What to expect from Hue Jackson’s new offense

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Power running, unusual shifts, funky formations, trick plays…Hue likes to have fun with the ball.

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Browns Film Room: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Johnny Manziel versus the Chiefs


A look at what will likely be Johnny Manziel’s last start of 2015.

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Browns Film Room: The defense just can’t get off the field on third down

Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times

The Cleveland Browns snapped their one game winning streak this past weekend, losing handily to the Seattle Seahawks, 30-13. Unfortunately, the real defense showed up in Seattle giving up 30 points yet again this season. So far this season, the Browns defense has allowed 30 more points in nine of their 14 games. The defense

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Browns Film Room: Johnny Manziel plays his best game as a Brown versus the 49ers

John Kuntz, cleveland.com

The Cleveland Browns ended their seven-game losing streak this past Sunday, beating the San Francisco 49ers, 24-10. The team played perhaps its best performance of the season, playing well on both sides of the ball versus the 49ers. On offense, the Browns scored 24 points in quarterback Johnny Manziel’s first start since his short-term benching. Manziel

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Browns Film Room: Defense suffers breakdowns, overmatched vs. Bengals

Joshua Gunter, cleveland.com

They allowed touchdowns because they were out of position and others even when they were in position. A look at a rough day for the defense.

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Browns Film Room: Austin Davis and good first impressions


If we ignore that awful slide, Austin Davis didn’t look too, too bad on Monday night.

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Browns Film Room: The Browns biggest problems going into the bye week

AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

And trust us… There were plenty to choose from.

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Browns Film Room: Mental mistakes plague Browns in second half versus Cardinals

John Kuntz/cleveland.com

Mental mistakes, bad matchups, and blown opportunities. Don’t you want to relive it all over again?

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Browns Film Room: The bad, worse, and worst of the Browns 24-6 loss to the Rams

Joshua Gunter, Northeast Ohio Media Group

The Cleveland Browns lost their second-straight game Sunday, losing to the St. Louis Rams, 24-6. Not much went well for the 2-5 Browns in the Gateway City. The offense struggled to score and hold onto the ball, while the defense continued its struggle against the run. It was one of the team’s worst performances of the

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Browns Film Room: Breaking down the lost opportunities in the Browns defeat to the Broncos


Days later and it still stings the same.

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Browns Film Room: Breaking down Josh McCown’s big day


It’s even better once you look at the film.

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Browns Film Room: Where art thou defense?

John Kuntz, Northeast Ohio Media Group

What went wrong in the final two minutes?

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Browns Film Room: What is wrong with the Browns running game?

Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell

Missed blocks + missed holes ≠ touchdowns

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Browns Film Room: Johnny Manziel’s long road ahead

Johnny Manziel New York Jets

Baby steps.

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Points on the Break

LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers

No one would argue that the Cleveland Cavaliers are a lousy team at this point in the season—they’re a very good professional basketball team, especially in the 30 games A.B. (After Bowling). Their unassailable top-tier status is in spite of some obvious flaws and glaring question marks. They’re still in the bottom-third of the league in

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The season finale illustrates the defense’s weaknesses: Cleveland Browns Film Room

Cleveland Browns Joe Haden Baltimore Ravens

The Cleveland Browns finished off their season losing their fifth straight game and ending their season with a 7-9 record. The season finale loss to the Baltimore Ravens capped off a disappointing finish to a season that started with a promising 7-4 record. In the season finale, the Browns held a lead, but once again

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The good, the bad, and the ugly of the defense: Cleveland Browns Film Room

Carolina Panthers Cam Newton Cleveland Browns

The 2014 season for the Cleveland Browns has come crashing down over the last month. The team lost to the Carolina Panthers 17-13 on Sunday and in doing so extended their losing streak to four games. The offense has completely collapsed late in the season, forcing the defense to try and be nearly perfect, which

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What happened to the defense? Cleveland Browns Film Room

Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Benglas

The Cleveland Browns were blown out this week in the home finale versus in-state rival Cincinnati Bengals, 30-0. The team was completely outplayed by the Bengals in all phases of the game. The offense was shutdown, unable to score and even move the ball. But the real surprise was the fall of the Browns’ defense.

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The D is Mightier: Cleveland Browns Film Room

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns lost a tough game this past Sunday, falling to the Indianapolis Colts in a dramatic finish 25-24. The Browns were ahead for much of the game until Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck led a game-winning drive late in the fourth quarter to get the win. The offense struggled for most of the contest,

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Behind a struggling offense a defense shines: Cleveland Browns Film Room

Joshua Gunter / The Plain Dealer

The Cleveland Browns lost to the Buffalo Bills 26-10 last week and all of the news was about the quarterback controversy. The offensive struggles of the Browns were the big news of the game, but it overshadowed the outstanding defensive performance. The Browns’ defense kept the Browns in the game even when the offense was

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