Kevin Love, J.R. Smith into top-24 in Cavs threes: WFNY Stats & Info

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The Cavs’ assault on the record books continues.

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Gimme All Your Love-in: Magic-Cavs, Behind the Box Score

Cleveland Cavaliers Behind the Box Score.

Orlando Magic (6-8) 103 Cleveland Cavaliers (11-3) 117 Box Score Some of the most well-read basketball scholars of our generation (read: a random Reddit user) maintain that before Kevin Love was a professional basketball player and Kevin’s father Stan Love played in the NBA and Kevin’s uncle Mike Love co-founded the Beach Boys, Kevin Love’s

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Thursday Night Fever: Bucks-Cavs, Behind the Box Score


Milwaukee Bucks (5-7) 100 Cleveland Cavaliers (9-3) 115 Box Score The Cleveland Cavaliers hosted the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday seeking retribution for Saturday’s double-overtime loss that ended their eight-game winning streak. It was Hardwood Classics night at Quicken Loans Arena, which is apparently an excuse to celebrate the Miracle of Richfield and turn the arena

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Double the OT, Double the Pain: Cavs-Bucks, Behind the Box Score

Cleveland Cavaliers Behind the Box Score.

Cleveland Cavaliers (8-2) 105 Milwaukee Bucks (5-5) 108 (Double OT) Box Score Well, it had to end at some point. The Cleveland Cavaliers probably weren’t going to go 81-1. After losing the season opener, the Cavs went on a nice eight-game winning streak to fill Cleveland with some good, warm, fuzzy feelings about this season’s

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Kevin Love credits LeBron James for his huge second half (Video)

Kevin Love LeBron James Video

If you’re a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers who followed Sunday’s game on Twitter, you would’ve found yourself in the midst of one of the more humbling exercises of the season when Kevin Love turned every doubter into a disciple with his insane second-half performance in the win over Indiana. Love started the contest shooting

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Lazy Sunday: Pacers-Cavaliers, Behind the Box Score

Indiana Pacers (3-4) 97 Cleveland Cavaliers (6-1) 101 Box Score Great news, everyone! The Browns didn’t lose this Sunday! What a relief. This means that there was also a 3.4-4 hour sadness void in everyone’s Sunday that I hope everyone put to good use. It was a pleasant-looking autumnal day in Cleveland, Ohio, perfect for

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Fall back, then spring forward: Cavs-Sixers, Behind the Box Score

Michael Perez/AP Photo

Once the Cavs got acclimated to the time change, they had their way with the 76ers in Philadelphia. LeBron James became the youngest player in NBA history to score 25,000 points in the 107-100 victory.

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LeBron James, as Prince, hosts Cavs teammates for Halloween Party (Pics & Video)

LeBron Halloween

The rare occasion when King James chooses to go by “Prince”

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Watch Kevin Love do it all in Cavs home opener win over Heat

Sept. 28, 2015. Second media day. Note the hair.

Kevin Love did it all in the Cavs’ home opening win over the Miami Heat.

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Cleveland Chainsaw Massacre: Miami Heat at Cleveland Cavaliers, Behind the Box Score

Cleveland Cavaliers Behind the Box Score.

Miami Heat (1-1) – 92 Cleveland Cavaliers (2-1) – 102 Box Score Halloween is a time scares — of ghouls, ghosts, bogeyman, the undead, the demonic, the possessed, the menacing, evil, terrors, corporate sponsorship by the Mars candy company, witches, warlocks, magic potions, evil spells, monsters, and the deranged wielding rusty cutting utensils. It’s in

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Whoop that Grizz: The Cavs have beaten Memphis handily three times in a row

AP Photo/Brandon Dill

Grit? Grind? Pfft.

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How to enjoy this long Cleveland Cavaliers regular season

Cleveland Cavaliers Kevin Love LeBron James Kyrie Irving

The world wants to get in the way of your enjoyment of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Don’t let it!

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LeBron James is the fourth best franchise player in 538’s rankings

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

LeBron James is merely the fourth-best franchise player according to 538’s projections.

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Everyone’s a winner in the Tristan Thompson negotiation


Tristan Thompson’s contract negotiations weren’t always pretty, but everybody won in the end.

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Tristan Thompson has been “staying ready” during negotiations (Video)

Tristan Thompson Practice Video

Kid wasn’t just eating Tim Hortons all summer—though that does sound delicious.

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Kevin Love’s evolution with the Cavaliers, in photos

Sept. 26, 2014. First media day.

Dude, what’s with the hair?

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Cavs ink Tristan Thompson to five-year, $82 million contract

Tristan Thompson Cleveland Cavaliers


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Cavs slotted No. 4 in Grantland’s “League Pass” rankings

Ron Schwane/AP Photo

The Cavs are apparently less watchable this season than last.

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Video: Players’ Tribune documents Kevin Love’s road to recovery

Kevin Love Players Tribune

Train high, live low.

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Cavs beat Mavs 103-97, claim first and only preseason win

Joshua Gunter/NEOMG

The Cavs get their first win in 132 days behind some hot shooting and yeoman’s work from Jack Cooley.

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