August 26, 2014

Cavaliers vs Celtics: Round Two, Game 5 Numbers and Words


I’ve been staring at my laptop for about 25 minutes now trying to figure out where to start with this one. One of the most pathetic efforts I have ever seen a Cleveland team put forth. It’s even more stunning to see the superstar we all pinned our hopes on come and out APPEAR to not care as the team suffered the most embarrassing loss in franchise history. So what do we do now? Do we hang our heads and turn our backs on this team? Or do we continue to hope and to stand behind LeBron James and this team? It’s up to us to decide what kind of fans we want to be.

-  Our opening quote for this game comes from the author of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” books, Robert Kiyosaki: “The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.” I cannot possibly think of a better phrase to summarize where we’re at now. There’s another saying that you only find out who your true friends are when you face adversity in your life. So too are we now finding out who the Cavs’ true fans are. I’d be willing to bet that most fans jumping ship on LeBron and the Cavaliers today are the same “fans” who merely started paying attention once LeBron got here. We’ll get to LeBron’s performance in a minute, but I wanted everyone to think about how we choose to handle diversity before we get started.  [Read more...]

Cavaliers vs Celtics – Game 5

This is not a Game Five preview. At least, not in the traditional sense. Instead, this is a more broad look into what exactly Game Five means in the more big picture sense of this series. This has been a tough week for Cavs fans. For many, this was not your shining moment in sports fandom. There’s been a lot of distress, panic, anger, frustration, and general malaise within this fanbase. I’m not here to tell you it’s not warranted. Some of it is. Maybe a lot of it is. Perhaps most of it is warranted. Whatever the case may be, I’m not here to play moral authority. What I am here to do, though, is to try to explain to you why it isn’t needed.

Most importantly, and this is the point that is overlooked most often, the Cleveland Cavaliers are ok. They have yet to trail in this series. The Cavs are dealing with injuries (LeBron, Shaq, Varejao, Jamison?) while the Celtics are pretty much as healthy as can be. The Cavaliers have played apathetic basketball for 2 months now, and yet they’ve really only been out of one game in this series. As easily as the Celtics feel they’re a Mo Williams hot streak away from being up 3-1 in the series, so too can the Cavaliers argue that they are one off 4th quarter away from being up 3-1. [Read more...]

Twenty-Four Hours of LeBron James

Great news for all of the fans of the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics!  Starting today at approximately 1 PM EST, NBATV will be playing 24 hours of continuous LeBron James footage. 

Some key games and times to point out: [Read more...]

A Little Close to Home?

As a Tribe fan, at no point was I comfortable with the lead that the Rays had last night.  After all, we’re no strangers to numbers aside from “0″ gracing inning seven, eight and nine…


Not Enough Z, D, and Too Much LeBron?

rondosmall.jpgrondosmall.jpgrondosmall.jpgBoston took it to the Cavaliers in game 5. Rajon Rondo came up big, putting the pressure on the Cavs to respond on Friday night…or stay home.

Talk about a tale of two halves. The Cavs enjoyed a 14 point lead in the second quarter, only to see it disappear on consecutive big shots by Rajon Rondo. Still, the Cavs were in position to win this game but couldn’t get it done in the third and fourth quarters. LeBron James had his shooting touch back early on, going for 23 in the first half before the Celtics put the squeeze on him in the second. So what went wrong? Where did the Cavaliers lose this one?

First, after driving to the basket successfully in the first half, LeBron (Mike Brown?) reverted back to ‘the play’. Cavalier fans know which one I’m talking about. Despite having tremendous success in games 3 and 4, the Cavaliers went to the LeBron isolation at the top of the circle again. Perhaps they had been praised too much for spreading the ball around recently. Perhaps Mike Brown was looking to protect his reputation as a terrible offensive coach. Or perhaps LeBron forgot that his teammates were more than capable of helping out.

Speaking of those teammates, where was Zydrunas Ilgauskas? [Read more...]