August 18, 2014

Much Ado About Duncan

Earlier this week, two of my favorite Tribe Scribes—Jordan Bastian of and Paul Cousineau of the The Diatribe—weighed in on the left field situation in general, and one David Shelley Duncan in particular.  It seemed, to my chagrin, they were disagreeing on Dunkers’ value as an everyday player and his viability as the team’s regular left fielder for the 2012 season.

At the risk of boiling down their respective arguments beyond recognition, the twitterversation went something like this*:

Jordan: Shelley Duncan has now hit two HR with six RBI in three spring training games.  “Just give the guy the dang [left field] job.”

Paul: Duncan had a good September 2011 against mediocre, 40-man roster talent, and two good Spring Training games.  On the other side of the ledger is a five-year career with sub-standard production.  One of these carries more weight than the other… [Read more...]

A Welcome of Sorts Leading to Two Roster Thoughts

I figure it’s past time that I officially come to terms with the fact that Anthony Castrovince is no longer the Indians beat writer for  If you haven’t heard, Castrovince is now writing featured articles for the site and his replacement, Jordan Bastian, has taken over the beat.  Jordan seems smart and capable, so I’m sure we’ll be in good hands going forward, but I will certainly miss AC and the energy, wit, and dedication he brought to his coverage.  As I’m sure Jordan knows, AC left behind some big shoes.

Anway, while reading the inaugural edition of Jordan’s “Indians Inbox” column, I was struck by the very first question and response:

Hey Jordan! [Blah blah blah, flattery, answer my question!] P.S. Are the Indians interested in signing Manny Ramirez?

–James K., Washington, D.C. [Read more...]