NBA Trade Rumors: Cavs and Nets looking to swap guards


As if hiring a new head coach and deliberating over the No. 1 pick was not enough, the Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly in trade talks with the Brooklyn Nets. Sources tell’s Marc Stein that the Nets have identified Cleveland’s Jarrett Jack as a prime target for increasing their options at point guard. In return, the

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WFNY Discussion: Dion Waiters’ shooting at the rim

No Cavs player is more polarizing among the WFNY crew than Dion Waiters (Jason Miller/Getty Images)

As you may know from being a WFNY reader, the WFNY writers have a daily email chain that can linger on and on. Sometimes, we’ll discuss prom jokes and other unsurprisingly immature topics for a group of 10+ males. But also, we really have some great discussions off the cuff about sports. Today, we bring

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