August 26, 2014

Franklin Gutierrez Wins Fielding Bible Award

After one heck of a preseason, we couldn’t help but be thrilled to see a full year of Franklin Gutierrez in right field.  But once the season started, “Gut” got back to his old ways of swinging at balls in the dirt and striking out more than the “happy” Pedro Cerrano.  And though he finally started to string together a few solid games once the Tribe was out of the race, there was no denying what this kid could do on the other side of the coin once placed into the field.

In what is relativeley surprising news, Franklin is the recipient of this season’s “Fielding Bible Award” given to the best-fielding right fielder in Major League Baseball. [Read more...]

Eric Wedge, Hall of Famer?

Tis true, Tribe fans.  Though the object of much recent nihilism and vitriol from fans across the Midwest, Cleveland Indians manager Eric Wedge has been given a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Now, before you flip out and assume that he will be perched right between Tris Speaker and Hoyt Wilhelm, realize that Wedge’s situation may be a bit different.  Actually, it is considerably different because he’s being inducted into a Hall of Fame with Philadelphia’s Jimmy Rollins – who is still an active player.

So what sort of “Hall” could this be?  Why, it is the seven-year old Hall of the Arizona Fall League.

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