August 26, 2014

A look at the Buckeye’s season before the Rose Bowl


Going into September, Rock and I detailed our thoughts about the upcoming Buckeyes football season. We both agreed that it was a year that was supposed to be one of dampened expectations and would be a ‘rebuilding year’. Given the youth of the offense and the losses on the defensive side of the ball, I forecast a 2 loss season (though I saw the losses coming in Happy Valley and to SC or a bowl game, not to Purdue and SC) and likely a share of the Big Ten title. So what has happened this year that got the Buckeyes the outright B11 title? [Read more...]

Ohio State vs. Indiana Preview/Open Thread


The Buckeyes play in Bloomington tonight at 7PM (on the Big Ten Network), facing Bill Lynch’s Hoosier squad.  The Hoosiers are coming off a tough, tough loss at Michigan last week that ended in controversial (though correct, it turns out) fashion.  There has been a lot of talk of a much improved Indiana team based on their performance last week at Michigan, but it seems that Michigan is in fact not as good as believed based on their struggles with Sparticus today (note – I wrote this at 3 just after UM forced overtime).  Also, this makes Indiana even more of an enigma. [Read more...]

Brandon Saine to Get Starting Nod

Youngstown St Ohio St FootballAs if being the most effective runner thus far into the 2009 season was not enough of a resume builder, junior running back Brandon Saine appears locked in the starting spot for this Saturday’s game against the Hoosiers of Indiana.  Typical starter Daniel “Boom” Herron – who’s name apparently stemmed from Daniel Boone – is battling an ankle injury leaving Saine with the bulk of the responsibilities on the ground.

Through his 32 carries, Saine is averaging just under six yards a pop.  He has also hauled in seven passes, averaging 12 yards per reception.  Saine is more of the speed back that compliments that of Herron’s between-the-tackle game, but has appeared to have more success when Ohio State spreads out the offense as they did against the Illinois Fighting Illini. 

Freshman back, and close friend of Terrelle Pryor, Jordan Hall will likely receive some carries as well.  Recall his play against Toledo two weeks ago left a lot of Buckeyes fans looking for a little bit more in terms of opportunity for the Jeannette native.  Also note that the Buckeyes will be without defensive back Kurt Coleman as well, so the Scarlet and Gray will be looking for a few players to step up in their absence. 

(AP Photo/Jay LaPrete)

Kurt Coleman Suspension Revisited

With all due respect to Denny, who brought to light the suspension of Ohio State safety Kurt Coleman and Jim Tressel’s reaction to it, I can’t say that I agree with the majority of Buckeye nation. As I said Saturday night in the comments here, Coleman led with his helmet against a defenseless player on the ground. It was a cheap shot and he deserves punishment for it. I replayed the hit several times after it happened and came to that conclusion. After Ohio State’s reaction and statement I went back to see it again, wondering if I had missed something.


The more I watch the play (thanks to Luke at 11 Warriors) the more I can’t believe the outrage over the suspension.  [Read more...]

Are we beginning to see Evil Tressel -

evil-tresselAfter the loss to Southern Cal, Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel went on record talking about fans who were wailing and grinding of teeth – in his words:

So, you know, honestly, the thing when I read some of them is I feel terrible for them because there’s no way they’re happy. They’ve got to be some of the most unhappy people in the world, and I feel bad because we just made them less happy, and I hate to be a part of making someone less happy. I mean, they’re already miserable and to make them less happy, I’d feel bad.

This got a lot of people up in arms, mainly sissies who like to complain but don’t like when the tables are turned on them.  Personally, I thought the main shock in the quote was the fact that we never see anything like that from the Vest.  On its own, no big thing.

Since the SC game the Bucks have been rolling something fierce (no, not a drug reference, kids), pitching shutouts against Toledo’s high scoring offense and Illinois‘ vaunted Zooker athletes extraordinaire.  Late in the game against Illinois, senior captain safety Kurt Coleman had a late hit against an Illinois player.  The hit itself was late, helmet-to-helmet, and falls pretty clearly within the B11′s policy of hitting a “defenseless player above the shoulders.” [Read more...]

OSU Football – A Season On The Brink Of…

Ohio State Buckeyes

As the OSU alumni here, Rock and Denny thought it might be good to take a look at this upcoming football season placed in the context of the program itself.  There’s no denying the fact that right now the Buckeyes are doing quite well.  The fact remains, however, that things have seemingly gone south (from playing against the SEC, LOL!) for them in the past few years.  We do our best to address the upcoming season as we see it.

Going in to the National Championship game in 2005, OSU Football was on top of the world. OSU fans were sure they were going to win that game, Jim Tressel was perceived to be an unbeatable big game coach, etc. Now, the Buckeyes are seen as a national embarrassment, they’re the butt of jokes on national talk shows and message boards everywhere….and yet they’ve won at least 10 games in 4 straight years, have won a share of 4 straight Big Ten titles, played in 2 National Championship games in that time, and only twice in his 8 years has Tressel failed to win 10 games. Not to mention the staggering 7-1 record vs Michigan. This should be the golden era of Ohio State Football, but in many ways, it’s not.

So where are the Buckeyes as a program right now? The swagger is gone, but the potential is still there. With all of this in mind, Denny and myself decided to take a look at some of the pressing questions that are lying under the surface as Ohio State prepares for this season.    [Read more...]

Flip side of the coin – where have the Buckeyes improved?

Buckeyes Thumbs Up
Yesterday I ran through the positions on Ohio State’s roster that I feel are weaker than they were a year ago.  Then I promised to talk about the positions that are better.  Because I don’t like to break promises (and because I got bored last night), here’s the list of positions I think the Buckeyes are better off at now than they were a year ago.  I’m sure that some of you used your grey matter to figure out by P.O.E. which of the positions must be ‘upgrades’.  For the rest of you, here’s my list.  Lemme Lemme Lemme Upgraaaadjaaa

I think it’s most obvious that the Buckeyes are better off at QB this year than they were last year.  Though last year’s team had a senior quarterback and a talented freshman QB on the roster, we saw how the QB position played out after week three.  This team now has no semblance of a quarterback controversy.  Terrelle Pryor has had a full offseason at the helm of this team.  Without a doubt the stability at QB alone is enough to say that this year’s situation is an upgrade. [Read more...]