August 17, 2014

“Unbreakable Stupidity”

I know that this is odd timing given Michigan week and all.  But if you can somehow pull yourself away from the rooting interest of Brian Cook, I strongly recommend checking out his recent post titled The Perverse Joy of Abject Stupidity. [Read more...]

QB Wanted…an interview with MGoBlog



As the recruiting season wraps up, there is at least one major piece still in play, that being Pennsylvania quarterback Terrelle Pryor. His story has been well documented, from his early interest in Ohio State, to learning about Rich Rodriguez’ move to Michigan before West Virginia did. Most recently his connection to a prominent businessman, and decision to wait until after signing day to make up his mind have all been big Internet stories. Most ‘insiders’ and experts are saying this is a two team battle between Ohio State and Michigan, as Oregon’s chances flew out the window Monday.

michqb.jpgRock has been following this very closely, and will post after Pryor signs, but I started thinking about what this recruit means to the rivalry, and more specifically to Michigan. With a new coach, new system, and few returning stars on offense, doesn’t UM have more to lose here than the Buckeyes? I decided to ask Michigan fan Brian Cook of MGoBlog and Fanhouse fame to answer some questions, and don’t you know he was willing to talk with us.

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