Ball Played: CSI Tampa; Cookie returns to scene in Indians win

AP Photo/Steve Nesius

Carlos Carrasco rebounded to throw a gem as the bats finally woke up in a much-needed win for the Cleveland Indians.

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Indians’ Michael Brantley to begin rehab stint Tuesday

Michael Brantley Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians appear a bit closer to having Michael Brantley return as the left fielder will begin a rehab assignment in Triple-A Columbus.

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Baseball is near, and remembering Phife and Garry: While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Sports

Baseball is just around the corner, remembering the impact of Phife Dawg and Garry Shandling, and a web exclusive from John Oliver, all in this morning’s While We’re Waiting.

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Indians 11: Ready to win big?

Cleveland Indians 2016 preview image

Are you in or are you out? That is the question we attempt to answer about the 2016 Cleveland Indians with an Ocean’s 11 vibe.

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Terry Francona: Carlos Santana will not bat leadoff

Cleveland Indians Carlos Santana

You down with OBP?

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Mean tweets don’t bog Kip down.

Jerry Kipnis show

Just as in any sport itself, there are some athletes who just do social media better than others. The world where one questions is Joe Flacco a elite quarterback and can be dominated by crying Jordan memes is an interesting nut for any professional athlete to crack. And, few athletes do social media better than

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The Indians are the only professional sports organization in Cleveland


An argument that the Cleveland Indians are the only well-run sports organization in town.

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A roundtable look back at the 2015 Indians


As baseball fans have transitioned from the regular season to the postseason, Cleveland fans can enjoy the MLB playoffs without the added anxiety and tension of watching one’s own team. Pick a team to root for in the postseason (if you must) while WFNY baseball writers, Mssrs Bode, Clayman and Pietro take one last look

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Maybe I’m wrong about the Indians

Cleveland Indians v St Louis Cardinals

“Maybe I’m wrong” is a phrase I repeat multiple times a day. It is not only a song with a great riff from the Blues Traveler1 , but the phrase serves a balancing purpose for anyone with enough hubris to make predictions and projections in the wildly varying sport that is baseball. I had such

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Jason Kipnis to front office: “Go out and get it”

Cleveland Indians Jason Kipnis Sad

Who will be this year’s Brandon Moss?

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Ball Played: Power surge helps freshly baked Cookie

AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Monday night’s game between the Kansas City Royals and Cleveland Indians started with some dueling fireworks, but ended with the Indians running away with the game. Alex Gordon and Jason Kipnis, a pair of All-Stars, started their respective halves of the first inning with home runs to break open the scoring early on. It was the Cleveland

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Ball Played: Blue Jays deliver knuckle(ball) sandwich to Indians

Chris Young, The Canadian Press via AP

Wednesday was why Tuesday’s game hurt so bad. The margin for error with the Cleveland Indians postseason chances is too thin to allow potential wins to slip away as there will still be some games that just do not go well from the beginning. Wednesday was just such a day as the Toronto Blue Jays

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Weekend Recap: Indians Die Hard for the Wild Card

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

The Cleveland Indians are still incredible long shots to make the playoffs. The AL Central has been all but won by the Kansas City Royals, making the Wild Card the only route to October. However, four teams are still above the Indians in the race for the last Wild Card playoff spot. The Indians trail the Wild

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Video: Best of the Indians Week

Francisco Lindor

The Tribe produced some highlights in a rare winning week.

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Ball Played: Indians “walk” away like they “stole” something in win

Jason Kipnis #22 of the Cleveland Indians

Walks, steals, and home runs: What wins are made of.

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Ball Played: Anything Brew can do Tribe can do better

Cleveland Indians Michael Brantley Milwaukee Brewers

Michael Brantley went NOVA against his former team once again.

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Weekend Recap: Indians win “epic” series against Yankees

Francisco Lindor

It was a period of civil war. Tribe analytic versus traditional fans fighting over the reasons for a disappointing season and were about to face the evil Yankee Empire. During the initial battle, a rebel by the moniker of Little Cowboy managed to fluster the empire to earn the first win and inspire ballads that

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C-Cap Recap: Ballad of The Little Cowboy

Josh Tomlin Cleveland Indians

Josh Tomlin earned his first victory since last August as the Cleveland Indians kicked off a four-game weekend series in the Bronx with a 3-2 win over those delightful underdog scamps, the New York Yankees. The Indians (56-64) nearly took a page out of the Cleveland Browns playbook by blowing a lead hilariously in the

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The Good, The Okay, and The Weird: Indians’ Injury Round-Up

Jason Kipnis photo by Jason Miller, Getty Images

Of all the issues plaguing the Indians this season (ice-cold bats, lagging attendance, sometimes-snarky tweets), pesky injuries are certainly among the most confounding. But, in the midst of a three-game series against the Boston Red Sox, a few key players are working their ways back into the lineup. And one player is, well, dealing with

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Video: Watch what happens when you “ruin” a no-hitter

Michael Brantley Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Corey Kluber threw a complete masterpiece on Sunday afternoon, not allowing his first hit until the seventh inning when Minnesota Twins first baseman Joe Mauer lined a two-out, one-two fastball to left field. The belt-high pitch was slapped the opposite way, dropping in front of Indians left fielder Michael Brantley. The

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