August 26, 2014

NBA Trade Rumors: Cavs and Nets looking to swap guards


As if hiring a new head coach and deliberating over the No. 1 pick was not enough, the Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly in trade talks with the Brooklyn Nets.

Sources tell’s Marc Stein that the Nets have identified Cleveland’s Jarrett Jack as a prime target for increasing their options at point guard. In return, the Cavaliers would get trigger-happy swingman Marcus Thornton.

Whereas Jack will be entering the second year of a four-year, $25 million deal, Thornton has only one year left on his contract, paying him $8.57 million, which appeals to the Cavs and new general manager David Griffin as they attempt to create as much salary-cap flexibility as possible for the summer of 2015.

Jack, though bringing veteran leadership to Cleveland, showed that he needed the ball in his hands to succeed on the floor as his per-game averages and efficiency fell across the board compared to his time in Golden State.

Thornton, conversely, has shown that he can score when given the opportunities, averaging 21 and 19 points per game, respectively, during his time in Sacramento. With the Nets last season, he scored 12.3 points per game on .511 eFG% (.547 TS).

While the move would likely be financial, the 27-year-old Thornton could also provide three-point shooting in David Blatt’s new offense.

(Photo: Scott Sargent/WFNY)

WFNY Discussion: Dion Waiters’ shooting at the rim

As you may know from being a WFNY reader, the WFNY writers have a daily email chain that can linger on and on. Sometimes, we’ll discuss prom jokes and other unsurprisingly immature topics for a group of 10+ males. But also, we really have some great discussions off the cuff about sports. Today, we bring you inside the WFNY email thread for a stats-based discussion about Cavs rookie Dion Waiters.

Jacob: Here’s your stat of the day y’all: (Source: HoopData as of games played on 12/10)

Of all 174 NBA players with at least 35 FGAs at the rim this season, Dion Waiters ranks LAST in shooting percentage at the rim at 41.2% (28-68). The average of these 174 players is 64.7% (44.6-69.0). The average of the 59 guards in this list is 60.9% (40.3-66.2).

Of the 59 guards, Waiters ranks in the top-fifth (No. 11) with 15.7 FGAs per 36 minutes.
Of the 59 guards, Waiters ranks in the upper-half (No. 23) with 4.5 FGAs at the rim per 36 minutes.
Of the 59 guards, Waiters ranks in the bottom-eighth (No. 8) with a 44.5% efg. [Read more...]