August 26, 2014

And You Thought The Dolans Were Bad….

And you thought the Dolans were bad….

How would you like to be a Miami Marlins fan and/or season ticket holder today? After being raked over the coals and being held hostage for a new stadium by owner Jeffrey Loria and his obnoxious step-son Team President David Samson, you thought you finally had something other than the threat of your team moving.

The new stadium tax you voted for barely passed locally and the 80% tax-payer funded ($409 million) Marlins Park was erected. Then last winter, Samson told the baseball world that the days of Marlins cost-cutting would be over, a new era of Miami baseball was here, and they were ready to win now. So they went all-in, signing All-Star Shortstop Jose Reyes for six years, All-Star Starting Pitcher Mark Buehrle for four years, and All-Star closer Heath Bell for four years. This was in addition to trying to throw the kitchen sink at Albert Pujols, who smartly took less money than what Samson and Loria offered to play for the Los Angeles Angels. In total, they spent $190 million. Their payroll went from the $50 million range to over $110 million. Meanwhile, Reyes and Buehrle’s deals were severely backloaded, and when I say severely, I mean unlike others in baseball. [Read more...]

CBS Sports: Dolan family listed as fourth worst MLB owners

The Dolans aren’t very popular in town, at least as owners of the Indians. They don’t garner much respect from the rest of the baseball community either. On the heels of Jeffrey Loria’s latest shenanigans in Miami, CBS published a list of their five worst ownership groups in Major League Baseball. Guess who cracked the list-

“4. The Dolan family, Indians: Remember when the Indians used to go to the playoffs every year? It wasn’t that long ago, but it sure seems like it. The Dolans bought the team in 2000 and the Indians have made the playoffs only once since 2001. They have traded CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee since then, though. Cry small market if you wish, but Dolan bought the club for $323 million in 2000 and Forbes magazine values the club at $410 million now. Also, the Reds, Cardinals and Brewers play in smaller TV markets. They seem to do OK.”

Those owners listed ahead of the Dolans- David Glass (Royals), The Wilpon family (Mets), Jeffrey Loria (Marlins).

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