The 10 Percent: Byrd flying in OF, House optioned, Brantley healthy(-ish), and other Indians notes

Michael Brantley Cleveland Indians

As we’ve established, only about 10 percent of what happens in Spring Training baseball actually means anything. And, no one knows which 10 percent is the portion that actually matters1 . Here is our latest attempt to figure it out based on the latest happenings of the Cleveland Indians in Goodyear Arizona. What does Marlon

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On sluggers, arbitrary milestones, and Carlos Santana

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

When the Cleveland Indians were at their peak from 1995-2001, they had the biggest, baddest offense in the league. It was a glorious time to love the sport of baseball in Northeast Ohio. During that seven-year stretch — the height of MLB’s steroid era — the Tribe ranked top-two in baseball in total runs, doubles, home runs,

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Video: Kenny Lofton “runs” the bases as Carlos Baerga

Lofton Baerga

This past weekend saw the reunion and celebration of the 1995 Cleveland Indians, who famously won 100 games in a strike-shortened season before falling to the Atlanta Braves of Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz in the World Series. Part of the weekend festivities included a sort of panel program before a live audience moderated by

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Who will be the pleasant surprise for the Tribe in 2015? (Don’t bother guessing)

Cleveland Indians Michael Bourn - Rob Tringali - Getty Images

The 2015 Major League Baseball season has officially begun with the Cleveland Indians playing a series in Houston and, at some point during the 162-game season, someone will emerge who will play an unexpectedly significant role in the team’s success. It happens virtually every year in every sport. But baseball’s long and winding road offers more opportunities

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“Glory Days in Tribe Town” – A Discussion With Author Terry Pluto

AP Photo

Question: Among all of the beloved Cleveland Indians of the 1990s, what in particular do the following players have in common: Omar Vizquel, Manny Ramirez, and Sandy Alomar? Pause and consider if you like, but don’t worry. What follows is a clue, and then the answer. The clue is this: What Omar, Manny, and Sandy

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The Tribe overcame a 12-run deficit 13 years ago today


Every Indians fan in the world claims they were there. Well before I was a blogger, I was watching this game (wait for it) in my parents’ basement. It’s incredible to watch still to this day. Omar Vizquel and Kenny Lofton are your heroes. Lofton had four hits and three runs in the game as

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Tribe “Deep Tracks” Trivia, Vol. 1: Reliving Yesteryear

You’ve been studying the franchise your whole life. You structure your schedule around their daily rhythms, nine months out of every year. Typical Cleveland Indians trivia questions? They add little to the catalog of knowledge you have cultivated. The top highlights of the team’s past are fine for the national media to discover every couple

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“So this David Justice is Albert Belle’s Replacement?” Reliving Yesteryear

David Justice

After forty seasons, all of Cleveland was awash in the excitement of playoff baseball. John Hart had completed what Hank Peters had begun. In the late 1980s, working under the anonymity of yet another Indians rebuild, Peters began collecting the building blocks of a true big league powerhouse. He and Hart famously identified a pool

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Alex Cole: Tribe’s Real Life Willie Mays Hayes? Reliving Yesteryear

Commonly, major league baseball teams come up with some reasons for their fans to believe—some points of interest which they hope will cause the fan base to buy tickets, however contrived they may seem. The Cleveland Indians have boasted various mantras over the years – official or otherwise. The current #TribeTown qualifies. For some reason, I

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Nick Swisher and Kenny Lofton are both right in MLB playoff debate

The good news is that the Cleveland Indians are coming off a season in which they made the playoffs! The bad news is that one of the most popular Indians of the past 20 years not only looked to invalidate that in the press this off-season, but might have alienated himself from these new Cleveland

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The Top Five Outfield/DH Units of the Past 20 Years

In the third of our series, we look at the best outfield/DH groupings of the past 20 years. The Jacobs/Progressive Field era has seen so many powerful bats, but easily the top of the heap came from this group. From Albert Belle to Travis Hafner, we have been blessed to see some incredible performances. But

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Scott Raab – Browns lose, Mike Brown gets tossed, Indians idle – WFNY Podcast – 2013-12-16

WFNY Podcast Logo

Scott and I had another good chat this week running down all the Cleveland sports stories worth talking about. As usual, here’s the email I sent to Scott on Sunday night… ——————— Hope you had a nice weekend. Some thoughts this fine Sunday evening… The Browns should know conclusively that Jason Campbell is a nice

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Video: One of Kenny Lofton’s greatest games

I was reading on Twitter this morning that it is Kenny Lofton’s birthday. That led me to go to YouTube to see if I could find the highlights for one particular game. I found it. Kenny had four hits, five steals and hit the walk-off homer to win the game in extra innings against the

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Building Cleveland’s Eleven


The great heist. You’ve seen the movies. An all-star cast gets together to pull off one big job. Along the way there are hi-jinx and laughs. Plot twists force our gang to change plans or everyone gets caught. It’s a great concept. So I was thinking what if we made a team with Cleveland athletes?

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“Crushed” Kenny Lofton speaks out against steroids, Hall of Fame voting

With me being off the ballot, what I accomplished during the steroid era meant nothing. You look at the people who voted for the Hall of Fame. I think there might have been 600. They still voted for people who were cheating the game. It boggles my mind that the people you know cheated, who admitted

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While We’re Waiting… More Lombardi Talk, Kenny and Hoops, and Greg Oden


While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at Leading off, Chris Pokorny at Dawgs By Nature gives his take on Mike Lombardi joining the Browns, “Banner clearly liked working with Lombardi during

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MLB News: No players elected to HOF; Kenny Lofton and Sandy Alomar off ballot

If you were reading and paying much attention to the buzz surrounding this year’s HOF voting, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the BBWAA didn’t elect anyone to the hall this year. Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa and those associated with the steroid era were denied. The closet was

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MLB News: Lofton, Alomar Jr, Mesa and Franco make 2013 HOF ballot

In what is another sign of the Indians’ heyday of the mid-90s being a distant memory, several members of the teams to make it to the 1995 and 1997 World Series have been named to the latest release of the MLB Hall of Fame ballot. Kenny Lofton, Sandy Alomar Jr., Julio Franco and Jose Mesa

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Kenny Lofton on Chris Perez- “He doesn’t know anything about Cleveland”

Everyone has a take on the comments made by Indians closer Chris Perez over the weekend. Everyone including former Indian Kenny Lofton, who expressed his opinion via twitter. When responding to questions by fans what he thought of Perez’s comments, Lofton had this to say– “crazy …he doesn’t know anything about Cleveland” “Just win and

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A Little Perspective on Carlos Santana

I can still remember the feeling in my gut last year when the Tribe was playing the dastardly Boston Red Sox and Carlos Santana did (what we thought at the time was) a Joe Theisman impression.  It was soul crushing because the Indians hadn’t even been all that interesting up until the point that Santana

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