August 26, 2014

Braylon Edwards Staying Put?

braylon edwardsCall it anticlimactic, or call it all a ruse.  Either way, I would officially be surprised if Braylon Edwards is traded between now and the beginning of the 2009 football season. 

First we had all of this talk with the Giants.  Eli Manning and Justin Tuck were lobbying for their team to acquire the perceived malcontent, but both teams would not budge from their bid-ask spread. 

However, the Giants landed a top-tier wide receiver in the most recent draft.  And then running back Brandon Jacobs went on record to say that he didn’t want Edwards playing for his team.  On ESPN 1050, Jacobs proclaimed that while Edwards can be “great,” he felt that Braylon would do nothing for team chemistry.  “We don’t need to add a new veteran to the group,” said Jacobs.

Then we had Tony Grossi’s “you heard it here first” remark about a trade to the Jets for Thomas Jones and (hopefully) some additional draft selections.  While most fans gave this a once-over and said “no thanks,” Lane Adkins’ latest claims that the team has not only not discussed Edwards with the Jets, but that the Jets have  also not put Thomas Jones on the trading block. 

So where does this leave us?  [Read more...]

NFL Trade Rumors: Hey, Look. New York Wants Braylon Edwards

braylon-trade-watch1Late last week, Giants quarterback Eli Manning took a pro-Braylon Edwards stance as his team looks to fill the role vacated by the recently-released Plaxico Burress.  And with the NFL draft four days away, one of his teammates is jumping aboard the “who’s going to catch the ball” bandwagon.  Enter defensive lineman Justin Tuck:

“He can lock down one side of the field when he’s playing his best football,” said [Justin] Tuck. “He has the same kind of factor that Plaxico (Burress) has, a big strong receiver who can down the field in a hurry and stretch a defense, which has the ability to open up our running game.”

Tuck claims that he actually spoke with Edwards three weeks ago but did not discuss a potential trade.  Right.  The Giants lineman also claimed that he and Edwards go “way back” to their days where Notre Dame played Michigan, which makes sense.  At least until I read this: [Read more...]