleveland Plain Dealer that Terrance West has been put on the non-football injury list due to a failed conditioning test, but that was quickly disputed by the Browns’ rookie runner on Twitter. Lol I passed my conditioning test. You people stop making up your own stories. — TWEST (@Terrancewest28)

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The Browns could have been trading with the Jets in Draft Day movie

Draft Day

I’m not spoiling Draft Day when I say that it involves some wheeling and dealing for draft picks in and around the NFL Draft. I’m also not spoiling anything when I say that the Seattle Seahawks were the trade partner with Kevin Costner and the Browns regarding a presumed number one draft pick quarterback. What

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Wading through the reports of a Browns trade for Jim Harbaugh

Cleveland Browns headquarters training camp

Berea, Ohio: Where the fun never stops Late Friday, the never-ending Cleveland Browns coaching search – which really did end on February 6 when the Browns hired Mike Pettine – got an extension in the news cycle. Pro Football Talk got wind of an apparent trade between the Browns and 49ers for their coach Jim

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Will Mike Pettine’s young coordinators deliver a game-day advantage?

Browns' new coordinators 590

If nothing else, you have to give the Cleveland Browns credit—they’re not repeating themselves. After watching Browns head coach Mike Pettine introduce his coordinators, you couldn’t imagine a more polar opposite scene from Rob Chudzinski’s staff. Mike Pettine, a defensive guy, replaces the former offensive coordinator, Rob Chudzinski. Jim O’Neil, a young guy with five years of

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Joe Banner, the 3-4 versus the 4-3 and agent Jimmy Sexton

Jimmy Sexton Hire My Clients 595

One of the scariest things for Browns fans in the transition from Mike Holmgren to Joe Banner was Banner’s decision to switch defenses. It isn’t that Cleveland Browns fans have that much of a preference, other than they have a preference against switching schemes all the time. You know, continuity and all that? The Browns

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Cleveland Browns don’t get a second chance at a first impression


I really wonder how much of Joe Banner’s legendary arrogance is dripping over in Berea right now. We’ve all heard the stories from Philly about power struggles and ego that I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to assume the Browns are operating with a fair amount of arrogance, do you? How else can

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NFL News: Kellen Winslow Jr. suspended four games for performance enhancing substances

Former Cleveland Browns first round draft pick tight end Kellen Winslow has reportedly been suspended for four games for violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing substances. It was just this past week that my Twitter timeline came alive as Jon Gruden called Kellen Winslow a good story on Monday Night Football. Apparently it was

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Scott Raab talks about Brandon Weeden, Mark Sanchez, Josh Cribbs and the Indians – WFNY Podcast – 2013-08-26

WFNY Podcast Logo

Again this week, I thought I’d skip the bullet points and just send you the email I sent to Scott the night before the podcast. Wherever we end up is based on this email and the conversation that ensues. We ended up talking about concussions in football, Tribe attendance and any number of other topics

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Scott Raab discusses Bernie Kosar, Peter King, Johnny Manziel and the Tribe – WFNY Podcast – 2013-08-12

WFNY Podcast Logo

Scott Raab (@ScottRaab64) and Craig Lyndall (@WFNYCraig) talk about all the Cleveland sports topics from Bernie Kosar to the floundering Cleveland Indians. Here’s what else we talked about. Marketing 101 with Brian Spaeth (@brianspaeth) Bernie Kosar’s comments about Kellen Clemens and the Pope When you take local comments national the context changes NFL AM hypocritically

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Chris Perez, the Alex Mack contract extension and farewell to D’Qwell Jackson? – WFNY Podcast – 2013-08-07

WFNY Podcast Logo

On Mondays I talk to Scott Raab, but I don’t talk to WFNY’s own Scott nearly often enough. We found some time to do it up podcast style. We discussed Chris Perez, and the Browns’ salary cap situation. Ariel Helwani and his awesome video blog show setup Jamison Hensley’s video from Berea was an embarrassment

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Public relations, fan experience, and winning aren’t mutually exclusive for the Browns

Yesterday the Cleveland Browns reportedly delivered a Lou Groza jersey to the family of the Browns fan who put a joke about the team in his obituary. Yesterday, Will Burge reported that the Browns are changing many of the features of the Cleveland Browns game-day experience for the upcoming season including (wait for it) wiener

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