C-Cap Recap: Indians 13, Tigers 1 (For Reals!)

Danny Salazar Doodle

Well, I guess you’d have to be pretty gullible to think a Major League baseball team could hit a collective .186 with runners in scoring position for almost three whole weeks and not be just joshin’ ya. Give the Indians credit for sticking with that extended April Fools Day charade for as long as they

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Cleveland Sports VHS Rewind, Vol. 1

Cleveland Sports Videos

Ten years into its existence, not everybody seems to be a huge fan of YouTube. Some say it’s become an unintended digital exhibit on the de-evolution of mankind — a sprawling garbage dump at the event horizon of a cultural black hole, squandering its hi-tech sophistication for the proliferation of dancing cats and dick punches. To

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Indians, Tigers rivalry MLB’s most lopsided since 2009: WFNY Stats & Info

AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

As the Cleveland Indians begin another series against the dreaded Detroit Tigers, I felt it was worthwhile to check in on the Tribe’s struggles against their divisional rival and compare it to the rest of the league. To rehash old memories, here’s the head-to-head record over the last 13 seasons: 2003: 12-7 (.632) 2004: 9-10

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Cleveland Indians’ defense: Still abysmal

Cleveland Indians

In 2014, the Cleveland Indians missed out on the postseason in part to a surging Kansas City Royals team. But—as we discussed several times—several losses throughout the course of the year were due largely to their dreadful defense—or more specifically, run prevention, an area where they were the worst in all of baseball. Had last season’s

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Bode Plots: Analyzing Trevor Bauer’s heat maps


Somewhat lost in the midst of the Cleveland Indians failure to live up to expectations in the early part of the 2015 season is that Trevor Bauer has been quite good. In fact, he has been perhaps the most dominant pitcher in MLB, and, as such, Trevor has been the ace of a staff that

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Indians Series Summary No. 5: Oh, man, that was cold

Cleveland Indians Jason Kipnis Sad

Except for Carlos Carrasco’s happy reunion with the mound on Tuesday night, there were no warm and fuzzy feelings produced by this fifth series of the season for the Cleveland Indians. This was their second consecutive Lost-Won-Lost series and all three games were played in mid-40s temperatures with wind-chill factors that made one glad to

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Drawing Tribe Town’s Perimeter

Cleveland Indians Fans Facebook

When it comes to college football, most of the Buckeye State is united in the state’s namesake. Professional baseball, however, is a different story. The Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers, and Pittsburgh Pirates can all claim portions of Ohio as their base. While we can safely guess which baseball hats you would see in Kirtland, it

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Are the Indians dead yet? TD calms fears – WFNY Podcast – 2015-04-23

Podcast header Graphic

The Indians are off to a really rough start, so I called TD to help calm me down. Jerry Sands is LeBron James 2013 Cleveland Indians started 5-10 before figuring it out Can’t hit the panic button, but the roster is in disarray There’s no calling card to bring about change Is the left-handed lineup

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Ball Played: Indians lose fourth straight Kluber start

Corey Kluber Cleveland Indians

Happy Earth Day, everyone. Wait, is that still a thing or did it die out when Captain Planet went off the air? Just to be safe put your bottles and cans in the recycle bins today1. The Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians were doing their part for energy conservation on Wednesday by playing a

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Nick Swisher ready to begin rehab assignment

Nick Swisher Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Indians first baseman and designated hitter Nick Swisher, who has not played in a regular season game for the Indians since August 2014, is expected to begin his rehab assignment Friday at Class AAA Columbus. Indians General Manager Chris Antonetti has indicated that he would like Swisher to complete back-to-back nine-inning games in the field

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Ball Played: Triumphant return for Indians Carrasco

Cleveland Indians Carlos Carrasco

The last pitch Carlos Carrasco threw before Tuesday night came off of Melky Cabrera’s bat, deflected off his glove, and hit him in the jaw. Somehow, less than a week later, Carrasco took to the mound again to face the same Chicago White Sox team. It is impossible to determine the emotional and mental state

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The Tribe’s Ray Fosse — Roger Remembers

Ray Fosse Cleveland Indians

“You call the next one.” In disc yard golf, the winner of the previous ‘hole’ chooses and describes the next ‘hole.’ Roger twirled the heavy Frisbee around his index finger. “Over the driveway, around the garage to the left, and hit the corner of the wooden fence in the side yard. The driveway, my truck,

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Ball Played: Indians deliver goodnight gut punch

Cleveland Indians Chicago White Sox

The pitching matchup for Monday’s game was strongly in favor of the Cleveland Indians. Trevor Bauer had been the best pitcher on the staff in the early season having given up a mere two runs in twelve innings pitched, while striking out nineteen and allowing a total of thirteen baserunners. The Chicago White Sox countered

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Indians Series Summary No. 4: L-W-L and gratitude for picture-in-picture

Cleveland Indians Minnesota Twins

The good news going into the Cleveland Indians’ fourth series of 2015 was that they weren’t scheduled to face any left-handed starters. The bad news is that it didn’t seem to matter. They still couldn’t hit. Over the three games in Minneapolis, the Twins started Mike Pelfrey, Phil Hughes, and Trevor May, all righties. They

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Danny Salazar Recalled from Triple-A

Danny Salazar

With Carlos Carrasco (somehow) only needing an extra day of rest before his next start following a line drive striking him in his face Tuesday night, the Cleveland Indians had to make a decision on how to handle the mound on Saturday for Game 2 in Minnesota. In turn, they have recalled starting pitcher Danny Salazar

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C-Cap Recap: Perfection to Dejection


If ever a baseball game were capable of halting and reversing an entire city’s blossoming springtime enthusiasm—sending every new leaf burrowing right back into its bud and every twittering songbird fleeing for Florida—it would be tonight’s 3-2 Indians loss to the Minnesota Twins. Hyperbole? Maybe. But it’s 12:24 on a Friday night, and much like

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MLB payrolls continue to rise

Cleveland_Indians block c

Major League Baseball continues to be the one American professional sport without a cap on payroll. As such, the spending habits of teams oftentimes inspires debate. Here at WFNY in 2015, we have already featured some ways to potentially tweak the MLB CBA in order to balance the inequities. Thursday, Jayson Stark of ESPN wrote an article

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Indians Series Summary No. 3: Hooray, they beat a lefty

Cleveland Indians

In the brief two-game series against the Chicago White Sox, the Cleveland Indians lost their fifth game of the season by a score of 4-1, then won their third, 4-2. The win was their first home victory after starting 0-4 at Progressive Field. What lousy timing for the Indians so far in this young season. After

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The Lukewarm, The Playoffs, and Paul Pierce’s Craziness: While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Sports

Thanks for tearing your eyes off those fresh new Browns digs to indulge my ramblings for a few minutes. Several of the WFNY folks have already shared their thoughts on the new Browns look (as I’m sure many of you have), and I’d be remiss not to share mine. Much like Will, I find the new

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Ball Played: Indians survive game of bunts

Trevor Bauer Cleveland Indians

Major League Baseball does a great tribute to Jackie Robinson and, really, all of the players that helped break down the color barrier in baseball every April 15 by having the players wear his 42 jersey, which also lends to writers across the nation expounding on the struggles that he had to overcome. He is

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