August 26, 2014

United States Ties Mexico 1-1 in Klinsmann’s First Game as Coach

It was kind of funny how much importance I put on this game before it started last night.  I had it on my calendar and was all set to tune in for Jurgen Klinsmann’s debut as coach for the United States Men’s National Team (USMNT.)  I am not sure what I really expected, though.  The USMNT plays friendlies on occasion.  They don’t mean a whole lot except as pre-season type games for bigger events like tournaments.  Hiring Klinsmann has really raised the interest level up a notch, though.  It is a commitment to widespread culture change in the program.  At the same time, it isn’t like he was going to be able to enact much change in the 10 days since he was hired.

Last night’s 1-1 tie was more about symbolism.  Klinsmann removed the names from the back of the jerseys of the players to show that it is only about representing the United States.  It is a pretty universal statement, but it still seems so odd to get lessons in patriotism from a German. [Read more...]

U.S. Soccer News: Men’s Team Hires Jürgen Klinsmann

In the midst of all this wild NFL news and rumor, there was something strange trending on Twitter. Jürgen Klinsmann’s name was amongst the words, even if just for a little bit. That’s exciting as a fan of the United States Men’s National Team (USMNT.)

The team fired former coach Bob Bradley July 28th and worked quickly to hire Jürgen Klinsmann (or announce his hiring) on July 29th.  Bradley’s future has been in doubt ever since the end of the last World Cup, but it was assumed by most once he survived that tourney with his job intact that he would be around for a while.  He signed an extension with U.S. soccer that would have carried him to the 2014 World Cup.  Unfortunately, a disappointing showing in the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup was enough to seal his fate. [Read more...]