August 26, 2014

Best-case scenario for Josh Gordon could be eight games

Josh Gordon tosses the ball back after catching a ball during drills

Josh Gordon tosses the ball back after catching a ball during drills

All that’s left to figure out is what the reaction will be around the league. There are so many details out there about the Josh Gordon situation now, that all eyes and judgments are squarely on the NFL in the wake of the Ray Rice suspension and the pending Jim Irsay discipline. None of these things are totally related, mind you, but this is the narrative because the punishments all emanate from the same office. Now, Mary Kay Cabot of is reporting that eight games might be the best-case scenario for Gordon.

“… If he wins, he’ll resume his career without interruption, and if he loses, he’ll be banished from the team and the league for at least a year.

But the two sides can also hammer out a settlement, and that’s what the Browns are hoping for. Realistically, the best-case scenario would probably be about eight games, a source said.”

When I was on Les Levine’s show last night we were talking about if I believe the second-hand smoke argument and I do, actually. Once I heard that Josh Gordon had passed somewhere around 70 tests in and around this problematic one, it seems more than possible that he was exposed to second-hand smoke.

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That might not matter to the NFL’s policy though. Being in the vicinity of marijuana smoke is an issue for a guy who is under strict testing guidelines. The NFL holds players responsible for what’s in their bodies and even if I think that’s heavy-handed, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for a guy to control what’s in his body. If a guy can make an honest mistake in GNC with supplements and be held accountable, then another guy who might be driving around with someone smoking marijuana can also be held accountable.

Operative word here being “can.”

Obviously my feelings on the matter differ, but I do understand the NFL’s policy. Regardless, if Josh Gordon gets eight games or more, the outcry is going to be deafening because of all the surrounding factors and the NFL’s recent history handing down punishments.


Les Levine talks about LeBron James, Johnny Manziel and local sports media – WFNY Podcast – 2014-07-22

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Talkin’ Browns, Tribe, and Cavs On More Sports & Les Levine

Last night, yours truly and the young buck, Jacob Rosen, did a guest spot on More Sports and Les Levine for a solid hour. We ran the gambit of topics from Pat Shurmur to Mark Shapiro to Byron Scott to the Baseball Hall of Fame Voters. Since many of you aren’t Time Warner Cable subscribers or live elsewhere, we thought we would give you a couple of quick highlights from the evening’s festivities. Much thanks again go out great friend of WFNY Les Levine for having us on.

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WFNY on More Sports & Les Levine

Scott and I had a great time again last night hanging with Les Levine. Here are a couple of clips from the show.  Thanks to all who tuned in last night.

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Video: WFNY on More Sports & Les Levine

Les Levine was kind enough to have us on his show last night. Check out some of the clips of Brendan, Scott and Craig. More clips coming soon.

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Would Cleveland Sign This Free Agent?

Despite comments from GM Mark Shapiro that the Indians are ‘not the kind of team that can sign free agents’, Les Levine has his eye on a slugger that just might be available…


Forget whether or not Shapiro would actually do this. We understand that he probably wouldn’t. The question is would you want Manny back? He certainly found a way to get ubder the skin of Clevelanders, first by signing a big contract in Boston and then by beating the Indians in the playoffs. He gets booed everytime he comes to the plate or to right field, yet only Jim Thome has hit more home runs in team history. How about it WFNY fans? Would you want Ramirez patrolling left or right field and hitting 4th for the Indians in ’09?

Jealous of Expansion Teams?

Heard our buddy Les at Shapiro’s press conference the other day. Thought we’d check in to see what he is ranting about these days…


Yeah, let’s not forget that the success of the Marlins came at our expense! Likewise the immediate success of the Jaguars and Panthers made NFL owners change some of the expansion rules, making life tougher on the Browns. Then again, drafting losers didn’t help either.

Big Series Begins Tonight…

Les discusses a series with playoff implications and here’s a hint- it doesn’t involve the Indians…


Count me among the surprised by the Tampa Bay Rays. I’d love to see the Rays win the East. That would be the first time since 1997 that someone other than Boston or New York won the East. In fact, since the six-division format came into play, Baltimore is the only other team to win that division, and they did it only once.

Memories…of the way we were!

Les takes us down memory lane in comparing these Indians to the great Cleveland teams of the past…


Sandy Alomar gets a raw deal when those teams of the 90′s are mentioned. He was my favorite player, and helped start the turn around in Cleveland baseball. Dennis Martinez was another one that deserves credit for the Tribe success. Talk about a big game pitcher. Who was your favorite?


Les on offensive woes…quick, is he talking about the Cavs or the Indians?


The sad part…he’s talking about both. Sigh.

Betancourt? Kobayashi? Borowski?

Les gives his opinion on who should close out games for the Tribe…his answer may surprise you.


None of the above? I’m just not comfortable with any of these three to be honest with you. How about you? Who do you want to hand the ball to in the ninth?

David Stern, This Is Your Doing…

Les Levine has a great take on David Stern’s comments about the pyrotechnics used in NBA arenas…


David Stern after his recent visit to the Q for game 4 of the Cavaliers/Celtics series-

“I’m going to get into trouble for this: I think they’re ridiculous. I think that the noise, the fire (and) the smoke is the kind of assault that we should seriously consider reviewing whether it’s really necessary, given the quality of our game.

“It may be these are the maniacal rantings of a fan from a different era, and I recognize that. [Read more...]

Good News, Bad News with Les Levine…

Attention K-Mart Shoppers We Have A Lost Child, Would Devin Brown Please Report To The Customer Service Desk, Thank You…


Did the Cavaliers miss a chance to ‘steal one’ on the road? Absolutely. Looks like they will have to ‘earn one’ in order to win this series. Maybe they need a shot in the arm from a good friend…

Perhaps It’s Only Appropriate…

Go lists Beating a Dead Horse in between He Lost His Head, and Can’t Cut the Mustard. So, with that in mind here’s Les on the offensive woes of the Tribe…


I’m not sure what more can be said. The offense sucks, hasn’t performed to expectations and fans are ticked off, voicing their displeasure. Of course, if we listen to Rick Manning during the game, we will be enlightened by hearing that all players and teams go through such slumps, and our boys will be just fine. Of course, Manning is paid by the Indians…

What Could Have Been…

Les discusses the biggest disappointment from Washington’s win…


This was my point at the end of the game recap on Wednesday. Detroit took care of the 76ers last night. They will now face a rested Magic team. Boston has a chance to finish off their series in Atlanta on Friday. Who has the better shot at winning on the road- the Cavs in Washington, or the Celtics in Atlanta. The Hawks have played above their heads in this one already. Nobody would say Cleveland has the better shot of ending a series on the road.

So the Cavaliers could potentially be facing a game 7, while Boston sits and rests from a strangely tough series against the Hawks. Which team needs more rest? The one that ran up and down the court with Atlanta, or the one that got a constant beating from the Wizards’ thugs? (Yeah, I’m sure I’ll hear about that comment, thanks Les.)

How the Indians are put together

Les asks what type of team the Indians are trying to be…


Les, this is not one of your better points. The Indians are obviously built around pitching. With the exception of Paul Byrd, our starters are capable of shutting down any opponent for 7 or 8 innings. The bullpen has struggled somewhat, but it’s not because they threw a bunch of untested guys out there, come on Les.

Everyone can see that the offense is the weak spot of the team. They were last year as well, [Read more...]

Hindsight Says- Should Have Made a Move

Les rants on about the Indians struggles (again)…


Hafner, Peralta, Cabrera are all struggling, and even though Martinez is hitting for average, our clean-up man hasn’t hit a homer yet. He has nine RBI. Do they have enough offense to get the job done? Will anyone be available for trade?

Haywood, Stevenson- It’s Your Fault

Les blames Wizards for losses…


Les and I talked about this the other week. Some players thrive when ‘extra motivation’ is given. You would think that Brendan Haywood would have learned that lesson by now. You would think that seeing LeBron continue to dominate DeShawn Stevenson would be a clue. One might think that after going down 3-1 in the best of seven that maybe the Wizards would have a little team meeting and agree to cool it on the LeBron trash talk. You’d think so wouldn’t you?

So this afternoon when the story came out that Haywood called LeBron a crybaby, I couldn’t believe it. But there it was- [Read more...]