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I will not talk about Josh Gordon. I will not talk about Marshawn Lynch. I will not talk about… I liked the Josh Gordon letter much better when it was read by Frank Caliendo doing Morgan Freeman's voice. — Craig Lyndall (@WFNYCraig) January 29, 2015 The sports media landscape is weird… We run a small


Surprise! NFL TV results were huge in 2014

Roger Goodell

After a weekend where the NFL dominated the TV ratings with playoff games, it’s nothing but more good TV news for the NFL. According to Greg Aiello, the NFL had 202 million fans tune in while they also made huge strides in prime-time. In 2014, 202 million fans tuned in, @nfl games nearly tripled broadcast


Video: Tim Legler says Cavs upgraded with Waiters trade

Legler ESPN

It’s obviously hard to figure out how it’s all going to work out in the end, but you could have said the same thing with any lineup featuring Dion Waiters. Tim Legler of ESPN talks about the dynamics of the Cavaliers now that the trade has been made. He says that Iman Shumpert should take


Stuart Scott and the fight against cynicism


Stuart Scott passed away from the cancer that he fought so valiantly for years. It’s sad just like it would be sad when any 49-year old leaves behind a family which will never be able to replace their husband and father. But for the sports world and my generation of sports fans, it’s sad that


Johnny Manziel, Browns will be on FOX for second straight week

Was Manziel laughing at this bill?

Being an NFL fan today requires you to learn about television contracts. The usual setup where NFC teams are featured on FOX and AFC teams are on CBS is being thrown for a loop as FOX has started “flexing” games involving two AFC teams onto its network. They did it last week with the Browns-Colts


Johnny Manziel, drumming, sports talk radio callers and more – WFNY Podcast – 2014-12-10

Podcast header Graphic

This is one of hardest I’ve ever laughed during one of our podcasts. I hope it’s as funny for the rest of you. Dave Sterling (@dimoko) and I discuss lots of things such as… Who are the people who like First Take? Who are the people who like Joe Buck? Drumming in a house you


First place Cavs, Grammy nominations and ESPN’s “execution of journalism”: While We’re Waiting…

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Happy Monday? Hopefully, Ohio State’s utter domination of the Wisconsin Badgers and subsequent admission into the first ever College Football Playoff is enough to carry you through what was otherwise awful weekend for football. We’ll have a slew of Browns-based coverage over the coming hours, but While We’re Waiting… The Cleveland Cavaliers have quietly gone


ESPN back on East 4th Street for Cavaliers-Spurs game


The SportsCenter set is back in Cleveland in advance of the Cleveland Cavaliers game against the San Antonio Spurs tonight. Just as it was for the Cavs home opener against the Knicks on October 30, SportsCenter is broadcasting live from East 4th Street. Today’s temperature is roughly 40 degrees colder than it was for the last go-round,


NFL trade deadline might be a lost cause

Ray Farmer Cleveland Browns NFL Trade Deadline

You get the feeling that the NFL would love to pump up their trade deadline, but as Greg Garber points out at ESPN, reluctance rules the day. It’s the only thing in a nearly 365-day NFL year that the league hasn’t been able to turn into an event. There are some examples of deals that


Olbermann: Derek Jeter is not the greatest person in human history


I wrote about the Derek Jeter retirement tour last week in my WWW, and I’ve tried hard to stop short of attacking the man, himself. My annoyance with the extended Derek Jeter retirement party has more to do with it celebrating the inequities of the game by pumping up what is almost exclusively a story


Cavs No. 2 in “Future” Power Rankings

lebron welcome home

LeBron James and Kevin Love are on short-term deals, but believes that the two All-Star forwards will be in Cleveland for a very long time. In their latest “Future Power Rankings”—forecasting NBA teams through the 2016-17 season, the four-letter network gives the Cavs the No. 2 slot (70.85) behind only the San Antonio Spurs (71.25).


Join the WFNY NFL Eliminator Challenge


A couple people have asked us about this and with all that’s been going on, it would have been easy to let it slip through the cracks. Alas, I took the 35 seconds to create a WFNY eliminator challenge. Please join up by clicking here. The super secret password is wfny in all lower-case. We’ll


Johnny Manziel can’t call a play?

hoyer and manziel

Johnny Manziel joined Jon Gruden for ESPN’s Sunday Conversation leading up to the Browns clash with the Redskins on Monday. The interview followed the normal Gruden interview trajectory with the Super Bowl winning coach asking Johnny some generic questions, followed by a Gruden favorite, having Manziel call a play from his new offense. Manziel bashfully,


Watch: Frank Caliendo reads LeBron’s letter as Morgan Freeman on ESPN


By now, in popular culture and society at large, it can sometimes seem as if nothing in life carries any weight to it unless it is narrated by Morgan Freeman. Be honest, when reading LeBron’s letter on a couple weeks ago, how many of us heard it in Morgan Freeman’s voice inside our heads?