August 17, 2014

MLB News: Indians re-align three coaching positions

The Indians season ended last Wednesday with a 4-0 whimper in the AL Wild Card game against Tampa Bay. Five days later, we have our first piece of Cleveland baseball news of the offseason, according to multiple media reports.

Three members of manager Terry Francona’s coaching staff will see their responsibilities change for the 2014 season. Overall, all six of Francona’s coaches will return. But the realignment news today will likely turn a a few heads.

Brad Mills: Old position = third base coach; new position = bench coach
Sandy Alomar Jr: Old position = bench coach; new position = first base coach
Mike Sarbaugh: Old position = first base coach; new position = third base coach’s Jordan Bastian reported (tweet) that the shift was due to a preferred alignment with the three coaches’ skill sets. None of the shifts are considered demotions, despite what one might initially assume about Alomar moving away from the bench coach job.

Notably, Mills (father of former Indians prospect Beau Mills, with whom he owns a young bucking bull) is the only one of the three to have previous long-term MLB managing experience. He coached the Houston Astros from 2010-2012 before being fired last August. Alomar managed the Indians for just six games in interim status last year. Sarbaugh was an up-and-coming managerial prospect after several years in the Indians minor league system.

In other related coaching news, the Chicago Cubs are not currently considering Alomar a candidate for their managerial opening, according to CSN Chicago’s David Kaplan. Former Cleveland skipper Manny Acta is meeting with the team today.

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The Cleveland Indians and Pearl Jam are bringing back my youth

Pearl Jam and Swisher(The soundtrack for this post is “Sirens” by Pearl Jam. I listened to it on repeat while writing this.)1

The way I felt yesterday watching the Indians celebrate in the guts of Target field was overwhelming. I didn’t cry, but I also wouldn’t have dared speak aloud in those moments as the Tribe were bouncing up and down together on the field in celebration. This Indians team has brought me back to much younger days of being a Tribe fan. I’m back to my freshman year dorm in college when the Indians were battling through the playoffs toward an ultimate loss to the Florida Marlins. I’m back in high school as the halls were united in Tribe playoff runs, including girls talking about their crushes on Kenny Lofton and Omar Vizquel that would normally be reserved for cover stars of Tiger Beat magazine. All too recently, I also feel like I’ve been back to the 80′s when I started watching the Tribe as a pitiful club managed by Pat Corrales. But not this Sunday. That brought me back to the good days.

Those same time periods in my life – high school and into college – are lush with memories of music too. Upon entering college in the fall of 1997, I was obsessed with rock bands like Tool and Pearl Jam while also being fiercely protective of my home city and its teams as one of a very few Clevelanders at Boston University. Like most kids who go to college, that was just a jumping off point. You bring your experiences and favorite things in as precious little jewels of who you were before you left the safety of your parents’ house. You have no idea what the experiences are going to spit out at the end. [Read more...]



  1. I loved this section from “Sirens” by Pearl Jam
    It’s a fragile thing, this life we lead, if I think too much, I can get overwhelmed
    by the grace by which we live our lives with death over our shoulders
    Want you to know, that should I go, I always loved you, held you high above too
    I studied your face, the fear goes away. []

Indians, Baseball and a couple movie reviews involving James Franco – WFNY Podcast – 2013-03-25

WFNY Podcast LogoIt’s a WFNY Joncast…

  • Traveling and eating
  • Hotels all need to have bars in them
  • Are the Indians the most inconsistent pitching staff in the majors?
  • Not the worst, but most inconsistent?
  • Manny Acta and Chris Perez helped pave the way for the Dolans’ spending spree
  • Did the Indians overpay this off-season or is it just participating in free agency?
  • The Minnesota Twins, the Houston Astros and real sucking
  • Cord Phelps vs. Josh Barfield vs. Kevin Kouzmanoff
  • Oz the Great and Powerful vs. Spring Breakers vs. James Franco

And much much more…

Check out this episode

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WFNY Podcast – 2013-01-17 – Craig and TD talking Browns

WFNY Podcast LogoI honestly can’t remember much of what TD and I discussed, but we did it for an hour. We must have talked about something. I think it was related to the Browns. I decided to skim through it so I could give you a good summary, so here’s what we talked about…

  • Watching big games… alone or with a big party?
  • Penultimate vs. Ultimate (hint: penultimate is the second to last…)
  • Accidentally yelling at my kid during a Steelers game and having him tell on me to my wife
  • Brad Seely and why hasn’t he gotten a head coaching opportunity
  • The Core Four
  • Quinton Spears and TD’s deep knowledge of the Browns’ roster
  • Sniping in the Miami locker room
  • The acidic nature of the Indians locker room last year
  • Manny Acta and how nice a dude he was (TD is an apologist)
  • Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and the changing of the QB guard
  • Art Modell, the hall of fame and Cleveland’s reaction to it
  • Dan Gilbert and his public persona as an NBA owner
  • Cable news and the ability to not watch
  • The Bengals and the fact that they made the playoffs again despite the fact that nobody thought they could make it
  • Tribe fest


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WFNY Top 10 Cleveland Sports Stories of 2012: #4 The Indians Fire Manny Acta

2012 was one crazy year in the wild wacky world of Cleveland Sports. Some would tell you 2012 was as bad as it has ever been here. As the year comes to a close, like we have done the last four years, WFNY will take a look at what we view to be the 10 biggest sports stories affecting our local sports scene. Each day through the rest of the year, we will be counting down from ten to one. We started the Buckeyes Final Four trip. Number nine is something that happened just a short two weeks ago. The Ohio State perfect 12-0 season was number eight while Chris Perez’ harsh and honest words clocked in at number seven. Our sixth-biggest story saw our first of two straight from the Cavaliers, the drafting of Dion Waiters and Tyler Zeller. Up next was Kyrie Irving receiving the NBA Rookie of the Year award. Coming in at number four is a story that developed over a three-month collapse, culminating in the end of a managerial era.

#4 The Indians Fire Manny Acta

I will admit it. I have admitted it on this site for close to two-plus years. I was in the tank for Manny Acta. After watching Eric Wedge Belichick his was through media sessions, it was refreshing watching Acta’s approach. He was up front, amicable, and a great quote. He was extremely witty and seemed to relish the fact that he was lucky enough to have one of the 30 managerial jobs in the majors. The Indians trotted Acta out on Mall Tours and other public appearances because, after all, he was the anti-Wedge.

Could you see The Grinder taking the microphone at Beachwood Place to talk to the fans about anything under the sun, from the lineup he wanted to put out on the field to Shelley Duncan’s beard? What about Wedge standing at home plate after Sunday afternoon home games high-fiving kids after the ran the bases? How many appearances at Landerhaven or the Wahoo Club did Wedge make? And if he made any, did he have the crowd eating out of his hands the way Acta did?

[Read more...]

WFNY Top 10 Cleveland Sports Stories of 2012: #7 Chris Perez’s Comments Set Off A Firestorm

2012 was one crazy year in the wild wacky world of Cleveland Sports. Some would tell you 2012 was as bad as it has ever been here. As the year comes to a close, like we have done the last four years, WFNY will take a look at what we view to be the 10 biggest sports stories affecting our local sports scene. Each day through the rest of the year, we will be counting down from ten to one. We started earlier today with the Buckeyes Final Four trip . Number nine is something that happened just a short two weeks ago. The Shin-Soo Choo trade came in at number nine. The Ohio State perfect 12-0 season was number eight. Up next was an incident that started on the field, and exploded off of it.

#9 Chris Perez sets off a firestorm with his comments on the fans and Indians ownership

It started innocently enough and came out of nowhere.

After saving a 2-0 win against the Miami Marlins on May 20th, a few days after having a shaky outing in front of the home crowd, Perez got in front of reporters and let loose.

The commentary was shocking, honest, and true. But the way it came out stunned everyone, including his teammates, manager, and especially his bosses in the front office.

Let us recap some of the highlights… [Read more...]

Is Byron Scott Heading Down The Manny Acta Path?

Full disclosure, I am not an NBA guy. I often use the hashtag #NBAFree on twitter when discussing my love for the college game. I hope the Cavaliers do well, but I can’t say that I watch the games or intently read the articles the way I do with the Browns and the Indians. I simply see the tweets throughout the day, check out the boxscores, and move on. But I stayed informed.

Last night as I was locked into the highly entertaining ESPN doubleheader featuring N.C. State/Michigan and North Carolina/Indiana on ESPN, I continued to see the scroll at the bottom showing the Cavs/Suns score. 37-32 Suns at the half? I feel for the people who sat through that half. In the end, the undermanned Wine & Gold lost to Phoenix 91-78 at home. This is a team that starts Goran Dragic and Shannon Brown in the backcourt, Marcin Gortat in the middle, with (Kansas’s own) Markieff Morris and the stoner extraordinaire Michael Beasley at the forward spots. [Read more...]

WFNY Podcast – 2012-11-13 – Kirk enters the fray

Slowly but surely I will get every member of the WFNY team past and present so that I can introduce them all to you in a richer medium than web print. This time, I caught up with Kirk who started as a weekender and has morphed into one of the stronger personalities at WFNY. We also answered our first twitter / facebook questions ever.

  • Are the Cavs winning enough to enjoy their start?
  • Byron Scott’s rotations and what the Cavs can do to fix them
  • Dion Waiters and Kyrie Irving playing off the ball
  • What can the Dolans do to earn back the trust of the fans
  • Ubaldo Jimenez and the continuing consternation over that trade
  • Terry Francona and how much he’ll contribute to player acquisition
  • Pure Rage Perez and Kirk’s lack of patience with him
  • Why isn’t there more resistance to trading Asdrubal Cabrera in the fan-base?
  • And so so so much more…


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Acta Joins Alomar on Blue Jays’ Manager Candidate List

According to the Toronto Sun (with a hat tip to Paul Hoynes) the candidates to replace John Farrell as manager of the Toronto Blue Jays include Sandy Alomar Jr. and Manny Acta-

“And Manny Acta, who managed both the Washington Nationals and the Cleveland Indians, and also coached in Montreal. Acta was also in Washington when Brown was the scouting director, putting together the powerhouse which came within one out of reaching the National League Championship Series.

The second winter-book installment in the 13th running of the Blue Jays managerial stakes:

P | Name | Odds

1. Jim Tracy, 56, former Rockies manager 3-1

2. Sandy Alomar, Jr., 46, Indians, bench coach 3-1

3. Manny Acta, 43, former Indians, Nats manager 3-1

4. Don Wakamatsu, 49, Jays bench coach 5-1

5. Tim Wallach, 55, Dodgers third base coach 7-1

6. Demarlo Hale, 51, Orioles third base coach 10-1

7. Brad Ausmus, 43, Padres special assistant 12-1

8. Mike Maddux, 51, Rangers pitching coach 15-1

9. Cito Gaston, 68, former Jays manager 20-1

10. Ernie Whitt, 60, Baseball Canada manager 25-1″

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Francona Hire is a Coup, but if Chris Antonetti Can’t Find Pitching, it Won’t Matter

Wow…..Wow….Wow. I still can’t believe it.

The day the Indians decided to fire Manny Acta as their skipper, the first non-Sandy Alomar-name floated out there was Terry Francona. When I saw it, I laughed. In fact, I scoffed at it to the point of being insulted by it being made public. Here were my exact quotes just over a week ago:

Save your Terry Francona pipe dreams. The guy isn’t coming here. He can sit back and wait for the right job and get paid in excess of $5 million to do so. Why would he come here to manage this train wreck under the current ownership?

Now, we have the reasons why. Straight from the horses mouth – “”Relationships,” Francona said. “(Mark) Shapiro and (Chris) Antonetti were reasons #1 and #2.” [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting … NBA Flopping Rules, Varejao’s Trade Value, A Browns Super Bowl Upset

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at

Who said Andy flops?! I didn’t … Maybe: “The NBA has new guidelines to outlaw flopping, and Cavaliers coach Byron Scott doesn’t seem to care. And why should he? ‘It doesn’t affect us,’ Scott said, smiling. ‘We don’t have any floppers. It doesn’t affect us one bit.’ Some around the league – well, actually, a lot of folks – might argue with Scott’s take. A lot of folks might tell you Cavs big man Anderson Varejao is the originator of faking fouls, that his ability to ‘sell’ charges on opponents to referees can be his biggest strength. Anyone who’s seen Varejao in action knows he does, in fact, make a pretty strong case. He leans into the offensive player a little, waits for the man he’s guarding to dip his shoulder, then crashes back-first to the court with wild hair whirling and arms flapping.” [Sam Amico/Fox Sports Ohio] [Read more...]

Perez Speaks, Perez Implodes, Pronk Slams, Donald Wins It In The 12th

The Indians had just two games left entering last night’s tilt. You know how on those day games before a team hits the road for a long trip, they usually swing the bats as if they can’t wait to get out of town? Well both the Indians and the White Sox spent last night playing like it was one of those times. “Getaway Day At-bats” littered this game.

The Sox starter Jake Peavy dominated an Indians lineup that looked like they didn’t want any part of playing in this one. Other than Shin-Soo Choo’s solo homer in the fourth and a Jason Kipnis seventh inning walk, Peavy was perfect. The former NL Cy Young winner knifed through the Tribe with ease. On the other side was Justin Masterson, who was making the last start of his worst season as a pro. He avoided his 16th loss by matching Peavy pitch for pitch. He went six, giving up just one run on four hits. The outing saved him from an ERA above five. In fact, the game was tied at one heading into the ninth inning. [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting … Belichick’s Browns, Tyler Zeller’s Blog, Indians as Next Orioles?

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at

A quick preview of tonight’s NFL Films show: “In 2011, NFL Films launched its remarkable A Football Life series with a two-part study of Patriots coach Bill Belichick. The next episode, which focuses on the ’95 Browns, should more accurately be regarded as a Belichick prequel. The study of the 1995 Cleveland Browns, which debuts Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. ET on NFL Network, spends more time focusing on the legacy of the coach than the fate of the franchise. Yes, there’s plenty about the final days in Cleveland of the team that became the Ravens. But there’s more about the manner in which Belichick influenced a generation of men who reached tremendous heights (admittedly with varying degrees of success) elsewhere.” [Mike Florio/Pro Football Talk] [Read more...]

Chris Perez wants to be back, blames Acta

Chris Perez said he was going to talk toward the end of the season. I guess it is now close enough for the closer who hasn’t been short of things to say all year long. Today, via Chris Assenheimer’s twitter feed we find out that Perez wants to be back next year in Cleveland. We also find out that “most of the problems walked out the door last week i.e. Acta.”

I wasn’t totally expecting that, to be honest. Of all the people who would be expected to have issues with Manny Acta, I didn’t expect it to be many of his players for whatever reason. The last we heard after his firing, some players were seemingly feeling bad and taking some responsibility for getting the organization in such a position with their play that Acta got fired.

So, I guess we’ll see just how much of the downfall was Acta’s fault. Whether or not Chris’ wish to remain in Cleveland is granted remains to be seen. Despite a pretty epic season from the closer, expensive arbitration is forthcoming and he played so well that his trade value is probably highest of any player on the team.

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Jim Duquette: It’s Francona’s Job to Lose

The MLB season ends Wednesday. Sandy Alomar, former Indians All-Star and interim manager, is scheduled to interview for the Cleveland full-time job on Thursday.

Then, on Friday, the biggest name in managing free agency will momentarily leave his cushy ESPN position to interview for the Tribe job. Terry Francona, also a former Indian and two-time World Series champ with the Boston Red Sox, is listed as the easy front-runner for the job, according to Sirius/XM analyst and former GM Jim Duqette:

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more and more rumors as the week winds down, but this seems to be the most definitive claim from a baseball analyst so far.

The Indians (67-93) play against the Chicago White Sox again tonight at 7 pm at Progressive Field.

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While We’re Waiting … End of a Tribe Blog, Avoiding ‘Redskins’ and Bad Browns Offense

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at

The “A Lazy Sunday” feature has been a regular read on my Sundays and a regular component of While We’re Waiting posts on Mondays for years now. This is a very sad way to end a very sad season for the Tribe. Everyone should pass along their thanks to Paul for running such a great site for so long, and for having the stomach to write about this awful season. Best of luck in your future journeys, sir:

“Though that title may lead you to believe that I’m finally going to weigh in on the dismissal of Manny Acta from Thursday, it actually refers to someone else exiting stage left, as I’ve decided to walk away from writing about the Indians on these Interwebs on a permanent basis. While I know that I took some ‘time off’ last off-season and there will be those that will only believe there will be permanence to this when they fail to see 3,000 words from these fingers flying at them every couple of days, the time for me to move on from this endeavor has arrived.” [Paul Cousineau/The DiaTribe]

Wow. This was peculiar and intriguing to see a newspaper take a stand on this topic. Seems mostly inconvenient, however: “An interesting note from the public editor of The Kansas City Star on the paper’s policy of avoidance when it comes to the mascot of the NFL team from Washington: ‘[H]ere, I also agree very strongly with The Star’s longtime policy on this matter. I remain unconvinced by every argument I’ve ever heard that the name is not a racial epithet, plain and simple. …’” [Isaac Rauch/Deadspin]

Hmmmm. Wasn’t the Browns offense like astronomically good in 2007? Lot of good that did us then: “There are all kinds of things the Browns have to improve upon – and kinds of players who must improve — if they want to start winning. You name it, and it has to get better. You name him, and, with one exception — kicker Phil Dawson — he has to get better. The list is endless. There are few things or people not on the list. But there’s one thing that, above all else, must improve. Without it, the improvement of all these other things and people doesn’t matter – not one bit. We’re talking about scoring – or a lack thereof. Until the Browns score more points more consistently, things won’t change in terms of wins and losses.” [Steve King/SportsTimeOhio]

About the offense, this looks briefly at the topic of the Browns wide receivers thus far this season: “After Thursday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, many people are noticing some semblance of what can be called progress. But the Browns continue to wallow in the painful world that is their current crop of wide receivers. Through four games, no Browns receiver has had more than 90 yards in a game (it was Mohamed Massaquoi against the Bengals), and no one has separated himself from the rest of the pack.” [Steve DiMatteo/Dawg Pound Daily]

Today is October 1. That means basketball starts this month, hoorah! In that spirit, Cavs: The Blog continues its “10 things to like” series in focusing on that awesome coach of ours: “‘Camp Scott’ opens today, complete with the notorious trash cans for players to chunder into between laps if they show up out of shape. With an extension rumored to be in the works, it’s as good a time as any to look at why Scott appears to be the right guy to develop the Cavs now, and win with them in the future. You have to respect a coach who can whip out his phone and dial up a highlight like this (You’d think a basketball player named Purvis Short would be destined to be posterized, right?)” [Nate Smith/Cavs: The Blog]

This was from Friday, but it’s never too late (or, really, since the season is still 4 weeks away, I mean early) to read about fantasy basketball! “Kyrie Irving is a fantasy stud who I think is worth a first-round pick in a 12-team league. … I don’t know who the third-best point guard is in fantasy. It might be Kyrie Irving and not Deron Williams. His ADP of 16.7 is actually too low; I am happy taking Irving ahead of guys like Al Jefferson and Andrew Bynum with bigger fantasy reps. His playing time will go up, his turnovers should be down, his assists will increase and he is almost certain to at least double his 73 three-pointers. What he did at 19, as a point guard, on a team offering him little or no help was remarkable.” [Bruce Wrigley/Sheridan Hoops]

Oh viral GIFs are so much fun. The latest example? This gem from right after Saturday’s big Buckeyes victory. A random photographer lined up perfectly for a photobomb and also got the quintessential angle for a nice hello to the crowd. [Lost Lettermen via The Big Lead]

Five takeaways from that 17-16 physical victory in East Lansing: “In what will likely turn out to be the 2nd most physical game the Buckeyes play all year, Meyer’s troops overcame a slew of in-game injuries and three Braxton Miller turnovers, escaping East Lansing with a 17-16 victory over a chippy Michigan State squad. The gutsy effort improved Meyer to 11-0 in conference openers and to 95-5 when leading at the half. As a program, the Buckeyes have now won four straight in East Lansing, improving to 14-5 up there overall. Hey Michigan, that’s how you’re supposed to treat your little brother.” [Chris Lauderback/Eleven Warriors]

Sandy’s First Game As Manager Provides Mixed Feelings

David Blaine, David Copperfield, Harry Houdini, Manny Acta… one of these men is not a magician.

Sandy Alomar Jr. won his first game as the manager of the Cleveland Indians last night. It couldn’t have gone much better, really. He got a quality start from I-71 veteran in southpaw David Huff, the piecework lineup combined for 16 hits, and the bullpen closed it out with Chris Perez capped it with his 39th save. The Tribe topped the Royals in the series opener 8-5, and there were smiles all around for the former behind the plate legend and bench coach that most like and respect. However, as I watched the game and heard the growing discussion about Sandy’s candidacy for the job and the likelihood that he’ll get the job, it was a tad bittersweet for yours truly. All I can think about is that sad day when they’ll have to cut him loose, as the Indians did with Manny Acta on Thursday.

Why am I so discouraged by this development? It’s a combination of disagreement in the timing and dismissal of Acta, the ineptitude of this front office, and the sad state of this organization’s major and minor league rosters. It’s hard to say that Sandy Alomar, Terry Francona, or whomever the next Tribe skipper is will be handed a better roster than Acta was at the start of the 2010 campaign. [Read more...]

Acta Goes Down, But Antonetti Should Have Gone With Him

Full disclosure right off the bat: I am in the tank for Manny Acta.

Say what you want to say about Acta the manager, but the man himself is a true gem. Anyone who has covered him, seen him speak in public, or was lucky enough to cross paths with him can’t help but like him. He is the definition of the word “personable.”

In the end, personality can only get you so far. The results on the field are what matter most, and when you are 214-266 in almost three full years while overseeing back to back late season collapses, likability no longer matters.

Manny Acta lost his job yesterday to the surprise of nobody. The timing of it all was a little odd, but as GM Chris Antonetti explained it, it was done with the players exit interviews in mind. Acta tried everything he could with this year’s bunch, from coddling them to getting in their faces, which included a team meeting in Seattle where he tore into his sagging group. But as one unnamed player told beat reporter Jordan Bastian “by that time, it was too late.” [Read more...]

Castrovince: Name Alomar the Manager and be Done with it

With Manny Acta’s ousting — and reprecussion-free front office — on Thursday, the Cleveland Indians have named Sandy Alomar Jr. as interim manager.’s Anthony Castrovince believes the team should save everyone the time and merely drop the “interim” tag from the long-time catcher’s title.

“My advice to Antonetti?” writes Castrovince. “Save your time, save your cell phone minutes and save everybody involved the hassle of submitting to a process that seems to have yet another inevitable result. Just name Alomar the permanent manager and be done with it.

“This is not meant to belittle the names that will be tossed into the fire of the rumor mill. Nor is this an affront against the benefits of careful deliberation and consideration. But given these particular circumstances — with a perfectly reasonable candidate in place and many pertinent and pressing questions being posed about the direction of the franchise — I’d say Antonetti and Co. would be best-served to place their emphasis and put their time in elsewhere.”

Alomar will be in charge of the Indians through their final six contests. He has drawn interest from multiple other teams in their past managerial searches and obviously has ties to the city of Cleveland. The Indians, engulfed in an inferno of PR disaster, could easily leverage nostalgia in their favor and, as Castrovince writes, has a lot of fans wearing jerseys with the name “Indians” scrawled across the front.

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While We’re Waiting… Cleveland Browns Stadium is Lacking “Cleveland”

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at

Home field disadvantage: “Can it happen here? As in, “Can it happen in Cleveland?” And it pains me to write this, but will new the Cleveland Browns Stadium ever be like Baltimore, where the Ravens took the field Thursday night having won 12 in a row and 20-of-21 games. It’s a loud, hostile, stadium for a night game. I hate to say it, but this stadium is nearly as feared as old Browns stadium was in the late 1980s in the prime of the Bernie Kosar Era.” [Terry Pluto

[Read more...]