August 26, 2014

The Complexity of the Browns’ Secondary Problems

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in the results so far this season when it comes to defending the pass.  I am starting to feel like a broken record when it comes to this phase of the Browns’ game.  I couldn’t believe that fill-in-the-blank player who came in to replace fill-in-the-blank player could possibly be worse.  Terry Cousin was a name in the blank along with Hank Poteat.  Brandon McDonald eventually found himself on that list for me too.  So certainly this year with the additions of proven veteran Sheldon Brown, rookie Joe Haden and the return of Eric Wright, who had been the best of the worst, meant that the Browns would have to improve, right?  It doesn’t appear that way as they get gashed time and again on big plays.  What’s going on?

Like anything else, it is never as simple as it seems.  I don’t have to be labeled an Eric Wright apologist to say that the “Eric Wright SUX!” tweets that I have been reading are far too reductionist.  Eric Wright has definitely had a rough year this year.  Then again, like most things in life, even those with simple answers, there are some other things going on. [Read more...]

Cleveland Sports On Notice: 12/02/09

New WFNY layout, new WFNY feature. With the majority of my posts being report-based, I wanted a place to do a little op-ed. I hope you enjoy it – as always, feedback is welcomed.


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While We’re Waiting… Browns Fans React, Week 3 Blogpoll, and Jim Tressel > Pete Carroll

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Could the Cavs actually win their first game before the Browns do? “I’m glad I waited a couple of hours after watching the Browns game to post anything. Had I sat down at my computer and started typing immediately after returning home from hanging out at the Dallas area Browns Backers, I might have just typed a whole bunch of expletives and hit publish. As it is, even with the perspective of a couple hours, I don’t know what to say.” [Jerod/MidwestSportsFans]

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Browns Release CB Rod Hood

Rod HoodWith the NFL preseason wrapping up, the next step as we head into the regular season comes with roster cuts.  As the Browns look to reduce their roster to 75 players by tomorrow, they have announced their first wave up cuts.

A surprising name on said list is cornerback Roderick Hood, who the Browns just signed this offseason to help bolster the defensive backfield.  The 27-year old Hood was thought to be competing for a starting spot on the Browns and was recently touted as an upgrade over last season.  Unfortunately, he has gone from starting in the Super Bowl to having a fairly bad preseason ultimately resulting in his release.

The cornerback position currently rosters Eric Wright, Brandon McDonald, Hank Poteat, Corey Ivy and Coye Francies.  Not exactly an intimidating bunch, but still better than one that features Terry Cousin.  Stay tuned for other cuts as there are bound to be a few more surprises.

(Image via Thomas Ondrey/The Plain Dealer)

NFL Free Agency: Leigh Bodden Signs With Pats

For all those hoping that the Browns could sign Leigh Bodden in order to say that we traded a draft pick for Shaun Rogers, well the opportunity is gone.  While Mangini and company were signing Hank Poteat, the Pats were signing the Browns’ former starting CB to a one-year “prove it” type of contract for the veteran minimum $750,000.  Of course, financial terms were not disclosed in the Poteat signing, but let’s assume the numbers are similar.  Who would you rather have?  Hank Poteat or Leigh Bodden?

Just to be fair, we don’t know if Bodden would even be willing to come back to Cleveland.  Certainly, if he had the option between going to New England on a one-year deal, and coming back to Cleveland on a one-year deal, you have to think the decision was easy.  Plus, last time I checked he hasn’t had any problems at Logan International Airport in Boston just yet.  

Also in fairness to the new regime here, Hank Poteat will be able to help teach the new system to Browns CBs.  Also, when analyzing this year vs. last year, I would like to think that Hank Poteat will be a better nickel option than Terry Cousin.  I can’t remember the last time in Cleveland sports history that an insignificant player accounted for so much negativity as Terry Cousin.

While We’re Waiting… LeBron vs. Wade, Browns Free Agent News, and the Future of Andy Marte

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“I’ve long held that this team is the one you don’t want to see in the playoffs, and tonight was a reminder. They have a great shot at the 4 seed, and as long as Atlanta doesn’t go anywhere and the Cavs maintain pace, we’re looking at a very likely Wade vs. LeBron matchup in the semifinals. Which would honestly be the best thing all year. These two go at one another in a very unique way. Maybe they’re courting one another. Maybe they like putting on a show. But there’s something that happens when these two step on the floor, the same thing that’s been missing between LeBron and Kobe. They’re friends, contemporaries, paired icons of a generation, and the idea of them battling back and forth, LeBron with Delonte at his side, Wade with Beasley, is almost too good of an idea to be true.” [Matt Moore/Hardwood Paroxysm]

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