April 23, 2014

Casual Friday talking international travel, babies and swimming with Denny – WFNY Podcast – 2013-12-20

WFNY Podcast LogoDenny’s nearing the pregnancy finish line and we talked about that, international travel, swimming and plenty of other stuff.

  • The pregnancy “go bag”
  • The difference in animals when your wife is pregnant
  • Babies breaking ribs in their mom
  • International travel and whether or not you want to do it
  • Denny talks about Paris and this series from The Atlantic
  • Travel vs. setting up shop
  • Kids flying for the first time
  • What do you actually remember vs. what’s made up via stories that you’ve heard
  • Underwater headphones and listening to music while working out
  • Swimming vs. biking and whether Denny can ever do a triathlon
  • The contents of the go bag

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World Cup on WFNY?

Last night when Rick and I were sitting in the Tribe Social Deck area of the Jake he made an off-hand comment about soccer.  It seems the world’s most popular sport isn’t good enough for at least one of the people who populate the pages here at WFNY.  I like soccer.  I love the World Cup.  I got to thinking about it and I was wondering if there would be any interest amongst our audience of sports fans.

Are you going to be watching it?  Are you all rooting for the U.S.A. or are you clinging to some other part of your heritage?  I grew up with lots of people with last names ending in vowels that preferred to root for Italy over the United States.   [Read more...]

I Like Smiling; Smiling is My Favorite

German Soccer StadiumSo I’m in Germany right now.  I watched the Buckeyes’ win over Penn State on Saturday afternoon (night here) live via interwebs thanks to my wife, who used the camera on her laptop to broadcast the game for me (and a few hundred new internet friends).  I was excited because the team looked good, etc.  Sunday morning I read through some of the articles and saw Doug L’s video of the Buckeyes singing Seven Nation Army with the OSU student section, and it made me laugh and smile.

Then on Sunday afternoon I went for a walk with my boss through town and we heard cheers coming from the soccer stadium here in Karlsruhe.  We decided to walk by and see if we could get in the game.  The guy at the gate told us there were 10 minutes left and we were free to go have a look-see. The home team (Karlsruhe) won and there was celebration-doing after the game.  Included in the celebration was a techno version of Seven Nation Army.  After seeing video of the Buckeyes sing and dance to the song, I couldn’t help but smile again and think about home while standing in a stadium 4000 miles away.

Here’s the audio (I hope this works): Techno Seven Nation Army mp3