Joe Thomas responds to environmental violations


(Insert dramatic laser sound effects.) “Is Joe Thomas guilty of polluting the earth? We’ll have more on this on the 11 o’clock news!” That’s all I could think of when I saw the AP headline on Joe Thomas that said, “Browns’ Thomas accused of environmental violations.” The state Department of Natural Resources sent the former


My Sportsman of the Year: Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas Cleveland Browns

Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year is an annual must-read. Sadly, that the national recognition rarely has anything to do with the teams or individuals whom we cover. In turn, WFNY will soon announce its choice for 2014’s Cleveland Sportsman of the Year. Here’s one of the nominations for that honor by an WFNY writer.


Joe Thomas on the difference between player and fan perspective

Joe Thomas

The differences between how NFL players and NFL fans look at a game, season, or even an NFL career are endless. Obviously NFL fans are the ultimate outsiders no matter how much they love the team they watch every week. This isn’t groundbreaking or even all that novel a concept, but Joe Thomas’ session with


A whole slew of Cleveland Browns finished first in Pro Bowl fan voting

Tashaun Gipson Cleveland Browns

The fans have spoken. While Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers led all vote-getters, and Houston Texans’ defensive dynamo JJ Watt led all defenders, several members of the Cleveland Browns were ranked No. 1 in their respective positions. Perrenial Pro Bowler Joe Thomas leads the pack on the offensive side of the ball, but is joined by another


Cleveland Browns vs. Buffalo Bills: Behind the Box Score

Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns fell to the Buffalo Bills 26-10 on Sunday, putting them on level pegging with the rest of the AFC Wild Card pack. The Browns’ defense hung tough for four quarters, but two Brian Hoyer interceptions, a Billy Cundiff missed field goal, and a Terrance West fumble returned for a touchdown proved to be too


Browns lose 26-10 as Johnny Manziel makes his entrance


So, is there anything you guys want to talk about after the Browns game today? Really? What is it? The Browns lost 26-10 to the Buffalo Bills on the road. What else could you possibly want to talk about? Oh, that’s right. Johnny Manziel made his Browns debut. Johnny Manziel made his debut as a


Cleveland Browns vs. Atlanta Falcons: Behind the Box Score

Cleveland Browns Josh Gordon Brian Hoyer

Brian Hoyer’s two late, fourth-quarter interceptions nearly gave the game to the Atlanta Falcons as Matt Bryant connected on a 53-yard field goal to give Atlanta the lead with just under 50 seconds to play. But Hoyer rebounded in the final minute, completing four straight passes, and engineering a flawless hurry-up offense to set up Billy Cundiff’s


The Cavs are mediocre, but let’s still have fun: While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Sports

Today should be a good day at WFNY, folks. We’ve got some of the new kids and infrequent writers in charge with Craig on vacation and Scott on a work trip. Hope you can put up with us for the day. Assorted Cavs-Spurs thoughts: The Cavs, a currently mediocre team, lost by two points to


Cleveland Browns Week 11 Winners and Losers

Brian Hoyer Cleveland Browns

Of all the potential momentum-thwarting items in all of sport, right below injury has to be the three-and-out. If it occurs at the beginning of the game, there is so much pageantry and emotion stemming from the introductions and kickoff, that an immediate three-and-out is the buzzkill of all buzzkills. If your team kicks and the other


Cleveland Browns Week 10 Winners and Losers

Brian Hoyer Cleveland Browns

NFL pregame shows are the best, aren’t they? You have a handful of broadcast personalities surrounded by a bunch of former players, executives and coaches in oversized topcoats, discussing a game that’s about to take place though readily admitting that they have yet to watch a specific team play. Not long before former NFL quarterback


Browns Week 6 Review: Four Thoughts on the Offense

Mike Pettine Cleveland Browns

It’s hard to act like you’ve been there before when the the Pittsburgh Steelers have won 18 of the last 19 matchups. But, with this win over the Steelers, the Cleveland Browns are once again over .500. And with the Oakland Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the upcoming three opponents, the immediate


Steelers think Joe Thomas blocks dirty


Scott Brown of ESPN reported from the Steelers locker room that even after the game Cameron Heyward was none-too-pleased with the “dirty play” of the Browns on Sunday. Defensive end Cameron Heyward didn’t hide his anger in the visiting locker room at FirstEnergy Field, and not just because the Steelers had been embarrassed by one


Week 5 Film Room: The Offense

Ben Tate Cleveland Browns

Kyle Shanahan is Love, Kyle Shanahan is Life. This is what I continue telling people who do not understand how a Brian Hoyer-led offense with Miles Austin and two sub-5-foot-10 receivers can be so successful. The NFL is frequently called a “passing league” by fans and analysts. And, they are not wrong. The pass-to-run ratio


Just how good is the Cleveland Browns offense?

Brian Hoyer Cleveland Browns

For the first time since the days when “Pinball Wizard”, “Proud Mary”, and “Sugar Sugar” were pulsating through the radio waves, the Cleveland Browns have scored 21 or more points in four straight games to start the season. It’s taken forty-five years for the Browns to start a season as hot on offense as that 1969 squad. In that


Phil Taylor undergoes minor surgery, expected to miss time

Phil Taylor Clevelland Browns

Cleveland Browns defensive tackle and amateur film maker Phil Taylor will miss what looks to be at least the next several weeks after undergoing surgery to repair an injured right knee.’s Mary Kay Cabot reports that the procedure was a “minor scope.” #Browns Phil Taylor underwent a minor scope on his knee today, a source


Watch Joe Thomas and Brian Hoyer dance

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns somehow managed to defeat the Titans 29-28. I was concerned even as the Browns found a way to win against Charlie Whitehurst. It’s understandable that in the post-game locker room the Browns didn’t waste too much time worrying. There will be enough time for the team to study up in the film