August 26, 2014

NBA News: James Posey added to Canton Charge coaching staff

Ohio native and former NBA veteran James Posey will join the Canton Charge’s staff as an assistant coach for the 2013-14 season. The 36-year-old last played with the Indiana Pacers during the 2010-11 season.

“James will be a relatable presence who can give our players direct examples of experiences and insight from what we will be coaching them,” Charge head coach Steve Hetzel said in the team’s press release. “I’m extremely excited he is going to be with us this season and really look forward to getting started with him.”

A first-round pick back in 1999 out of Xavier, Posey built his NBA career around tough defense and clutch playoff performances. He average 8.6 points and 4.7 rebounds in his 12-year career in the regular season. He also was well known for his play in 2008 with the NBA champion Boston Celtics. He also won a championship with the Miami Heat in 2006.

It’s a nice return back to Northeast Ohio for the Twinsburg product. He certainly seems like a natural fit for a former player transitioning into a coaching role.

Another familiar name to Ohioans, Mike Gansey, currently serves as the Cavs’ director of Development League operations. He’s a former West Virginia star who led the Mountaineers on to the Sweet 16 — through Cleveland’s Wolstein Center.

The Charge are the Cavs’ Development League affiliate and play their home games at the Canton Memorial Civic Center. Their season begins in late November.

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Ted Ginn vs. Chris Johnson & The Best High School Athlete You’ve Seen

GinnTrackI am sure you have heard by now.  The story has been on PTI and has been on Jim Rome almost all week in addition to multiple other national shows.  Apparently, Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson challenged Miami Dolphins WR and Cleveland’s own Ted Ginn Jr. to a race on South Beach.  The story has bubbled up in the national press this week with those two teams facing off on Sunday.  Johnson says Ginn no showed for the race and Ginn is receiving lots of flak over supposedly ducking Johnson.  Ginn denies this and is rightly focused on football.  It’s a silly and inconsequential story but it certainly, for me, triggered images of Ginn’s athletic ability, in particular his speed, that we witnessed locally on the football field and track at Glenville HS and on a larger stage at OSU.  At Glenville he was a  state and national champion in track and in football was an immediate threat to take any interception, return, or catch to the house within seconds.

I’m biased in favor of Ginn here and would put my money on Ginn in any race over any football player on the planet.  He may not have been and is certainly not now the most productive football player, but he was probably the most athletic football player Ohio has seen this decade.  The publicity of this supposed race  combined with Columbus Northland and  future OSU basketballer and current No. 2 recruit in the nation, Jared Sullinger, being broadcast nationally on ESPN on Thursday got me thinking about some of the most exciting and dominant athletes our region has seen in high school.  A list like this could go on forever but I tried to be exclusive and focus just on modern athletic freaks instead of prolific HS legends.  The results are listed after the jump.  Who are some of the best athletes you’ve witnessed in person on the HS level?

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While We’re Waiting… The Breaking News that Josh Cribbs Will Skip Minicamp

While We’re Waiting aims to be the round-up of the recent WFNY-esque information for your morning viewing. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email in the sidebar.

Joshua CribbsA little change of pace this morning with the recently broken news by John Taylor of The OBR.  As many have anticipated over the past few months, Josh Cribbs was going to be one of the first players to receive a contract renegotiation as we head in to 2009.  But unfortunately, while the team has addressed the desire to do so, things are not going as quickly as Cribbs and his agent (JR Rickert) would like.

Alas, the team’s most explosive and dynamic player will not be present when they take the field for the voluntary minicamp.

The “voluntary” minicamp begins on Tuesday of this week, and there is “virtually no chance” Cribbs will be taking the field with the club. [...]

a source familiar with the situation tells The OBR that talks between the two sides on a new deal “have gone nowhere.  Absolutely nowhere.”  The last time the Browns spoke to Rickert regarding Cribbs’ contract was a week ago.

One Browns source stated that “the team is having a hard time figuring out a value to place on what Josh brings to the team.  He’s obviously a tremendous football player, a tremendous asset to the team and to the city, but we all just have to find some type of way to gauge financially what is acceptable in relation to what he does and to the [salary] cap.”

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While We’re Waiting… James Posey Trade Rumors, Ohio State’s Hoops Future, and Cousin Eddie?

While We’re Waiting aims to be the round-up of the recent WFNY-esque information for your morning viewing. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email in the sidebar.

“The Hornets said they wanted frontcourt depth [for Tyson Chandler] and the Cavs couldn’t really provide that, plus Danny Ferry is very close to the Thunder and General Manager Sam Presti so he’ll know exactly what the issue is with Chandler. The toe injury must be serious because this was a steal for OKC.   A player the Cavs have long been interested in is James Posey, who the Hornets got ahead of the Cavs because they offered a longer contract last summer. New Orleans has some depth on the wing and even though Posey is a championship player, it has become obvious their focus isn’t all on winning.” [Brian Windhorst/Plain Dealer]

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Call Off the Posey Watch

ESPN’s Mark Stein is reporting that James Posey has signed a four year deal with the New Orleans Hornets. The deal is worth approximately $25 million. The Cavs were in the hunt to acquire the defensive specialist who spent last season in Boston. Posey was holding out hope that a team would offer more than the two or three year deal that was being offered by the Celtics, Cavs, Spurs and just about everyone with a mid-level exception. New Orleans decided the 31 year old was worth the risk of the extra year.

I’m glad they took that risk instead of the Cavaliers. The Posey auction demonstrated how ridiculous the NBA salary structure is. Posey got a deal for probably 2 years too many because 4 teams were willing to bid the same MLE contract amount for him. This is how teams end up tied to contracts that are not able to be traded, and players sitting on the bench that can’t help the team anymore. Not that we have seen that before in Cleveland…

Free Agency Day Two: A New Hope?

Monta EllisWith little-to-no news reports coming out of the Cleveland media about the free agency period and what the Cavaliers are trying to do these days, we do our best to scrape together what information we can to pass along.

Obviously reporting on the Cleveland Cavaliers is the farthest thing from Brian Windhorst’s mind these days, as he is still in the hospital fighting illness, but his absence is felt more than ever these days. Without Brian’s reports and Branson Wright no longer on the beat for the Plain Dealer, we have been left hanging high and dry, for the most part, in terms of reports of what Danny Ferry is trying to do right now. Either that, or he’s simply doing nothing, which, who knows, is always a possibility. But regardless, we still want to be able to let our readers know what’s going on, so here’s some of what we’re hearing…

Janny Hu of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote an interesting article today talking about what’s going on with the Golden State Warriors in the wake of Baron Davis’ defection. What I found particularly interesting was when Janny wrote,     [Read more...]