New look, ‘new ballgame’ for Akron Aeros and Canal Park

Akron aeros opening day

Everyone knows the clichés about first impressions. They last a lifetime, the first few seconds define a relationship, etc. But has anyone heard about using bubbles to make a second first impression? Bubbles were the item of choice for the new-look, “new ballgame” Akron Aeros on their Opening Day game on Thursday night. The glitz


Like Jimmy Haslam III in Cleveland, Ken Babby is a Sign of Hope for Akron Aeros Fans

Ken Babby

Disclaimer: I worked for the Akron Aeros in various media capacities from 2008-2010. I maintained many close relationships with my former colleagues. This November, two candidates are hoping for your votes in the polls as they strive to change the American political scene. More likely, however, Ohioans and especially Northeast Ohio sports fans have been


Ken Babby Emerging as Likely New Owner for Akron Aeros

In a rumor that’s been over a year in the making, Stephanie Storm of the Akron Beacon Journal had the latest on Saturday about a likely pending ownership change for the Double-A Aeros: Either Ken Babby happens to be the biggest Aeros fan known to minor-league baseball or he’s the new owner in waiting. What