August 17, 2014

Joncast – Tom Hamilton, Nick Swisher and how vacations are awesome – WFNY Podcast – 2013-05-29

WFNY Podcast LogoIt’s been far too long since I did a Joncast. Always nice to catch up with him. Enjoy as we ride the conversation for nearly an hour covering a wide range of topics.

  • Vacations and how we don’t take nearly enough of them
  • The European method of taking a month off in August
  • Our pursuit of happiness and self-inflicting wounds culturally
  • Defining needs vs. wants and how we’ve become spoiled
  • Swisher and the bro dude stare at the mound
  • Tom Hamilton and what he said
  • Rob Neyer and comparing baseball to a soap opera
  • Derek Lowe and Dusty Baker
  • Liking Craig Calcaterra’s blog and writing
  • The gotcha culture and why people shouldn’t have an opinion on anything
  • Godwin’s law
  • Getting ingrained in a culture and having it ruin the things you love
  • Did we create obsessive compulsive disorder or at least augment its existence?
  • Is sports talk radio a guilty pleasure?
  • Have you ever injured your voice screaming at talk radio?
  • Jim Rome and forcing the audience to eat their own
  • Hiram and why long form is so much better for so many people
  • The Indians and how you could see this coming on the schedule
  • Walk-offs and overtime NHL goals are the best endings in sports
  • Playoff NBA officiating is worse than regular season NBA officiating
  • NHL playoff officiating is better than regular season NHL officiating
  • The nebulous nature of blocking and charging calls
  • USMNT coming to Cleveland
  • St. Louis and how it is a big soccer town

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MLB Rumors: Indians to sign pitcher Brett Myers

Twitter is abuzz with rumors that the Indians have signed pitcher Brett Myers. The Indians have yet to confirm the signing which is likely pending a physical if it has actually occurred. Matt Loede from 92.3 the Fan in Cleveland was the first to post it.

If it is true, Brett Meyers gives the Indians a 32-year-old pitcher with starting experience who most recently came out of the bullpen for the White Sox. He played in 35 games for the White Sox with a 3.12 ERA. He had 21 strikeouts and nine walks.

Myers is also famous (or infamous) for his verbal altercation with a Philadelphia reporter that resulted in him saying, “Boom. Outta here.” (39 seconds in below video.)

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Will Jim Rome move to 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland?

Reports online are that popular national radio host Jim Rome will be committing to CBS all the way come January. Rome has been a part of Premiere Radio for as long as most anyone can remember for his radio show, but he signed on with CBS for his television ventures earlier this year.

Deadline has learned that the popular sports broadcaster is finalizing a deal with CBS Radio, which is expected to use his show as the cornerstone for CBS Sports Radio, the new national sports radio network slated to launch on Jan. 2. Rome’s daily morning Jim Rome Show had been syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks since 1996.

So, what does this mean for Cleveland where Jim Rome has been a staple of WKNR for years even to the point that Tony Rizzo has filled in for the West Coast host when he’s been on vacation. Tension has seemingly grown in the relations between Jim Rome and WKNR because they don’t play all three hours of the show on the flagship Good Karma station ESPN 850, opting to host the first hour of his show on 1540 KNR2.

Since launching a year ago (to this very day) 92.3 The Fan has focused almost exclusively on local programming. Jim Rome would likely be a ratings coup for the station, although it would cause a shakeup as Rome’s 1-3 PM timeslot would interrupt both Baskin and Phelps (10A-2P) and The Bull and the Fox (2p-7P).

Initial reports of CBS Sports Radio indicated that The Fan in Cleveland would end up with “various components” of the national network. Will that include Jim Rome?

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Hat tip to the all-knowing and all-seeing media man @myronfalwell

David Stern to Jim Rome: “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?”

Twitter figuratively exploded this afternoon when Jim Rome had NBA commissioner David Stern on. Rome asked the commissioner if the NBA lottery was fixed. Stern tried to make Rome feel shameful for even asking, but Jim Rome defended his question. Then Stern unleashed the question that would set the world abuzz.

“Have you stopped beating your wife yet?”

Admittedly the reference was lost on me. I immediately went to Google to try and figure out if I had missed out on some incident where Jim Rome had gotten in trouble for domestic abuse. Finally, I figured it out. What the commissioner was trying to say was that it was unfair to ask such a loaded question. In this case, the commissioner obviously felt the question had an unjustified assumption of guilt built right into it.

The “beat your wife” thing is a standard example of the definition of a loaded question. From Wikipedia,

The traditional example is the question “Have you stopped beating your wife?” Whether the respondent answers yes or no, he will admit to having a wife, and having beaten her at some time in the past. Thus, these facts are presupposed by the question, and in this case an entrapment, because it narrows the respondent to a single answer, and the fallacy of many questions has been committed.

Many will still accuse the commissioner of stepping over a line. If nothing else, he will have caused a lot of confusion as many seem to assume he was personally attacking Jim Rome. It doesn’t appear that is the case, but perception, as they say, is reality.

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Jim Rome vs. WKNR Continues

Last week, we ran down the changes that have taken place at WKNR and how it affected the immensely popular Jim Rome show.  You will remember that Rome’s show is now split with the first hour playing on a weak-signaled KNR2 instead of ESPN 850 WKNR.  The final two hours of the show are still on the main station.

Many of you didn’t seem to care that a nationally syndicated show was being supplanted for additional local content.  That’s fine.  I can’t blame anyone for what their tastes are. (Well, mostly.)  Additionally, Jim Rome seemed to indicate that while he wasn’t cool with the move, he still had respect for the station and its owner Craig Karmazin.  I guess that doesn’t preclude continuing to fight the decision though.

Jim Rome tweeted the following last night.  “Cleveland, Colt McCoy is in The Jungle in hour one. Just saying.” [Read more...]

Jim Rome Not Pleased With WKNR’s Programming Decision

Jim Rome has been immensely popular in Cleveland for a long time.  He has had multiple tour stops in Cleveland and his visit to WKNR studios in the Cleveland Galleria last year was a blockbuster for this city.  That’s why it is so surprising that WKNR decided to interfere with Rome’s nationally syndicated show when making some programming changes recently.

The new lineup looks like this.  Mike & Mike in the Morning will continue to be carried from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM.  The Really Big Show with Tony Rizzo gets an extra hour from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  This pushes the first hour of the Jim Rome show (from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM) to KNR2 on 1540 AM.  Then the final two hours of Rome’s show will continue back on the flagship station 850 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

Get all that? [Read more...]

Audio: Peyton Hillis Nails His First Jim Rome Interview

Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis is getting some national recognition.  On Tuesday Hillis did a great job repping the Cleveland Browns and himself on the Jim Rome show.  He is such a humble guy who seems so appreciative of the opportunity he has been given now that he is in Cleveland.

In this interview Hillis talks about Cleveland fans, Colt McCoy, the outside look at the playoffs, how he became a physical back, and even whether or not he likes the nickname “Juggernaut.”  He does think the whole Chuck Norris thing is pretty goofy.

The best part of the interview is how Hillis talks about being patient waiting for his opportunity.  He waited as he played with some very talented running backs at Arkansas.  He waited until Mike Shanahan gave him a shot during his rookie season.  He waited out the Josh McDaniels regime change after Shanahan was fired.  Finally, he waited out the RB competition with Jerome Harrison and Montario Hardesty to become “the man” now that he is here in Cleveland.  It really is a great story so far.  And for once, it is our great story as Browns fans. [Read more...]

Josh Cribbs on the Jim Rome Show

Yesterday the Browns’ all-pro weapon Joshua Cribbs was on the Jim Rome show representing the Browns and getting some “Jungle Karma” for the Browns as they head into Tampa.  The show can be heard daily in Cleveland on ESPN 850 WKNR (if you didn’t know.) As we head into another year of NFL football in Cleveland Cribbs’ appearance on the show is a stark reminder of the lack of recognizable name talent that the Browns have in their organization today.  Obviously this isn’t to say that I would want Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow back.  Still, unless Joe Thomas wanted to call in to the show, or they wanted to talk to Jake Delhomme, is there anyone else on this Browns team who you could imagine being a guest on the Jim Rome show?  Me either.  It was a nice interview and there were a couple things of note for Browns fans.

[Read more...]

Jim Rome Takes Over Cleveland

Photo From

Photo From

Yesterday, Jim Rome made a visit to ESPN Cleveland WKNR.  He did his show from their studios in the Galleria and spent the entire day with Cleveland based guests and praising one of his most supportive affiliates.  I listened to the entire show yesterday and for us Clevelanders it was a veritable smorgasborg of Cleveland related talk.  Rome talked to Mike Brown, Jim Brown (not related,) Earnest Byner, Bernie Kosar, and Grady Sizemore.  It would have been a completely perfect day if Rome had found a way to track down Cleveland Cavalier Delonte West.  Rome bemoaned the fact that he couldn’t track him down on the air.  But it was eventful day nonetheless.

Rome talked to Jim Brown about civil rights, the movie business and even tried to get him to revisit his very public feud with Tiger Woods.  Jim Brown likes to speak his mind, but he seemed to not want to do it on Jim Rome’s terms.  The rest of his time on the show was mostly talking about his foundation working with fringe gang members to avoid trouble. [Read more...]

NBA Rookie Hazing: Cavalier Style

This video made the rounds a while back, but LeBron 2010 (a site dedicated to letting James know he is wanted here in Cleveland) reminded me of it and thought it was time to dust it off.

The video is a segment from Jim Rome is Burning, in which Delonte is a field reporter for the day. It’s a gameday and there is a major problem- JJ Hickson didn’t get the doughnuts. It’s Delont West, so it’s funny by default.

There’s more. They have made t-shirts. And they are nothing short of awesome.


[Read more...]

Ben Francisco on the Jim Rome Show

Apparently, Travis Hafner didn’t have the “steal” sign yesterday.  At least per Tribe outfielder Ben Francisco, who was on the Jim Rome show this afternoon. 

When asked about Pronk’s steal, Francisco (who was on third base at the time) said that the big man took second base on his own, without the help from third base coach Joel Skinner.  Reportedly, Hafner said that he had to “get the stolen base for his brother,” who has him on a fantasy team.

No word on what Pronk’s brother thinks about the .222 average.

Unfortunately, Francisco and [Ryan] Garko are big Lakers fans, so when asked about the Cavaliers he deferred.  Ben is a pretty big fan of the show, as he and Garko are from the Los Angeles area – Rome’s location of broadcast. 

Let’s hope that the infamous “Jungle Karma” carries through this weekend as we head down to Cincinnati for the battle of Ohio.

(Three straight Tribe posts.  Has to be some sort of WFNY record…)