August 15, 2014

Contest Time: Your 2011 Cleveland Windians

While the city of Cleveland is understandably excited about winning the 2011 NBA Draft Lottery, the draft itself is still a month away and your Indians sit with a league-best 26 wins (tied with the Philadelphia Phillies), owning the biggest lead in their respective division – a full five games ahead of the second-place Detroit Tigers.

Each night, while channeling positive vibes and tweeting hashtags with #RollTribe, Indians faithful continue to believe more and more.  Heck, even our own Jon is considering jumping on board!

That said, the great folks over at Fresh Brewed Tees want to outfit one of WFNY’s readers with one of their latest Tribe-inspired releases.  [Read more...]

Zydrunas Ilgauskas Contest Winner

zydrunas_ilgauskas_youngFirst off, let me say that the response to this contest was tremendous. I had no idea that we would get som many responses, or that they would be so entertaining! I hope that you have time to go through and read them all sometime.

It was in fact, a bit overwhelming to read them all and try to judge. For one, I am no poetry expert. Usually when we do a contest it is simply a random draw, but since I stated that quality counted in this contest I took it upon myself to try and be critical or at least have some crtiteria for determining a winner. After going through them all I had 12 ‘finalists’ and I decided that narrowing the field from 150+ to 12 was good enough to satisfy a ‘quality’ requirement. I toyed with the idea of having everyone vote on the winner, but I also didn’t want this to be a popularity contest or an experiment in social networking. So I took the twelve ‘finalists’ and randomly drew one winner.

The winner of the contest is Ryan, who’s Haiku read- [Read more...]



The Indians lost 7-2. Carmona gave up 2 runs, 1 earned in his 6.2 innings. Betancourt and Breslow combined for a 5 run ninth.

I am beginning to understand the downside of covering a team. It blows my mind that someone can watch a team struggle for say 40 years, and still come up with something new to say at the end of a disappointing loss. So instead of beating a dead horse with many words, I’m pulling the haiku cop out. Feel free to join in the fun. Remember, five-seven-five on the syllables.

The Tribe down by one

Two men on, just one run scores

Not enough to win.


Jhonny to his left?

Peralta worse to the right,

Ball will find the hole

Your turn…