A Love-ly win (minus the hacking): Cavs-Clippers, Behind the Box Score

Tony Dejak/AP Photo

18 points & 16 rebounds for Kevin, 12 assists and 0 turnovers for LeBron, 21 points for Kyrie, 6-of-7 threes for J.R., every starter in double figures…It was a good win.

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Mo Williams’ Long Road Trip

Scott Shaw/The Plain Dealer

On Monday the Cleveland Cavaliers agreed to terms with free agent point guard and former Cavalier Mo Williams. Mo only played in Cleveland from 2008-11, but he made a measurable impact and quickly became a fan favorite. Supporters remember him as a quick point guard with a penchant for threes who arrived via trade to play

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Seeking light in dark sporting times: While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Sports

Let me begin with a quick well wish to WFNY’s Andrew Schnitkey, who woke up yesterday with a nasty case of the flu that precluded him from writing in this space. All the best, Rock. Get back soon or goons like me will be running this place full-time. Happy Wednesday, Blawg Pound. I hope it’s

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Lauren Holtkamp held court in Cleveland

Lauren Holtkamp Cleveland Cavaliers Chris Paul

As ticker tape fell from the rafters of Quicken Loans Arena and fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers were celebrating their team’s most recent victory, the players filed off of the floor and through the tunnel, one-by-one. LeBron James had tossed his headband into the crowd. Kyrie Irving had given away his shoes, the “Black History

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Punishing Donald Sterling, Browns wide receivers and Kevin Devine rocking… While We’re Waiting

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Welcome to my WWW day! Make sure you check out all the great podcasts recently, would you? ***** Assuming reports are true and the sale goes through, this is the only way the Donald Sterling saga could have ended… One of the most popular Internet pass-times is reveling in what should happen to people as

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Jarrett Jack wants fellow players to boycott until Clippers are sold


Collective protests are tough to organize. Similar occupation rarely equates to similar viewpoints or emotion—even the most devout unions have scabs during strikes. This hasn’t stopped Cleveland Cavaliers guard Jarrett Jack from envisioning (and attempting to rally) a league-wide boycott of playing the game of basketball until the Los Angeles Clippers are pried from the

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Cavs and Clippers talking Zeller-Bullock swap


(4pm EST Update: This didn’t happen.) As the Cavaliers look to get something of substance for Luol Deng, they appear to be also discussing back-up plans at the small forward spot. ESPN.com’s Brian Windhorst, who continues to crush the Cavs beat from 500 miles away, reports that David Griffin’s team is exploring a deal that

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Cavs vs. Clippers Behind the Box Score: Rebounding and defense continue to be Cavs’ winning formula

Tristan Clippers

They say box scores don’t tell the whole story. Behind The Box Score is a new series where from time to time we will attempt to look behind the box score and tell more of the complete story of what happened in the game. 23.7 – Points below the Clippers’ season average the Cavaliers defense held

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NBA News: Clippers talk contract with Byron Scott

ESPN’s Chris Broussard is reporting that the Los Angeles Clippers have initiated contract discussions with former Cavalier coach Byron Scott. Broussard tweeted: Sources: Clippers initiated talks about financial parameters of a contract w/Byron Scott Friday night. Did not do so w/L Hollins & B Shaw. — Chris Broussard (@Chris_Broussard) June 22, 2013 Scott was fired

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Box Score: Cavaliers 89, Clippers 105

“I think we saw one of the most underrated, unsung teams in the NBA tonight.” That was the comment from FOX Sports Ohio’s Jeff Phelps after the Cavaliers’ tough 105-89 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers tonight. Head coach Byron Scott certainly was not as eloquent or long-winded after the contest, which snapped an 10-game

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Instead of Fixing Tanking, NBA Should Remove the Lottery

NBA Draft Lottery

Tanking has been quite the topical conversation starter in the NBA this season. Maybe it was because there was a shortened 66-game season that ESPN, TrueHoop and several websites hammered on the topic ad nauseaum over the past few months (even on this site, quite eloquently by Ben). But, realistically, in order to solve the

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Cohesive Cavs Stun Complacent Clippers

Daniel Gibson

Upon emerging from the trainer’s room, Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul spent approximately 15 minutes having a heated yet professional exchange with two of his assistant coaches, Robert Pack and Dean Demopoulos. Verging on animated, Paul appeared to be discussing specific plays, potentially mixing in some team philosophies, both contributing to their seven-point

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Anderson Varejao: The Fans Make me Feel Like I’m From Cleveland

Since I got to Cleveland, the fans have taken to me. I didn’t speak any English, but every time I would get in a game, I felt like I had somebody behind me, helping and motivating me. The fans did that for me when I got here. And now that they know me, I just

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Tired and Short-Handed Cavaliers Try to Bounce Back vs Chris Paul and the Clippers

Chris Paul has made a huge impact on the Clippers

***UPDATE: Daniel Gibson will play and will start tonight against the Clippers. So kindly disregard comments below about Gibson likely not playing. ***UPDATE #2: Kyrie Irving has concussion like symptoms and will not play tonight. Great. Just great.   The Cleveland Cavaliers (9-14, 10th in the East) begin their longest home stand of the season

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WFNY Photo Contest: Winner Gets Tickets to Cavs-Clippers

WFNY stickers

We have the fortune of having come across a pair of tickets to the Cavaliers’ upcoming contest against Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and the rest of the Los Angeles Clippers set to go down on February 8, and we want you to have them. In a bit of a twist, however, we won’t be asking

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The Boots: Cavs Future, 2011 NBA Draft, Basketball Parity, Carmelo’s Knicks

The Boots are my method of applauding or criticizing various newsworthy events in the world of sports. The word “Boot” refers to a torturous childhood nickname, and thus, now serves as my own personal sports writing payback. More of these features can be found with the University of Dayton’s Flyer News, and topics for future

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Developing News: Clippers Trade Not Yet Official… More Picks Coming?

(The LA Times later reported this morning that Baron Davis did indeed pass his physical. He is expected to play for Cleveland tonight.) The recent trade between the Los Angeles Clippers and Cleveland Cavaliers still has not been declared official as of Sunday at 9 a.m., according to multiple news sources. Reports, including those from

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Per Byron Scott, Baron Davis is Saying All the Right Things

Though those close to Baron Davis have told many members of the media that the veteran point guard is unhappy with his trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the two-time All-Star (!) is saying all of the right things to his new head coach. During Friday morning’s shootaround, Byron Scott said that his reunion with Davis

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Cavaliers Take Major Step In Rebuilding Process With Mo Williams Trade

Not many teams have had much sympathy for the Cleveland Cavaliers this season. After a couple seasons of racking up the NBA’s best record and players dancing on the bench as the team executed blow out after blow out, teams were licking their chops this year to exact some revenge on the LeBron-less Cavaliers. When

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2010-11 NBA Blogger Previews – Pacific Division

Yep, it’s that time of year again already. Once again, CleticsBlog are hosting the annual Blogger Previews for every team in the NBA. How this works is simple, every day a certain NBA team is up and bloggers who write about said team will offer their previews for that team in the upcoming season. Then,

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