Renaming the Cleveland Browns Quarterback Position

hoyer and manziel

What’s in a name, anyway?1 As an aspiring wordsmith, much of my existence is spent deciding when to emphasize that question and when to suppress it; when to answer it and when to ignore it. Words are the elements through which I express myself — my fingers nimbly tapping words across the keys of my board

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I Love Football. I Love the Browns. I Hate the NFL.

Getty Images

I love football. That’s probably the laziest way to start a post, and I’m sure it won’t be the last time I figuratively stammer out that platitude.1 My feeble attempt to articulate my inexplicable affection for a silly game is as eloquent and profound as Brick Tamland’s “I love lamp.” But the statement’s absence of imagination

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Phil Steele names eight Buckeyes to his preseason All-American teams

Ezekiel Elliott Ohio State National Championship

After winning the inaugural college football playoffs last season, the Ohio State Buckeyes are the favorites according to most experts to repeat as national champions this coming season. With all of these high expectations come the preseason accolades. One of the top college football analysts in the country, Phil Steele, is throwing quite a bit of preseason praise

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Chris Borland, football culture, and Ray Flanagan and the Authorities… While We’re Waiting

Cleveland Sports

It’s Friday and everyone’s all crossing out things on their brackets, but take a break and read this, wouldja? Chris Borland and the eventual death of old-time football culture… Much like we precede every “fixing MLB” post with “Baseball is not broken,” I’m not going to pretend like the day is near where football is

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Video: Ezekiel Elliott and fellow Buckeyes dance at halftime of OSU game

Mark Batke/The Lantern

Big Ten Champions. National Champions. Now Dancing Champions. After watching nine players of the 2015 National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes football team dance at halftime of the men’s basketball game on Sunday, I say yes! Ezekiel Elliott, Josh Perry, Darron Lee, Devan Bogard, Joe Burger, Jalin Marshall, Jeff Greene, Chase Farris and Aaron Parry went

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Ohio natives: Brian Hartline decision soon, Ted Ginn visits, and Trent Cole to be released


As we have noted, the Browns have interest in a pair of former Buckeye wide receivers that are currently available. These receivers continue to meet with teams, but will likely sign somewhere before the free agency officially opens. PFT reports that Brian Hartline is spending today in Chicago and will likely make a choice between

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2015 National Signing Day Live Coverage

WFNY signing day

National Signing Day is the day when high school football players all across the country make their final decision on where they intend to play their college football for next three or four years. Ohio is a hotbed of high school football talent, so many of the big time colleges around the country look at Ohio

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After the bleak week in Cleveland sports, Ohio State brightens up the state

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a tough week, or couple weeks, for fans of Cleveland sports. The Browns finished off a fading 2014 NFL season with their fifth straight loss, losing the season finale to their AFC North rival Baltimore Ravens. The season left another quarterback conundrum for Browns fans to mull over the offseason and the

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Ohio State makes college football playoffs; Eds wins state championship

Ohio State College and High School Football

The high school football season has wrapped up after this past weekend’s state championship games in Columbus. All seven of the divisions’ champions were decided from Thursday through Saturday night. Northeast Ohio had two champions crowned. St. Edward won the Division I championship, while Benedictine won the Division IV championship. In other high school football

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Five Things Paul Brown Was Not – Reliving Yesteryear


You know some things to be true. That they may technically only be your opinions is just noise. You’re right, and when others disregard or disbelieve you, a certain amount of frustration builds. At least if you are like me, anyway. Not to mention when you encounter resistance to demonstrable facts. Twenty years ago- when

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Ohio State releases depth chart for Saturday’s opener vs. Navy


Ohio State kicks off their 2014 season on Saturday versus Navy. The team suffered a major blow last week when they lost star quarterback Braxton Miller. The Buckeyes will now have to lean on redshirt freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett to run the offense. Today, Urban Meyer released the rest of the depth chart for Saturday’s game. Here

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Cleveland Browns Film Room: A look at Terrance West

Terrance West

Over the next couple weeks on WFNY, I will be breaking down the film on all seven draft picks of the Cleveland Browns. As fans, we often rely on mainstream draft analysts to give us certain traits and characteristics that we use to form our opinions. Rather than simply tell you positives and negatives, the

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WFNY on the World Cup: Group E Breakdown


(This breakdown is brought to you by Stepien Rules blogger Alex Raffalli, who is also a native of France.) Group E might be the least competitive group of this World Cup. France, who came into the World Cup draw with absolutely no reason to be hopeful given their recent past, ended up the favorite of

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WFNY on the World Cup: Group D Breakdown

Group D is my choice for “The Group of Death”, but I must admit a slight bias as I type this while wearing my Italian National Team jersey. Even the neutral would argue for the strength of this group as the odds on favorite to finish last, Costa Rica, is close in level to the

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The Five Most Interesting Undrafted Players for the Browns

Isaiah Crowell, Jerome Howard

The 2014 NFL Draft was one of the deepest drafts in recent history and there could be more undrafted free agents who can make a NFL team. The Browns have open roster spots that could be filled with some of these players. The Browns were very active in getting the top undrafted players at positions of

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The Browns shouldn’t put too much stock in Brian Hoyer


Part of the Browns’ off-season has obviously been a debate over what priority the Browns should place on which positions.1 Some fans prefer that the Browns draft a quarterback no matter what. Some fans prefer standout wide receiver Sammy Watkins who showed off his skills against the (mostly) popular Ohio State Buckeyes in the Orange

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WFNY Roundtable: Barkevious Mingo and Expectations


  Here at WFNY, some of our best post ideas come from our daily email conversations. In the spirit of openness, we wanted our readers to get a sample of what one of these banter sessions look like. Craig sparked an idea about Barkevious Mingo and whether or not he has met our expectations. Normally these

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The 2013 Cleveland Browns: WFNY Predictions

Paint The Town Browns Logo

Earlier this week, we heard from Craig on where the bar is set for the 2013 Cleveland Browns. Given that expectations and predictions are undoubtedly different, we here at WFNY provide you with what we feel will happen between today and the conclusion of the regular season. Do enjoy. 1. Fill in the blanks: Trent

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Supporting Browns Ownership is a Tricky Proposition for Fans

Jimmy Haslam seemingly dissatisfied

Just 10 short days from now, the Cleveland Browns will officially open Training Camp 2013. It’s hard to believe how fast summer always flies by, but I consider Training Camp to be the beginning of the end of summer. And in just 3 weeks from yesterday, the Dolphins and Cowboys kick things off in the

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Tom Reed talks about Bon Jovi, the Browns PR, Soccer and Jason Isbell – WFNY Podcast – 2013-06-18

WFNY Podcast Logo

I love chatting with Tom Reed from the Plain Dealer. I am continually pushing the boundaries of topics with him and lo and behold he ended up pushing the boundaries for me by giving me an assignment for our next podcast. He has vowed to get Cleveland talking about Trailer Park Boys. So check it

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