Handle the Hoosiers: Ohio State – Indiana Preview

Zeke Hurdle

Indiana is 4-0 this year. Can Ohio State make it 20 straight wins over the Hoosiers?

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Information overload, Hoosiers uniforms, and Scrabble: While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Sports

Happy Wednesday, Blawg Pound. And what a lovely Wednesday it is. I realize I often open this column with weather talk, and I’ve heard that in some circles weather talk is not considered the hippest subject on the block. Well I’ve got news for you, cool cats and chicks: weather is universal. We’re all in it.

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Ohio State Preparing for Indiana, Not Looking Past Them

Marvin Fong, The Plain Dealer

I’m a college student. While I don’t attend Ohio State, my weekends are frequently spent driving from Philadelphia to various campuses to watch the Buckeyes. So it was only natural that I received a text this week from a friend who is a student at OSU asking me if I’d be interested in heading to

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Walking Into Movie History

Yesterday, I told you all about my trip to the mascot factory in Indianapolis. Well, there was more to that day. On the drive to Indy I saw a sign that said something like “Next Exit Knightstown, Home of the Hoosiers Gym”. I was in a hurry to get to Indy, but the idea of

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GAMBLOG Picks Of The Week

Picks Of The Week – February 7, 2008 We’re back with another installment of the GAMBLOG Picks Of The Week. This week Matt takes a look at college basketball. Personally, I think Matt is nuts and I think he’s about to drop to 4-1 ATS, but hey, that’s why he’s the resident “advice” expert and

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