August 15, 2014

Supporting Browns Ownership is a Tricky Proposition for Fans

Jimmy Haslam seemingly dissatisfied

Just 10 short days from now, the Cleveland Browns will officially open Training Camp 2013. It’s hard to believe how fast summer always flies by, but I consider Training Camp to be the beginning of the end of summer. And in just 3 weeks from yesterday, the Dolphins and Cowboys kick things off in the annual Hall of Fame Game at Fawcett Stadium in Canton.

Indeed, real on-field football is right around the corner. Of course, for Browns fans, on-field football seems to be about the furthest thing from anyone’s mind. Instead, the story dominating Browns headlines as of late revolves around new owner Jimmy Haslam.

I wish the story was the Browns themselves. Even if that story is about how the Browns rank #31 in ProFootballTalk’s preseason rankings. Or heck, I’d even settle for more talk about the Browns potentially carrying 2 kickers on their roster. But on-field Browns news is hard to come by these days. I actually had to do a Google search to find out if Barkevious Mingo had signed a contract yet1. I was pretty sure he hadn’t, figuring I’d have heard about it if he had. But with so much talk about Jimmy Haslam, it seemed somewhat plausible that he had signed and the news just flew under the radar. [Read more...]



  1. he hasn’t []

That Sure Was Fun, Wasn’t It?

There was a time where I truly loved and looked forward to going down to the Browns games. I looked forward to it all week. The vibe in and around the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium was something I will never forget. It was a true “family” event for my family.

To me, there was nothing like a sunny fall Sunday afternoon on the shores of Lake Erie. Days like yesterday were commonplace when I was a kid. Growing up, Sunday Browns Football was my religion. My father and mother both grew up on Browns football, going to the games at Old Cleveland Stadium with their fathers. In a way, The Browns home games brought my parents together. My dad’s father was a season ticket holder in 1946, he had two seats in section 37. Over the years, the family had grown and so did the popularity of the NFL. Two tickets became four, four became eight, and as my father and his two brothers started families of their own, eight became 12. My mother’s father had his two tickets in row one of section 37. My grandfathers knew each other and my dad was checking my mom out at games.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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Cavaliers and their Fans Trying To Carve a New Relationship With Each Other

Lets face it, the Cleveland Cavaliers have never been a sexy NBA franchise. Whether it be the cold climate, the hideous uniforms, laughable court designs, the perception of the city as a dark, gothic industrial wasteland, unhealthy self-loathing parody videos, the uneven history of success and losses in franchise history, or anything else (including Braylon Edwards’ bizarre belief that social networking doesn’t exist in Cleveland), the simple fact is that the Cleveland Cavaliers have never been a franchise of excitement. [Read more...]

Walking Out On Cavaliers A Bad Idea

I realize this may be a little premature, but this is something that’s been brought up a lot on Twitter lately, and with the leaked info of the NBA schedule, it seems appropriate to talk about it now.

As we now know, LeBron James will make his first return to Cleveland to play the Cavaliers on December 2, 2010. What remains to be seen is how Cavs fans will and should react to seeing their former King play against them.

We know there will be plenty of yelling, lots of jeers, a bunch of booing and probably more than a fair share of rude obscenities being sent LeBron’s way. Some fans, though, have wondered if a more organized effort was appropriate here.  [Read more...]

Unceremonious Sanctimony: Fallout In the Wake of the End of the DA Era

Derek Anderson

Finally. At long last. Mercifully. The Derek Anderson era in Cleveland is over. It’s not a move that is surprising by any means, everyone knew it was coming. What’s surprising to me is both how the Browns got here and how the fallout has come down afterward.

First things first, though. Lets start with what I know all the readers of this site are dying to talk about, and that’s the comments Derek Anderson made to the fans on his way out the door last night. When the News Herald’s Jeff Schudel emailed DA yesterday to ask for his reaction to being released, he certainly got the money quote back from the maligned outcast QB: [Read more...]

The biggest debate in Ohio


Sorry Obama and Hillary, you don’t even have a chance here. The biggest debate in Ohio rages among Browns’ fans about the quarterback position. You won’t hear the ‘candidates’ themselves firing salvos at each other, but their fans certainly will.

Check out any of the Cleveland message boards and see for yourself. The board I frequent is Browns 24/7, but you can go to the Browns Board, DawgBones, or the Orange and Brown report. It won’t take you long to find a post about Derek and Brady. On Browns 24/7 they had to start an ‘official’ Derek/Brady thread because no matter what the topic, the conversation found it’s way back around to the future of the QB in Cleveland. That thread is over 31 pages long now, but truthfully a good number of discussions still find their way back to the same debate.

Has there ever been a more divisive split among fans? When Bernie Kosar was cut there was tremendous outrage and probably more overall discussion, but most of that was venom towards Bill for cutting a fan favorite. There were some who said the hooded one was correct in his opinion that Bernie’s skills had indeed diminished, but they were certainly the minority voice. [Read more...]

File this one under…Are You Serious?

patfans.jpgHave I ever mentioned that I don’t really care for Boston fans? I have huh? Ok, just checking. Well it appears that a growing number of Internet savvy Patriot fans are a bit upset about the Super Bowl. Not that they lost. Not that a perfect season was ruined. But that the Giants, and the refs “cheated them” out of what was rightfully theirs. Kissing Suzy Kolber found this online petition from Boston fans calling for NFL head honcho Roger Goodell to investigate the ending of the Super Bowl, because they suspect foul play. One of the signatures actually suggests…get this…REPLAY THE LAST 1:40 OF THE SUPER BOWL!

Why you ask? Apparently they have several reasons, not the least of which is that they have ‘photo evidence’ of holding on the play in which Eli Manning escapes the pass rush and heaves the ball to David Tyree. That’s right. They found holding on the play. Imagine that. An NFL play in which an offensive lineman holds and doesn’t get a penalty called. Does that ever happen? Surely this is a travesty and must be investigated. (Sorry, the web site with this ‘evidence’ has been shut down.) In addition, they claim that the time keeping was in some way not properly done, and that the clock should have only had 42 seconds on it when the Giants took the ball on their game winning drive. They argue that since that drive took 52 seconds that obviously the Patriots should be awarded the win, because the Giants wouldn’t have scored. [Read more...]