August 26, 2014

Indians Trade Season Under Way?

The Indians have made a couple of moves-

Today the Indians outrighted RHP GREG AQUINO to AAA Columbus…Aquino was designated for assignment on June 19 and was 1-2 w/a 4.50ERA in 10 relief appearances for Cleveland (16.0IP, 13H, 8ER, 15BB, 11K)… INF MICHAEL AUBREY to the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for a player to be named… Aubrey was hitting .292 (62-212) with 27 runs scored, 16 doubles, a triple, 5HR and 29RBI in 57 games with the AAA Columbus Clippers

Alright, I admit Michael Aubrey wasn’t the first player I figured would go. Especially since they are getting the infamous PTBNL in return. Buster Olney contends that the Indians are ready to put Mark DeRosa on the next UPS truck for a young pitcher, and I figured he might be the first to go, if not Carl Pavano.

On a positive note, Carmona might be ready to return to the team soon. Whether or not he will be effective again remains to be seen.

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Hey, Remember This Guy?

Indians 6, Orioles 1 (box)

Activated from the 60-day disabled list, Travis Hafner started last night; his first game in the lineup since the end of May.  Apparently suffering from a barrage of injuries that were then undisclosed, Hafner finished up a series against the Rangers, going 2-for-9, ultimately hitting the DL with splits of .217/.326/.350.  When your multi-multi-million dollar designated hitter has an OPS under .700, you have yourself quite a problem.

Now, it is time for redemption.  With the season lost, Hafner has exactly 19 games in which he can start to prove that he is worth the money and even a roster spot after a complete fall-off from his MVP-like numbers of 2006.  And while he didn’t leave the yard last night, he did put up a respectable appearance by notching two hits and a walk in a solid win over the Orioles.

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Movin’ On Up…

It’s officially September when a select handful of minor league baseball players get to swap their Bison jersies for ones that say “Indians” across the front. The Tribe has taken the late-season plunge with six players, most of which we have seen at the big league level at some point in the past five months. Those that were called up: Infielders Josh Barfield and Michael Aubrey, pitchers Brian Slocum, Tom Mastny, John Meloan and Rich Rundles.

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Tribe on the Offensive

Indians 13, Orioles 8 (box)

Fausto Carmona should be thrilled and Eddie Mujica should simply be thankful that it is simply the way the rules are written.  Mujica had a Joe Borowski Special, with a “BS” and a “W” next to his name in the box score.

The pitching through the first seven innings was borderline awful.  Though only giving up seven hits, Carmona and Mujica gave up a combined eight earned runs.  Four walks and a home run by Carmona, followed by Mujica allowing three of his inherited runners in the seventh made for quite a box score for the former 19-game winner – one whom was given a five-run lead going into the third.  Thankfully, Brendan Donnelly and Jensen Lewis held down the back end making for one bizzare game.

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You Are The GM…..For Ryan Garko


WFNY readers have been playing GM for the Cavaliers since the playoffs ended. Well Tribe fans, the ‘off-season’ has come early for this year’s team. So we want your help. We will take a look at the Indians roster and determine who we should try and trade, who deserves an extension, and who we should simply ‘let it ride’. Up first is Ryan Garko…

Ryan Garko. Jim Rome’s buddy. Lakers fan. Stanford grad. Currently occupying first base for the Indians.

Contract Information-

Signed through 2008 for $420,100. Garko should be eligible for arbitration for the ’09 season.

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Someone Has to Win the Central…Part 4

I came up with this idea for a series of guest blogger spots over a week ago. When it first came to me the Indians were in second place behind the Twins. Then they swept the A’s to take over first. Now, it’s the White Sox turn at the top. With all these teams bunched together the A.L. Central is wide open, with no team out of it. We asked bloggers from each team to tell us why their team WILL WIN the A.L. Central. Most of them replied reluctantly, because the baseball in the Central just hasn’t been that good this year. Part 1- Tigers, Part 2- Royals, Part 3- White Sox. Up next is the home team…


Wow. I envisioned this being easier to write. Coming off consecutive sweeps, the Tribe limps home for a series with the Rangers, and the hottest hitter in baseball- Josh Hamilton. The Indians are 4.5 games behind the White Sox, and currently only a game ahead of Kansas City, two ahead of the Tigers. Chicago actually has the largest division lead in the Majors at the moment, but certainly not an insurmountable one.

So, why will the Indians win it? Let’s start with the obvious- the best starting staff in the majors. That’s right- all of baseball. [Read more...]

Cliff Lee Human, Tribe Swept By Reds

Reds 6, Indians 4 (box)

Cliff LeeTalk about a fall from grace. Two winnable games dropped in the ninth inning followed by a Cliff Lee appearance with actual earned runs. Five of them, to be exact – in only five and two-thirds innings – doubling his ERA to its current level of 1.63.  What a bum, right?

And it wouldn’t be an Indians/Reds game without an Adam Dunn home run. His fourth in four games, mind you.

It has to be a bit frustrating that today was our highest-scoring game of the series, and we still leave with the “L” and are now a game and a half out of first place in the Central.

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Welcome to the Big Leagues, Michael Aubrey

Michael AubreyWith Jeremy Sowers being sent down to Triple-A, the Indians have called up first baseman Michael Aubrey. 

While his injury history is not good (never played more than 98 games in a season), the fact that he is a former first-round selection – 11th overall in 2003 – and was once a top-25 prospect (21) in all of baseball has me intrigued to say the least.  For comparison purposes, Philly’s Ryan Howard was ranked 25th during the same year. 

Aubrey will provide another left-handed bat on the bench, and unlike the one that is represented by #48, this one can play in the field if needed.  All of 26-years of age, this is Aubrey’s first trip to the majors thanks to a .341 average with four doubles for Triple-A Buffalo.

While the number of at-bats Aubrey receives remains to be seen, there’s no denying this kid’s potential.