April 23, 2014

2013-14 Cleveland Cavaliers and the #seasonofhuh – WFNY Podcast – 2014-04-17

WFNY Podcast LogoI got Ben Cox to come on the podcast to discuss the 2014 Cleveland Cavaliers. He dubbed it the season of huh.

From the Cavaliers drafting Anthony Bennett, to hiring Mike Brown, to firing Chris Grant to Matthew Dellevedova being the Cavs’ best rookie this year.

It was one for the ages.

Make sure you go read Ben’s post at WFNY on the topic.

Check out this episode!

Blocking the King and honoring a Chagrin Falls native …While We’re Waiting

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I was in bed a good portion of Tuesday with stomache issues, which is never fun. I did get to watch something that I’ve been wanting to watch for a while but never pulled the trigger on it. It isn’t sports related, but it is Cleveland related. I watched the documentary Dear Mr. Watterson, which is about Chagrin Falls native Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes, my favorite comic.

If you are a fan of boy and his tiger, I recommend watching it. The documentary is an hour and a half long and very well done. Many interesting topics covered including his staunch refusal to allow any licensing for Calvin. None. Those stickers of Calvin peeing on various logos on the back of cars? Big surprise, they are not licensed.

Calvin and Hobbes (Custom)Remind you of the Tribe game last night?


Braxton Miller has a habit of missing a few quarters, or games for that matter. He takes a lot of hits because of his carries. This past season Kenny Guiton was the back-up and a really good one. Guiton is gone. The man who is one step away from taking meaningful snaps for the Buckeyes? Cardale Jones. You know, the guy who once questioned why football players had to actually go to class.

If stories are to be believed, Jones has grown up. He credits Guiton for a lot of it, and Meyer.


The RubberDucks home opener is on Thursday night. It’s supposed to be nice from what I’ve seen in the forecast. They have made a ton of changes around Canal Park. I’d recommend stopping by and checking it out. You can see the SS of the future there. Lindor is batting .333, with an OPS of .840. If he keeps hitting, hard to imagine him being in Akron longer than a month and a half or so. Plus, you will get to see the new mascot Webster unveiled.


You will probably be seeing this all over the web today, but it is worth it. Big time block by Mason Plumlee at the rim on LeBron attempting a game winning dunk. Best part? LBJ was sporting the King James jersey. Awesome.


Windhorst: “LeBron and Kyrie have drifted apart”

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving

Brian Windhorst has no shortage of interesting things to say about the Cavaliers. He has so much to say that I had trouble even figuring out just one thing to put here. There’s talk of dinner meetings with Isiah Thomas that has the potential to make Cavs fans hurl. There’s talk about whether it’s worth it to extend Tristan Thompson. Most notably there’s lots and lots of disappointed talk about an “immature” Kyrie Irving. Most notably though, the former Cavs beat writer says that if the Cavs have any designs on LeBron James spending any part of his remaining career in Cleveland that future won’t include Kyrie Irving.

I’m just giving you my feel right now and my feel is that (Kyrie’s) not crazy about [signing the full max extension] unless he gets everything checked off across the board.

And the other thing is: if the Cavs ever dream of having LeBron, it’s not going to be with Kyrie there. LeBron and Kyrie have drifted apart in the last few years, even to the point that if the Cavs wanted to get LeBron they would maybe trade Kyrie for someone who would fit better with LeBron. And I’m not making that up. That line of thinking was not originated by me. That’s just the truth.

And here I think most Cavaliers fans who have ever spent even small moments thinking about the possibility of LeBron returning assumed that it would take a running mate like Kyrie Irving to make the situation more attractive. Granted any dreams of LeBron returning seemed a lot more feasible (even remotely) before the Cavaliers had such a disappointing season this year.

It just gets further and further down a road where it seems like the pain and suffering of Cavaliers over the past few years was all for nothing. Yes, there seems to be some talent on this team, but if that talent doesn’t translate to team success, isn’t it just wasted talent?

Even worse than wasted talent is the by-product for Cavs fans. That’s a whole lot of wasted time.

(Photo: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports)

LeBron James is rightfully jealous of Miguel Cabrera’s new contract

Miguel CabreraReally, who isn’t jealous of Miguel Cabrera’s new contract? His existing deal plus the eight-year extension will pay him close to $300 million in total. Last week, when asked about it by Brian Windhorst, LeBron James said he was jealous of that money, before saying he wishes the NBA “didn’t have a salary cap.”

“He’s the best player in baseball, and the best players in each sport should be rewarded,” James said. “It’d be nice to sign a 10-year deal worth $300 million.”

Of course nobody should feel sorry for LeBron James who earns lots and lots of money in his own right between the NBA and endorsements. Still, consider LeBron’s talent level and his stature in his game as one of about 450 or so players in his league.1 Meanwhile Miguel Cabrera is easily one of the best players in his game, but he’s also one of about 1,300 players in his league.2 So, it does seem a little bit strange that Cabrera could be worth double in overall contract value than Kobe Bryant who once signed a deal for seven years and just over $136 million.

I’ve suggested that one of the ways that the NBA can deal with player movement would be to have a franchise tag for one player on each roster. This franchised player wouldn’t be subject to the salary cap at all. So your team could have a roster of players that need to cost under $70 million for example, but then if you have a Kobe, or LeBron, you can pay them true market value. I haven’t worked out all the particulars, but each team can only have one of these guys making that tag scarce and inflating the value of playing in smaller markets for at least that one player who could be designated. It also might do wonders to break up super teams.

Anyway, it makes me wonder what LeBron James’ true market value might be to his sport considering Miguel Cabrera’s worth $300 million in his sport. Everyone said that the Miami Heat “sacrificed” to put their team together down in Miami. Imagine if they really had to sacrifice though. Imagine if LeBron was making $45 million per year as the “franchise” player and Wade and Bosh had to fight for the right to make $20 million each under the cap while also having teammates.

More importantly, would $45 million even be enough for LeBron’s true market value?

(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)



  1. 30 teams times 15 players per team, give or take turnover and the developmental league. []
  2. 32 teams times 40 players is 1280. []

The Tribe’s value, Johnny Football pro day, Doug Stanhope and Manchester Orchestra… While We’re Waiting

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It’s Friday so that mean’s it’s my time with WWW. Just wanted to plug the podcast first before I start though. It was a good week of podcasts, so please make sure you check them out[Read more...]

Cavs vs Heat Behind the Box Score: So close

Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

The Cavaliers came into this game against the Heat without Kyrie Irving, Luol Deng, and CJ Miles (for the most part, anyway…CJ played just 2 minutes). A lackluster performance could have been expected. Instead, the Cavaliers played a great all around game and took the Heat, who were without Dwyane Wade, down to the wire.

The Cavaliers had their chances down the stretch, but a ridiculous no-call on a Dion Waiters drive, combined with LeBron James hitting all six of his free throws, proved too much to overcome. Waiters hurt his hip on the play as he landed squarely on it, which made things even tougher for the Cavs. Yet Jarrett Jack, who had a season high in scoring, hit a couple late threes to keep things interesting, but LeBron just wouldn’t miss any FTs and the Heat came away with the win.

But still, the Cavaliers deserve a lot of credit for the heart they showed in fighting right down to the wire against one of the NBA’s best teams.

Now lets get into the numbers. [Read more...]

This LeBron-to-Cleveland thing just isn’t going away: While We’re Waiting

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Where soap opera and sport collide. If you thought that the LeBron James-Cleveland chatter would dissipate following an awful season marred with losing streaks, injuries and executives losing their jobs, think again. All of the variables that were a part of Saturday evening’s jersey retirement ceremony, when placed into a vacuum, seem to mean very little. But as Jason Lloyd spells out, there is palpable belief in Independence that has James once again wearing wine and gold. There’s so much to take away from this column, including, but not limited to, Rich Paul’s role as the emotional liaison. Recall, on the day that Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson were introduced to the city of Cleveland, it was Paul who was the subject of this very piece.

Forget for a minute that Paul himself told WFNY that he called Gilbert  (and not Chris Grant) on the night of The Decision, but the fact that the team has kept the long-time friend of James and arms length through this entire roller coaster is no accident. That Ilgauskas may not be in Cleveland beyond this season (A source tell WFNY that the Big Man’s heart is no longer in his role; the fatigue from travel and not seeing his family has finally caught up.) may not be as big of an issue as it’s being portrayed. James had a front-row seat for what was an incredible display of admiration and appreciation for a player who meant so very much to the city of Cleveland. Ilgauskas was from Lithuania and adopted Cleveland as home; James is from Akron, Ohio, allowing him to skip all of the mental paperwork. To think that a similar display—the former teammates, coaches and emotional highlight reels—would not be in his future if he chose to return home would be asinine. By all accounts, on Saturday night, James displayed professional and personable character traits that were completely absent during his tenure with the team. Whether a 3-D on-floor video and immense fan fare would be enough to tug on a changed man’s heartstrings…well, we’ll find out this July.


Grady’s new normal. Assuming his legs stay attached, Cleveland fans should gear up for a slew of Grady Sizemore 2.0 pieces hitting their timelines and RSS feeds over the next several weeks. Sizemore, as you may have heard, has caught on with the Boston Red Sox after years of injuries caught up with him. Certainly, many of the stories that will be penned will inflate the smallest of accomplishments. After all, Major League Baseball’s Spring Training is the place where players showing up in shape get rewarded with praise-laced columns. But when it comes to Sizemore, one of the game’s best players as recent as 2008, it’s a story worth the attention. Grady will never be the same. His explosiveness may be dampened. He’s had to re-learn his swing. The Ladies are long gone. But for a game that is littered with stories of deceit, Sizemore making an impact at the MLB level after years of disappointment would be a welcomed change.


Retiring at 26. Cleveland fans will always have a bizarre relationship with Rashard Mendenhall. After watching him drag Buckeye defenders around the field, the Illini product landed with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now after spending time in Arizona, the bruising running back has decided to hang up his cleats—and he isn’t going down quietly. “I decided not to hold a press conference because I didn’t want to have to say things that were cliché. I’ve done enough of that since I’ve been playing football,” said Mendenhall in one of the better athlete-penned columns you’ll ever read. A guy who has an appreciation for dance, art and literature speaks out about the misinterpretation and judgement that surrounds a professional athlete in today’s society. I can tell you that he gained at least one fan over the last 24 hours.


And just because: Andrea Bargnani. Happy Monday, kids.

Conflicted about Kyrie: A look at why Cleveland hasn’t completely embraced their latest superstar


Kyrie Irving is about to speak to the huddled mass of media that surrounds him in the Cavaliers locker room. The Cavs just defeated the Sacramento Kings to earn their only three-game winning streak of the season. For the first time in my short tenure of covering the team with press credentials, the other media members seem to actually be in a jovial state. We’re all waiting on Irving to give us the okay to question him. He has this sort of informal ritual he does before speaking with the media in the locker room. On all the occasions I’ve seen him speak, he has been showered and in the process of getting dressed to go home before accepting questions. The media stands patiently around him. He buttons his shirt, shakes out his shoulders, and rubs his hands across his face. He’s ready to speak though I’m admittedly already not paying attention. I should feel somewhat irresponsible for this, but I don’t. I have plenty of questions I’d love to ask Irving. The problem is there’s almost no chance of him giving me an interesting response. [Read more...]

Video: LeBron James counts Dwyane Wade’s illegal steps

There’s a GIF (pronounced Jiff) going viral right now where Dwyane Wade catches the basketball and takes seven steps without dribbling. It is kind of sad for the NBA, but funny at the same time. Because this is the modern world and the Internet exists, it is starting to take on even more new lives. This is my favorite iteration so far. Watch as LeBron counts Dwyane Wade’s steps in this video.

[Also see: The end of an era - Andrew Bynum traded for Luol Deng]

LRMR set to sign Johnny Manziel

TLRMR_logohough he has yet to officially announce his plans to enter the upcoming NFL Draft, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has reportedly agreed to sign a deal with Maverick Carter and Cleveland’s LRMR. Per ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Manziel has chosen Select Sports Group out of Houston to be his contract agency and LRMR, the firm run by Carter, LeBron James’ childhood friend, will be responsible for his marketing.

In his latest mock draft, ESPN’s Todd McShay projects Manziel to be the fourth overall pick, the pick presently owned by the Cleveland Browns, a team in dire need of a quarterback. Per Rovell, Manziel has reportedly always admired James’ “off-the-court business empire.” Manziel was seen sitting court side with Carter at a recent match-up between the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors. The quarterback famously made headlines for treating himself to court-side seats for an NBA Finals game last season, also featuring James and the Heat.

Last month, Manziel said he befriended James while he was being investigated by the NCAA this summer for signing autographs for memorabilia brokers. The quarterback told “The Dan Patrick Show” that the two athletes would send texts to each other every day during that time.

“Everyone was coming after me, and there was so much criticism,” Manziel said. “I feel like LeBron deals with that every single day of his life.”

If Rovell’s report proves to be true, prepare for several months of discussion surrounding “brand” and locations where Manziel may (or may not) be able to maximize his earnings potential outside of his NFL rookie contract. Safe to assume that Cleveland, an market where the most popular football player does local Chevrolet dealership commercials, would be on not-so-marketing-friendly lists.

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Cavs trade for Deng a win for the present, but a question for the future

Luol Deng

While many of us were sound asleep on Monday night, Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant was still hard at work. Glasses on, Grant was looking to capitalize on the flexibility he gave the team in structuring Andrew Bynum’s contract in a way that not only protected the team, but also served as a valuable trade item should Bynum not work out in Cleveland.

Needless to say, Andrew Bynum didn’t work out. So late Monday night, Grant finally found the trade partner he was looking for in the Chicago Bulls. At 12:54 am, Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert officially welcomed Luol Deng to the team via Twitter.

[Read more...]

Scott Raab on being in the moment and enjoying the Browns vs. Pats – WFNY Podcast – 2013-12-09

WFNY Podcast LogoIt was a nice chat with Scott Raab today. As I expected, he refused to entertain any “loser talk” about referees and bad calls. He’s right of course, but I tried to drag the conversation that way anyway! We also talked about the Indians rotation and whether they’ll sign someone. We talked about the Cavs and their growing chemistry. We also talked about how he doesn’t feel much of anything for the Buckeyes and how my generation does.

As usual, here is the email I sent Scott ahead of the podcast…


I will have to formulate my thoughts about the Browns game over the evening. I hate to spend a lot of time talking about referees, I just don’t think it can be avoided this week. Sometimes when a ref makes a meaningful call at a meaningful point in the game and blows it against the visiting team at the end of a game… It just can’t be avoided.

My only criticism for Chud today is that he didn’t fire on all cylinders in post-game comments about the referees. He’s got these guys still playing and he’s obviously inspiring them. I think he’s done a hell of a job as a rookie head coach and probably for any head coach. Still, I’d have loved him to earn his first NFL fines this week.

We’ve never really talked about the Buckeyes, but whenever the Buckeyes and Browns lose in the same weekend it’s tough. I’d kind of forgotten that the Buckeyes could lose, which is a testament to their last two years of play. Ohio State headed to the Orange Bowl to face Clemson.

This little tidbit from 11Warriors had me thinking…

“The game will be played nearly 35 years to the day from when former Ohio State coach Woody Hayes punched Clemson linebacker Charlie Bauman in the Gator Bowl, leading to Hayes’ dismissal at Ohio State. That game, won by Clemson 17-15, is the only meeting between the two schools.”

I’d be interested in your thoughts on that if you have any to share. That’s before my time, but I obviously was told the story and have seen it referenced numerous times over the years.

Of course we can touch on the Cavs as well. The Indians are basically idle.

That’s what I’ve got so far.

Check out this episode

While We’re Waiting… Thoughts on the state of the Cavs

While We’re Waiting is a space on the WaitingForNextYear website where we share links every day. We’ve been doing it for about four years or so. Denny Mayo used to be much more amusing with his intros, if you recall. You know the drill: Email us with suggestions at tips@waitingfornextyear.com.

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What are the Cavs right now? Who is their core? Looking deep inside their system: “So far this season, despite a near abuse of the words ‘culture’ and ‘process’ in Mike Brown’s renewed jog with the team, the Cavs seem more like a DeMarcus Cousins Kings team than a culture team. Right now, their identity is a cult of personality… and that personality is the Rubix Cube that is Andrew Bynum.” [Robert Attenweiler/Cavs: The Blog] [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting… Cavs fall under the national spotlight

While We’re Waiting is a space on the WaitingForNextYear website where we share links every day. We’ve been doing it for about four years or so. Denny Mayo used to be much more amusing with his intros, if you recall. You know the drill: Email us with suggestions at tips@waitingfornextyear.com.

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Sad state of affairs currently for the Cavs: “The Cavaliers have had more than three years to renovate their house since to make it habitable for a ‘King’ to again occupy. And it still won’t pass any self-respecting appraiser’s inspection. Not after six first-round selections during that span, four in the top-four overall. Not after a coaching change, back to Mike Brown. Not after all the most recent preseason’s hype and hope. Since James left, the Cavaliers are 68-177, including 4-11 this season. This Cavaliers edition doesn’t look any better than the one that went 24-58 last season, or 21-45 the season prior. Worse, their young cornerstones, supposed to rising to the surface by now, are sinking like rocks.” [Ethan Scolnick/Bleacher Report] [Read more...]

Heat vs. Cavs Behind The Boxscore: Progress In The Process

cavs heat beasleyThey say box scores don’t tell the whole story. Behind The Box Score is a new series where from time to time we will attempt to look behind the box score and tell more of the complete story of what happened in the game.

LeBron James has played the Cavaliers eleven times now. Ten times he has walked away from the game the victor. The Cavaliers fought hard for four quarters in this one, far from a given in the past few weeks, and they had a particularly spirited first quarter. However, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade were just too much as the Heat took this one 95-84 at The Q. Here’s a look at some of the takeaways.

34.9% – This was the Cavaliers’ shooting percentage for the game. Take out their first quarter and a 11-for-20 effort, and they shot just 29% for the last 36 minutes of the game. The Cavalier frontcourt trio of Andrew Bynum, Tristan Thompson, and Anderson Varejao combined to shoot a pathetic 6-for-26 from the floor, and Kyrie Irving wasn’t much better with a 6-for-19 effort. Kyrie threw in a couple of spectacular shots, but he missed all five three point looks that he had, and he threw a couple of wild, contested shots up at the rim again too. The Cavaliers also got outscored in the paint 50-26. Too much reliance on jumpshots and not enough finishes underneath the hoop are a continued trend with the Cavaliers. [Read more...]

NBA News: Windhorst says Dan Gilbert is “steaming mad” and other Cavs insights

Brian Windhorst joined Tony Rizzo and Aaron Goldhammer on The Really Big Show today to talk about the Cavs. Among some of the highlights, Windhorst said, “I know Dan Gilbert is steaming mad…” He claimed that the Cavaliers will almost undoubtedly make a trade this season. He pointed to the Sacramento Kings’ top-ten protected pick saying that if the Kings improve marginally from their recent moves, that pick could be in play for the Cavaliers this year.

On Kyrie Irving, Windhorst said that Cavs fans talking about keeping Kyrie Irving long-term might want to consider that Irving needs to prove that he’s a max player. “I’ve gotta see Kyrie start to act like a leader.” When asked if Kyrie was an untouchable player, Windhorst said yes, he still is, but that he is the only untouchable player on the Cavs right now.

There were plenty more highlights talking about how the Cavs need to make an impact maneuver this year in order to attract anyone with their cap space next year, whether that is LeBron or anyone else. Also, good news, but Windhorst said he expects LeBron to put on an absolute show tonight against the Cavaliers considering how he’s been playing lately.

I’m sure the whole interview will be up on The Really Big Show podcenter page at ESPN Cleveland later in the day.

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Z is Up…But Who in Cleveland is Next?

Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Three Points!The news that Zydrunas Ilgauskas will have his number 11 retired by the Cleveland Cavaliers coming up in March has been met mostly with praise for fans in our fair city. Outside of our bubble, others may look up and say “Zydrunas Ilgauskas? Really? Was he really that great of a player?”

Retired numbers have different meanings and a different view depending on the angle you choose to gaze at them from. The San Antonio Spurs have retired the number 12 of Bruce Bowen. Sure, Bowen was a big part of multiple championships, but he was a role player and defensive stalwart. Outside of Texas, I’m sure there are plenty of basketball fans who think that is a real stretch. The Dallas Mavericks have two retired numbers – one of which is the number 15 of Brad Davis, he of the 12 years and 8.2 points per game from the guard position. I look at that and say “are you kidding?” But old time Mavs fans will tell you how much Davis meant to the franchise. [Read more...]

Grantland ranks Cavs NBA’s 8th most watchable team

Grantland released their annual NBA League Pass Rankings this week with the Cavs coming in as the league’s 8th most watchable team. To calculate the rankings Grantland Editor in Chief Bill Simmons and Grantland’s lead NBA staff writer Zach Lowe each awarded teams 1-10 points in the following five categories:

  • Relevancy to the playoff picture
  • Stylistic/Systemic Appeal
  • League Pass Experience
  • Individual Player Appeal
  • Unintentional Comedy/Irrational Affection/Personality Intangibles

Simmons starts the analysis of the Cavs by stating, “The Cavs are living proof that there’s hope even after one of the best 10 players of all time rips your heart out and defecates on it.”

Followed by Lowe ranking the eight “Things That Will Fascinate You The Most About The 2013-14 Cavs On League Pass”.

 “(1) Anything Kyrie-related — Year 3 and crunch time. I gave the Cavs a “10″ in the “star power” category, because when this guy is on, crossing dudes up and canning 25-footers, there really isn’t anything quite like him in the league. (2) Anthony Bennett. Mike Brown hasn’t exactly said flattering stuff in preseason, and the Cavs gambled a bit with this pick.  (3) Tristan Thompson’s hand switch. (4) Andrew Bynum’s hair/play/health/suits/etc. It’s old now, but it’s still entertaining. (5) Dion Waiters heat checks. He becomes an interesting trade chip if the Cavs start poorly, panic, and seek veteran help. He’s explosive and long, with a clear skill set, but he also has very shaky judgment. (6) Mike Brown. He can coach defense! And (7), LeBron and divine hatred. There’s no question the Cavs think they have a shot, and they’re set up so that Plan B — not getting LeBron — isn’t so bad, provided they don’t do anything dumb between now and then, or after striking out on him (if that’s what ends up happening). But I’m just not stoked to live through this again.”

Below is Grantland’s top 10, along with their scores.

3. L.A. CLIPPERS: 83

The Cavaliers will be featured on national tv nine times this year, with three games on ESPN, one game on TNT and five games on NBA TV. Their nine national television games ranks them 17th in the league, and is an improvement upon last year when the Cavs were only scheduled to play four times in front of a national audience.

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The Diff: Estimating NBA ShotScores through shooting zones

The Diff is your weekly WFNY look into the amazing world of sports statistics. For a complete log of articles, click this link. Last week, I wrote about three intriguing stat-lines to watch for the 2013-14 Cavaliers. This week, I’m getting into NBA shooting charts.

The Diff

One of my favorite sportswriters is Grantland’s Kirk Goldsberry. Like many of my favorites, he’s a non-traditional writer. A geography professor at Michigan State, he emerged onto the NBA scene via the 2012 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. His project, titled CourtVision, applied his signature specialty of spatial analysis to the game of basketball. It went viral – or at least basketball Twitter viral. Since then, Goldsberry has taken off, and the visiting scholar at Harvard also contributes regularly to Grantland and ESPN properties. His latest column from last week, about a new statistic called ShotScore, is what I’ll be writing about today. [Read more...]

Casual Friday with Denny talking beer, government shutdown and LeBron at Ohio State – WFNY Podcast – 2013-10-04

WFNY Podcast LogoWhile I was watching the Browns game, I was also talking to Denny about a wide variety of topics.

Drinking before playing soccer
The Internet makes sure that none of us drink alone
Vacations after kids and going to the Virginia Beach Aquarium
Loving aquariums and Sea World
The aquarium in Monterrey California
Sea horses and how they shouldn’t really exist for weirdness purposes
Ghost crabs and their side to side motion
Catching eels and rays and crabs
The creepiness of eels
Vacation schedules and locking it in
Apolitical discussion of how the shutdown affects Denny’s life
The lack of representation of citizens in the District of Columbia
Trash pickup and the rat problems in Washington D.C.
Guaranteeing backpay to furloughed employees
The Cleveland Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon
Training for the NYC Marathon
Denny updating the brick wall exposition project
Cleveland fans’ intents on being depressed over the Indians
The sliding scale of sports fans’ desires with teams
Chris Perez and what he could know having shown up in Cleveland in 2009 as a 23 year old
Ohio State and LeBron [Read more...]