Every second contract signed by Browns draft picks since 1999

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Successful NFL franchises are built upon the cyclical nature of the athletes on their team. The team drafts new players to be taken under the wing of veteran players in their prime, and the front office supplements the roster with useful but inexpensive players for depth. The prime veteran players are allowed to leave before

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Best skills of the 2015 NFL Draft: Defensive backs

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The 2015 NFL Draft is two weeks away with excitement building every day. Over the course of the last month or so, I have released my top five players at each position and also my top 20 prospects on my big board. So now I set my eyes on individual skills in the draft. Each

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WFNY’s 2015 NFL Draft Coverage: Joe Gilbert’s Top Five Cornerbacks

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The 2015 NFL Draft is creeping closer and closer with the first round starting on April 30th. I started my top five draft prospects by position with the safety group. I now turn to the ever-important corner position. Here were my top five cornerbacks in last year’s draft. In the pass happy NFL, cornerbacks are

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On Brandon Weeden’s rookie season, and other Browns rookie records

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Over the past two weeks (part 1 and part 2), my good friend and colleague Rick has posted updates on some historic NFL records being accomplished by the current trio of rookies on the Browns offense: QB Brandon Weeden, RB Trent Richardson and WR Josh Gordon. In his initial post, I helped to provide some

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The Best Browns Since 1999 – Wide Receivers

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Kevin Johnson won this one, but it was close with Braylon Edwards.  We all know that Edwards is a polarizing figure among Browns fans.  He never lived up to the spot he was drafted by most accounts.  His drops have become a favorite punchline.  Still, there’s no doubting Edwards ability and some of the numbers

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Browns and Bengals Hope for Better Results From Young QBs

Andy Dalton is having a very solid rookie campaign for the Cincinnati Bengals.  It is hard to tell whether Dalton is helping break out his receivers like A.J. Green and Jerome Simpson, or vice versa.  I tend to think it is probably the latter, but it matters little.  The Bengals are using young players and

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The Browns Will Win If…

I thought about changing the title of this column to something snarky like “The Browns Can’t Win Because…”, but that would be a great disservice to you, our faithful readers. You’ve come to expect professionalism, and professionalism you shall get! The Browns’ season is over relative to the playoffs, and even more than that there

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