What if a QB drops to the Browns at pick No. 8?

Goff v Wentz

Wentz or Goff…Goff or Wentz? Let’s at least agree on no Paxton Lynch, shall we?

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Jon Gruden says Carson Wentz is “most NFL-ready QB” in past couple years

Carson Wentz

QB whisperer Jon Gruden referred to North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz as the “most NFL-ready quarterback” in years. The Browns could select him at No. 2.

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Cardale Jones to appear on Jon Gruden’s QB Camp on ESPN

Marvin Fong/Plain Dealer

ESPN will bring back Jon Gruden’s Quarterback Camp this spring, and Ohio State’s Cardale Jones is one of seven QBs to be featured.

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Browns can end all the jokes with a big-name head coach

Sean Payton Cleveland Browns

And no: Doug Marrone is not a “big name.”

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Browns ABC’s: In the Absence of Basic Competence, Week 11

Cleveland Browns Jimmy Haslam

The ever-evolving debate regarding consistency versus rebuilding in Berea.

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Johnny Manziel trains with Jon Gruden ahead of Browns training camp

Scott Sargent/WFNY

Second-year quarterback Johnny Manziel has been on his best behavior this summer, and he recently went for some extra credit by spending some time in Tampa, Florida with former NFL head coach and current ESPN analyst Jon Gruden. Charlie Campbell of WalterFootball.com was first with the report, with the Akron Beacon Journal‘s Nate Ulrich confirming. From Ulrich:

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Johnny Manziel can’t call a play?

hoyer and manziel

Johnny Manziel joined Jon Gruden for ESPN’s Sunday Conversation leading up to the Browns clash with the Redskins on Monday. The interview followed the normal Gruden interview trajectory with the Super Bowl winning coach asking Johnny some generic questions, followed by a Gruden favorite, having Manziel call a play from his new offense. Manziel bashfully,

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Video: Johnny Manziel talks with Jon Gruden on Sunday Conversation

johnny manziel podium

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel sat down to talk with ESPN’s Jon Gruden to discuss Monday’s preseason game against the Redskins and former Kyle Shanahan QB Robert Griffin III. Take a look.

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Joe Banner, the 3-4 versus the 4-3 and agent Jimmy Sexton

Jimmy Sexton Hire My Clients 595

One of the scariest things for Browns fans in the transition from Mike Holmgren to Joe Banner was Banner’s decision to switch defenses. It isn’t that Cleveland Browns fans have that much of a preference, other than they have a preference against switching schemes all the time. You know, continuity and all that? The Browns

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WFNY Debate: Do NFL coaches even matter?


In case it hasn’t been clear yet, the WFNY writers email each other a lot. And I mean a lot. So on top of our two email-based roundtables already this week (post-Kelly rumors and post-Chudzinski hire), we bring you inside the famed Gmail inbox for a look at a Friday debate: This time, we’re talking

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NFL Rumor: Jon Gruden promised ownership of Browns in link with UT

A report out of WREG in Tennessee is circulating which states that former NFL head coach Jon Gruden would receive partial ownership in the Cleveland Browns if he were to take over the vacant coaching job with the Tennessee Volunteers. Glenn Carver of WREG, the CBS affiliate of Memphis, Tennessee, writes that Jimmy Haslam III’s

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Jon Gruden dangles the coaching carrot once again

Retired NFL head coach Jon Gruden is, once again, flirting with the idea of returning to the sidelines. Charlie Campbell, via NFL.com’s Gregg Rosenthal, reports that Gruden has already began the process of finding potential assistant coaches in the event that the “perfect opportunity” opens up. Becoming a bit of an annual event, as the

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WFNY Podcast – 2012-10-10 – Browns, Tribe and Obama on sports talk radio


This week I had a chance to Skype with TD to talk everything that’s going on in Cleveland sports. Here’s a rundown of the topics we discussed… Barack Obama scheduled to do Cleveland sports radio with Baskin and Phelps Pat Shurmur and his media meltdown Where’s Holmgren? TD’s coaching fantasy of having three coaches with

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Francona, Scott, and Gruden? Could You Imagine?

Terry Francona

Think back to 2008. It was a year removed from one of, if not the best year in the history of Cleveland sports. The Browns were coming off a 10-win season. The Indians had just won the AL Central and finished a game away from the World Series. The Cavaliers still had LeBron James and

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Violent Hits Are Pretty Much Banned by NFL Rules

Last night watching Monday Night Football there were a lot of questions after a violent hit by Isa Abdul-Quddus on Hakeem Nicks was flagged for a 15-yard penalty.  Some people think that it shouldn’t have been a penalty.  Most notable among those people is Jon Gruden who claimed pretty flatly that he didn’t think it

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Terrelle Pryor Comes Off Fine on ESPN

I watched Terrelle Pryor go one-on-one with Jon Gruden last night on ESPN.  I didn’t even really plan on watching it, but then I saw it was coming on and decided to watch.  There were a lot of details of Terrelle Pryor’s end at Ohio State that were left out, but honestly, what’s the point

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The Elusive Art of the Nickname

Nicknames are a funny thing.  Well, not all of them, I guess.  Some are just downright dumb.  I was just thinking a lot about nicknames as I woke up today.  It is random, but I arrived at the feeling that nicknames are somewhat inexplicable.  Some of them make sense. Some of them don’t.  Some are

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The Trip to Destination Shurmur

As Browns fans, we are certainly a reactionary bunch, aren’t we?  No sooner was Pat Shurmur hired that segments of the population were suspicious, irate, enraged, confused, or inconsolable.   I guess I should get used to it, but I remain surprised every time the Browns do anything at the wide-ranging emotions that are unnecessarily

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Petrak: Browns Coaching Search to “Gain Momentum”

As potential coaching candidates come in and out of Berea, Browns fans are left wondering where exactly the search stands.  Cleveland’s front office has remained very tight-lipped throughout the first 10 days of the option exploration, confirming only the names and days of candidate interviews.  But as The Chronicle-Telegram’s Scott Petrak states, this could all

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Finding Truth in Mangini’s Firing

Now that the initial dust has settled and we have heard from Mike Holmgren about the latest coach to hit the turnstiles in Berea, it is time to get down into some details.   I keep reading and hearing the same things over and over again, and I want to at least do my best to

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