Kobe Bryant’s retirement and Cyber Monday deals: While We’re Waiting…

Kobe Bryant Cavs Retires

A look at Kobe Bryant from a Clevelander’s perspective as he announces his retirement at the end of the 2015-16 season.

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Bill Simmons admits to his irrational and completely inaccurate beliefs regarding Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James San Antonio Spurs

When we last left Grantland’s Editor in Chief Bill Simmons, he was driving the Kyrie Irving Irrational Hate bus, attempting to pick up guests who would believe his biased and otherwise incredulous beliefs surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers point guard. Something about a scoring mentality. Something about not making teammates better. Something about his contract extension.

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Celebrating humanity in sport, and gearing up for Tribe season: While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Sports

Happy it’s-how-freaking-cold-outside-again-day, Blawg Pound. If you are fortunate enough to have a car, I hope that you are also fortunate enough to have a garage. I wrote a week ago that this winter hadn’t been that bad. I retract that sentiment, and extend a solemn, respectful middle finger to Mother Nature. I would like to spend this

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Despite Cavaliers Losing Streak, Ticket Prices Still High For Trip To LA

Cleveland Cavaliers Los Angeles Lakers LeBron Kobe

Cavalier fans hoped the return of LeBron James would spark the team and reverse the team’s recent losing ways. James played almost 37 minutes in his return on Tuesday night and scored 33 points, but Cleveland could not top the Phoenix Suns. The 107-100 loss was Cleveland’s sixth in a row and dropped the Cavaliers below .500

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Lets keep talking about fans: While We’re Waiting…


Happy Tuesday WFNY! Every year we celebrate Christmas with my mom’s side of the family on the Sunday before Christmas. So pretty much every year, rather than drive up there on that Sunday, then drive back to Columbus for a couple days of work, only to turn around and go back to my parents’ place

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LeBron James is rightfully jealous of Miguel Cabrera’s new contract


Really, who isn’t jealous of Miguel Cabrera’s new contract? His existing deal plus the eight-year extension will pay him close to $300 million in total. Last week, when asked about it by Brian Windhorst, LeBron James said he was jealous of that money, before saying he wishes the NBA “didn’t have a salary cap.” “He’s

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Cavs Kicks by Crown Royal: Melo, KD, Harden and a chance to win a $100 gift card


Our great friends at Crown Royal have decided that the Reign On Spotlight which ran every Sunday during the 2013 NFL season could use a counterpart on the hardwood. Thus, over the course of the second half of the NBA season, we, as a part of Crown Royal’s Center Court program, will be featuring another spotlight of

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CJ Miles joins Kobe, McGrady and Deron in the history books


Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard CJ Miles set a franchise record on Tuesday night after he hit 10 three-pointers on his way to a game-high 34 points in the blowout win over the Philadelphia 76ers. With his illustrious evening, Miles joins some pretty exclusive company. The only other players in NBA history who made eight threes

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NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers will be “vying” for Dwight Howard

cavs logo 70s

The Cleveland Cavaliers were a buried mention as a potential suitor for Dwight Howard in free agency in an ESPNLosAngeles report yesterday. Cleveland was tossed in after meticulously exploring the merits of Houston and Dallas, so it’s reasonable to assume that the Cavs are going to be tossed into every discussion due the the extraordinary

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Lakers and Jazz both win, but Bryant could have torn Achilles

The Cavaliers would benefit greatly if the Lakers made the playoffs. The Cavs have the right to swap the Heat’s first round pick Cleveland owns this year for LA’s first rounder if they make the playoffs. If the Lakers fail to make the post season, that pick goes to Phoenix. The difference is around 15

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The Diff: Kyrie Irving’s potential

Today marks the start of a new era: The Diff, where I’ll write lots and lots about sports stats. Kudos to friend and fantasy football semifinalist Marc Sugerman for coming up with the article name, a shoutout to the Q’s scoreboard. And thanks as always to Mike Brenkus for the design. For my first-ever edition

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Topping L.A. was nice, but Kyrie’s “true test” is in Indiana

Kyrie Irving Lakers

Kyrie Irving was ready. The self-proclaimed Cavaliers’ biggest cheerleader was ready to put down his pom poms and swap his suit for a wine and gold jersey. He knew that all of his begging and pleas would fall on the deaf ears of team physicians, keeping a long term, investment-like frame of mind when it

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Cleveland Cavs Notes: Kyrie Irving’s Injury, Luis Scola, Andrew Bynum, Start of Summer League


What a hectic week to be a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers. It seems that almost every single day brings along a new news cycle, and this week has brought along its fair share of hectic news. From the Kris Humphries-Brooklyn Nets rumors to the possible Luis Scola waiver claim, to the more recent Andrew

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Kyrie Irving and Kobe Bryant to go 1-on-1 for Charity

With Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving turning heads— and ankles — in Las Vegas, the reigning Rookie of the Year has become the subject of a challenge from Los Angeles Lakers’ shooting guard Kobe Bryant. Bryant, apparently impressed with Irving’s skills and willingness to talk trash, has issued a challenge to the point guard wherein

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While We’re Waiting… More Tannehill suggestions, tanking at another level and no off season for Pinkston


While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at tips@waitingfornextyear.com. Now this is just getting ridiculous- “With three teams possibly clamoring for Tannehill, the team that holds the third pick in the draft may

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NBA Report: Lakers struggling with Mike Brown’s “micromanaging tendencies”

I think Mike Brown is a great guy, but I always questioned the wisdom of keeping Mike Brown for as long as the Cavaliers did. I thought he was a really good defensive specialist, but in terms of managing rotations and enabling the offense to obtain maximum efficiency, I always had serious doubts. Now this

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Cavs fall to Lakers, 97-92

What a difference a year makes, eh? I’m not one for moral victories and at the end of the season, a 5 point loss counts the same as a 55 point loss, but it was nice to watch this young Cavs squad compete for the full 48 minutes against Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles

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Mike Brown Will Hopefully Apply Lessons Learned

Not that anyone really cares, but I first must say that I am happy for Mike Brown.  By all accounts, Brown is one of the true gentlemen in the game of professional basketball.  Now that he will be the Lakers’ head coach, he has landed the premier coaching position in the game this side of

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Kobe on Byron Scott: “This is Killing Him”

Kobe Bryant is a five-time NBA champion who described himself as “pissed” with regard to how the 2010-11 version of his team has played as of late.  But even a recent skid won’t stop one of the game’s best players from discussing his feelings for Cavalier coach Byron Scott, whose skid is considerably worse than

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While We’re Waiting… Byron Scott, Browns Roster Moves and Carlos Santana’s Start

While We’re Waiting is WFNY’s way of saying “Hey, we’re not really awake and ready for the day yet, but here are some quality Cleveland sports links anyway.” Enjoyed an article or post recently? Send it over via our staff e-mail: tips@waitingfornextyear.com. I’ve heard from solid sources that Byron Scott is holding out for the

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