August 26, 2014

Walking Into Movie History

Yesterday, I told you all about my trip to the mascot factory in Indianapolis. Well, there was more to that day. On the drive to Indy I saw a sign that said something like “Next Exit Knightstown, Home of the Hoosiers Gym”. I was in a hurry to get to Indy, but the idea of potentially seeing the gym where they filmed Hoosiers was getting me excited. What other ‘Hoosiers Gym’ could they be talking about? I just hope it would be open when I came back through.

I made it to Knightstown, Indiana around 3:30 on the way home. The little town is a couple miles off of I-70, but easily found by following the signs. (I would later find out that those blue tourists signs for the gym had been fought for by the committee that maintains the gym. It seems they had to take boxes of visitors sign in books to convince those in charge that enough people really did stop there.) [Read more...]

GAMBLOG Picks Of The Week

GAMBLOG LogoPicks Of The Week – February 7, 2008

We’re back with another installment of the GAMBLOG Picks Of The Week. This week Matt takes a look at college basketball. Personally, I think Matt is nuts and I think he’s about to drop to 4-1 ATS, but hey, that’s why he’s the resident “advice” expert and I am not. As always, I feel compelled to include my fine print disclaimer….these picks are just for fun, not for any activities that are probably illegal where you live. However, if you win your “just for fun” bet and feel an obligation to kick back a percentage of your “fun winnings” to us, we will gladly oblige your wishes. [Read more...]