August 17, 2014

Trying To Move On After Cavaliers Get Smashed By Heat Again

The game itself was a complete let-down. It was boring, there was no real effort coming from the Cleveland side, and as soon as it started it was over. After Dwyane Wade made a free throw six minutes in, the Heat led 21-2. It ended 111-87, with the Cavaliers down 24, and the loudest cheers of the night from the home crowd came following each time the Cavs battled back to momentarily cut “the diff” to under twenty.  Super exciting stuff.

Kyrie Irving and the Cavs get smashed by Heat

I’m not sure there’s too much deeper meaning to found in this Cavaliers loss either. Other than the fact that they had no real chance at all to compete heading in without Anderson Varejao I guess. Maybe they collectively knew that too I suppose, and maybe that had something to do with them not actually competing also. Who knows, who cares. Even if they did play a collectively perfect game last night, they probably would’ve lost anyways. So on to the next one.

But before I can get to that next game on Sunday at home against the Sacramento Kings, there’s a few things I have to first admit. Or mention, or just tell you here because I felt like I needed to tell somebody. I found myself reading Woj’s article last night as the Heat lead ballooned to twenty and then thirty points multiple times. I actually read every word in the report three times to be honestly specific.  I’m not sure if that’s a weird thing to do, it probably is, but I did it.

The reason was because the whole thing completely just blew my mind. Not just Woj’s report, but that report as an exclamation mark after the events that proceeded it. Fox Sports Ohio’s Sam Amico reported this first a month ago. Then LeBron James opens his mouth, backs up every word, and even adds more to the already bizarre narrative. Then Woj comes in does what he did. LeBron denied it, nobody believes him, things got weird. [Read more...]