Dating for Next Year: The AFC North


Football season is about more than looking for a champion team to follow. For many out there, it’s about looking for love. You’re just as likely to discover your future soul mate grilling brats over a charcoal fire pit and arguing about the elite-ness of Joe Flacco as you are trading sibling counts and hometowns

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Explaining My Ohio Statehood

Ohio State Buckeyes Fans

Ed’s Note: This was written Monday evening, before the events of the the first College Football Playoff national championship game. Had it been written after that game, it would have been little more than giddy reaction GIFs, exclamation points, and beverages spilled on the keyboard. In lieu of that, a few actual words on the game: Holy crap.

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Supporting Browns Ownership is a Tricky Proposition for Fans

Jimmy Haslam seemingly dissatisfied

Just 10 short days from now, the Cleveland Browns will officially open Training Camp 2013. It’s hard to believe how fast summer always flies by, but I consider Training Camp to be the beginning of the end of summer. And in just 3 weeks from yesterday, the Dolphins and Cowboys kick things off in the

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That Sure Was Fun, Wasn’t It?

Sheldon brown

There was a time where I truly loved and looked forward to going down to the Browns games. I looked forward to it all week. The vibe in and around the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium was something I will never forget. It was a true “family” event for my family. To me, there was nothing

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Cavaliers and their Fans Trying To Carve a New Relationship With Each Other

Lets face it, the Cleveland Cavaliers have never been a sexy NBA franchise. Whether it be the cold climate, the hideous uniforms, laughable court designs, the perception of the city as a dark, gothic industrial wasteland, unhealthy self-loathing parody videos, the uneven history of success and losses in franchise history, or anything else (including Braylon

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Walking Out On Cavaliers A Bad Idea

I realize this may be a little premature, but this is something that’s been brought up a lot on Twitter lately, and with the leaked info of the NBA schedule, it seems appropriate to talk about it now. As we now know, LeBron James will make his first return to Cleveland to play the Cavaliers

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Unceremonious Sanctimony: Fallout In the Wake of the End of the DA Era

Finally. At long last. Mercifully. The Derek Anderson era in Cleveland is over. It’s not a move that is surprising by any means, everyone knew it was coming. What’s surprising to me is both how the Browns got here and how the fallout has come down afterward. First things first, though. Lets start with what

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The biggest debate in Ohio

Sorry Obama and Hillary, you don’t even have a chance here. The biggest debate in Ohio rages among Browns’ fans about the quarterback position. You won’t hear the ‘candidates’ themselves firing salvos at each other, but their fans certainly will. Check out any of the Cleveland message boards and see for yourself. The board I

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File this one under…Are You Serious?

Have I ever mentioned that I don’t really care for Boston fans? I have huh? Ok, just checking. Well it appears that a growing number of Internet savvy Patriot fans are a bit upset about the Super Bowl. Not that they lost. Not that a perfect season was ruined. But that the Giants, and the

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