Colt McCoy admits that he wasn’t ready to start for Browns

Colt McCoy Cleveland Browns

Former Browns quarterback Colt McCoy penned an essay about his time in the NFL, and the “education” he received in Cleveland.

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Browns fans can’t name all the Browns quarterbacks since 1999

John Kuntz, Northeast Ohio Media Group

Dan Labbe set off to find someone who could name all the Browns starting quarterbacks. Like many of those players, Dan failed.

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Renaming the Cleveland Browns Quarterback Position

hoyer and manziel

What’s in a name, anyway?1 As an aspiring wordsmith, much of my existence is spent deciding when to emphasize that question and when to suppress it; when to answer it and when to ignore it. Words are the elements through which I express myself — my fingers nimbly tapping words across the keys of my board

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Josh McCown’s arrival leads to questions, not answers

Josh McCown Cleveland Browns Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Late last week, the Cleveland Browns won the Josh McCown sweepstakes. To call it underwhelming is a bit of an understatement. My initial reaction was to be a bit trollish on the topic. I admit it. In a lot of ways you can begin to understand why a team would sign a player like Josh McCown

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BUCKEYES WIN! – Ravens or Steelers, Jake Delhomme, Death Cab… While We’re Waiting

Cleveland Sports

Happy Friday everyone. Happy 2015 everyone. As I’m writing this it’s pretty tough sledding for Ohio State in the second quarter, so we’re just going to skip that one altogether for now… In a battle of Ravens and Steelers… Has it sunk in yet how crazy it feels to have three AFC North teams all

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Jason Campbell to Cleveland makes some sense

The Browns signed Jason Campbell to a two-year deal yesterday to “add to the pile”1 at the quarterback position. Is this more like Jake Delhomme or Seneca Wallace? That’s what we Browns followers like to do, you see. We try to put everything in the context of other stuff we’ve seen before. Remember when we

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Trent Richardson and Ozzie Newsome represent Browns in Madden cover vote

Nobody in Cleveland has forgotten the Peyton Hillis Madden cover vote just yet. In the end, it came down to Hillis and Mike Vick, and I don’t know if Vick is wiping his brow for having avoided the curse just yet either, as he took a pay cut this year to stay with the Chip

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The sooner we get away from Shurmur and the Big Show, the Better


Can it get any worse here in Cleveland? I was watching another vintage Pat Shurmur-led debacle in Dallas, and all I could do is sit back and laugh. Seriously, how can you even get yourself worked up over this stuff anymore? Every week the Browns hang around just long enough to keep you interested, then

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Top Five Non-Essential Things Jimmy Haslam Should Do With the Browns

There is a whole Tumblr page dedicated to these Browns jerseys. It is funny, but also embarrassing.

There are some really important decisions to make about front-office personnel, coaching and stadium issues, but I have some less relevant things that Jimmy Haslam should probably tackle when he finally officially becomes owner of the Browns. Here they are in non slide show format… 5. Start an obsolete Browns jersey trade-in program I don’t

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When They Miss the Playoffs, the Browns Really Miss the Playoffs


We all know that the Browns and their 4-12 record missed the playoffs, but it had me thinking.  Are there even any influential players left in the playoffs that are former Browns?  Obviously guys playing special teams for San Francisco are important like Blake Costanzo are important, but I’m excluding guys like that.  I mean

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Delhomme Bodyslam is Memorable for Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong Suh was on the Colin Cowherd show today as I was driving to lunch and he was recounting some of his biggest, most memorable hits.  First things first, Suh and Cowherd talked about Suh’s push / forearm / decimation of Jay Cutler when the Lions played the Bears. Then, when talking about his more

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The Lone (Public) Voice of Mangini Dissension: Seneca Wallace

Throughout this up and down (mostly down) season, Browns players never uttered a negative word about their Head Coach Eric Mangini. In fact, most of them went out of their way to praise him and how he had changed from the prior season. Team leaders like Josh Cribbs and Sheldon Brown have backed Mangini all

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Browns Lose Virtually to Ravens 80-7

The Browns lost this weekend to the Ravens 20-10 and it didn’t even seem that close, really.  I just found out how much worse it could have been.  How does 80 to 7 sound?  Ouch! What would we do without technology?  Someone played a 2010 version of Super Tecmo Bowl with the Browns and Ravens.

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Browns Limping to Finish With 20-10 Loss to Ravens

Maybe someday the Browns and Ravens will have a real rivalry. Today I was given a bit of hope for the future watching Joe Haden spar with Anquan Boldin after a particularly physical first five yards. This kind of animosity is supposed to come with divisional games for the players so that they can feel

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Colt McCoy Sits Alone Atop Depth Chart

Well, if there was ever a question in Browns minds, there isn’t anymore.  As of yesterday, Colt McCoy has been named the starter for the Browns in the first opportunity since all quarterbacks regained their health. Eric Mangini (much to the chagrin of many of you) chose Jake Delhomme consistently over Seneca Wallace in the

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While We’re Waiting… Bob Feller, Talkin Tribe and McCoy to Start?

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at Rest in Peace, Rapid Robert- [] — Our own Jon Steiner and Paul C. talk Tribe- “With that in mind, it’s time to explore

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While We’re Waiting… Jake Delhomme, Larry Doby and Beating the Bengals

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at Does this seem a tad optimistic based on the rest of Delhomm’s throws Sunday?- “The interception occurred later in the period. Delhomme’s arm was

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Sorry To Say It: Mangini’s On the Ropes

There are many in this town that aren’t, but I am. I am an Eric Mangini guy. He is a tireless worker who has looked in the mirror and made positive changes after earning a stay of execution last offseason from new Browns czar Mike Holmgren. He is a young quality NFL Head Coach who

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The Browns Will Win If…

Please, please someone make sure Derek Anderson does not show up for this game! The Browns are riding a modest two-game winning streak, and have already matched last year’s win total with four games remaining. Over their last 16 games, Cleveland is 9-7. Buffalo, on the other hand, continues to scuffle. Let’s hope both teams

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Mid-Week Browns Update

The Browns head into Buffalo this week, and it feels like a bit of a trap game for me as a fan.   Deep in my heart, I don’t believe that this Browns team in its current iteration is capable of succumbing to a trap game.  They seem to play just as hard in otherwise

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