August 16, 2014

The sooner we get away from Shurmur and the Big Show, the Better

Can it get any worse here in Cleveland?

I was watching another vintage Pat Shurmur-led debacle in Dallas, and all I could do is sit back and laugh. Seriously, how can you even get yourself worked up over this stuff anymore? Every week the Browns hang around just long enough to keep you interested, then fall off a cliff in the end. Spare me the “at least we are competitive” bit. It’s really simple. As was said in the classic flick Top Gun: “There’s no points for second place.” Nobody cares if you are close. Moral victories are for losers.

And that is what Pat Shurmur’s team is. Sorry, that is the truth. It’s nice that Trent Richardson looks like a beast and that the young WR duo of Josh Gordon and Greg Little look like keepers. It’s nice that Joe Haden is a great corner back. It’s nice that the Ahtyba Rubin/Phil Taylor combo are loads in the middle of the D-line. It’s nice that D’Qwell Jackson is an All-Pro type middle linebacker. But none of it matters because the team doesn’t win.

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Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report: 8/21/12

Brandon Weeden probably won’t like much of what he sees from the film of this practice. It wasn’t interceptions or drops, but rather passes that were off the mark. In my nearly half dozen practices this year, it was Weeden’s most inconsistent performance. At least in 11 on 11 drills.

There were the two passes that sailed over Greg Little’s head for example. Or the out route throws that didn’t connect.

Weeden bounced back in 7 on 7 drills however. Completed a nice out route to Benjamin.

It was a slow day at practice otherwise. The team came out in shoulder pads, helmets and shorts. After positional warm-ups, they went at each other in an 11 on 11 drill. Following that drill, the team collectively took their shoulder pads off and went to ‘shells’ which are just half inch thick plastic shoulder pads. There was no real contact following the switch.

The team concentrated a bit on the running game while still in pads. Montario Hardesty bounced a run to the outside off of right tackle for a big gain. The question that bears asking following that play is was it a product of a good offensive effort, or poor rush defense? Unlike the tootsie roll pop question, I think the world will know soon enough. [Read more...]

Cleveland Fans, It Is Time To Embrace Change

New owner Jimmy Haslem spoke to the press today and seemed very genuine and honest about his family’s ownership of the Browns and his investment in the city of Cleveland. Haslem isn’t pretending that he is going to be a full-time resident of the city (they will be purchasing a home for the time they do spend in Cleveland) nor did he promise to look at moving some of his Pilot home operations away from Knoxville.

And when asked about the naming rights to the stadium and the colors and uniforms of the team, I believe he was honest as well.

He considers that part of the team marketing. And he is a business man. If you are reading between the lines, I’m pretty sure that means the winds of change will be blowing.

And I know that a good portion of the fan base would be outraged by such a move.

But I think it’s time to embrace change. [Read more...]

Steelers Owner Issues Statement About Browns’ New Owner Jimmy Haslem

From the Steelers official website-

“Jimmy Haslam and his family have been great partners in the Steelers Ownership for the past three years. I am sorry that he will be leaving our Ownership group, but I am happy the National Football League is going to have a strong new Owner. I am sure the Haslam Family will bring constructive and able ownership to the Cleveland Browns.”

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