July 30, 2014

Kellen Winslow: Is It Really The Hamstring?

As the Browns (and their fans) gear up to take on the Jets during the first week of preseason football, Lane Adkins from the Orange and Brown report has plenty of updates for those in need of last minute information.

One issue that has been tossed about over the last few days is in regard to the injury of tight end Kellen Winslow.  K2 has spent the last week or so on the sidelines during team drills, forcing some rumor mill mongers to question the infamous knee.  You know, the one that has been a chief concern for those considering giving the tight end a new contract?  But with all of the possibilities out there, Lane shares the following:

There has been speculation that TE Kellen Winslow has an issue with his knee and this is the reasoning behind him sitting out some training camp sessions. Let it be known, the coaching staff  is well aware of the pre-existing condition of the knee and his practice schedules dictates his time on the field. [Read more...]

Some mistakes you never stop paying for

winslowknee.jpgKellen Winslow Jr. will not be joining teammates Braylon Edwards, Josh Cribbs, Joe Thomas and Ryan Pontbriand in Hawaii for the Pro-Bowl. As first alternate, he would have been invited had the former Kent State basketball standout Antonio Gates decided not to play due to his foot injury. The window of opportunity for the tight end closed when the deadline passed on Wednesday. Instead it will be Winslow, not Gates that goes under the knife.

Winslow mentioned his intentions to have knee surgery on a radio interview with WKNR on Friday. The surgery, to be performed on his right knee, is the latest in a long line of procedures that have haunted the Browns star since the famous motorcycle accident in 2005. In fact, Winslow has had at least one operation in the off season every year since he was drafted. [Read more...]