August 27, 2014

ESPN Cleveland leaves communication vacuum in wake of major changes

ESPN ClevelandYesterday afternoon ESPN Cleveland WKNR made waves across Cleveland by mysteriously axing talent. Will Burge, T.J. Zuppe, Kenny Roda and (maybe) Michael Reghi1 were all told something about a “different direction” and mostly left wondering where that destination was and why it didn’t include them. Meanwhile, it has been all quiet from the station as nobody else seems to know that destination either. Therein lies the problem as I see it today.

Going in a new direction and changing your lineup and making tough choices about programming are part of the job of running a media property. Burge, Zuppe and Roda seem to get that as they certainly didn’t come out with blowtorches trying to publicly burn down their former bosses. I’m sure they weren’t enthused of course, but this is the game and they’ve seen it play out before. I don’t begrudge any company for making choices; even unpopular ones. The problem occurs when those decisions are made and there is a massive communication vacuum between the media company and the audience as people talk and talk and talk. I’ve said it many times before and I get a chance to say it yet again. You’re better off talking to the world rather than allowing the world to just talk about you. [Read more...]



  1. Rizzo was talking about the moves this morning and he didn’t mention Reghi at all. We at least have to assume the show he co-hosted with Roda is over. []

WKNR Changing Lineup With New Afternoon Show? (Updated)

Update: According to the people at Ohio Media Watch, the new afternoon show will most likely be Bruce Hooley, Greg Brinda and Chris Fedor doing the news updates.  That would also mean that Fedor will no longer be a part of The Really Big Show from what the Twitter chatter is saying.

As many of you probably noticed today, Tony Rizzo was on the air in the afternoon shift on WKNR today.  According to Rizzo, this is just a temporary assignment as he does “two-a-days.”  According to what Rizzo is saying, WKNR will have a new show on the air in afternoon drive next week.  He also said that Michael Reghi and Kenny Roda will move their “R&R” show to nights from 9 PM until 12 AM.  Presumably all the other shifts will stay the same, although I’m sure Jim Rome would still like his first hour back on the flagship WKNR as opposed to KNR2.

So, who exactly, will be the new afternoon show?  Start the speculation, I guess.  Rizzo did say “they” won’t be here until next week.  If that pronoun usage is any indication, we won’t be subject to a solo talker type of show next Monday.  It also means that we could be looking at a show imported from elsewhere. [Read more...]

WKNR’s Sabrina Parr Fires Back at Reghi

sabrina-parr-2jpg-dc137f4c0ab11183_mediumIn response to Michael Reghi’s comments late yesterday afternoon, the much-discussed WKNR/850AM radio contributor Sabrina Parr took the set in order to defend the comments that have drawn the ire of many including local authorities. Similar to your evening news broadcast, the program waiting until one of the final segments for Parr’s response, but nonetheless.

“I’ve never met Michael Reghi, and would introduce myself if he was in the studio today. But clearly, he knows about me,” stated Parrr. “I looked up credibility. It describes the power that inspires belief. Yesterday, from my description and the listeners that tuned in leading to reports means I was pretty credible.” [Read more...]

Michael Reghi Blows Up About “Really Big Show”

reghiThose of you listening to WKNR/AM850 this afternoon were able to hear a very, very rare Michael Reghi.

Reghi has gone on record to slam the Really Big Show, the 9a-12p show that airs on ESPNCleveland and the credibility that lacked today with a female host, Sabrina Parr - who claimed to be an eye witness for the Braylon Edwards altercation on Sunday night.

Reportedly, her depiction of the events have already been refuted by a handful of individuals.  Parr has been on the ESPNCleveland airwaves in the past discussing her relationships with Cleveland athletes as well as her place in the “scene” that occurs frequently at The View nightclub.  [Read more...]

The Greatest Cleveland Play by Play Men of the Past 30 Years

taitAfter spending a weekend listening to Al Pawlowski completely butcher his shot filling in for Matt Underwood as the Indians play by play man on STO, it got us thinking about the voices of my youth.

Growing up in Cleveland in the 80′s, I was blessed. Nev Chandler was doing the Browns and Joe Tait the Cavs, while the Indians had a revolving door next to the “legendary” Herb Score. I put “legendary” in quotes because Herb was interesting to say the least. I don’t like to speak ill of the dead, its bad mojo, but Handsome Herb would have only remained in his place for as long as he did in this town. Plain and simple, if a radio play by play man is supposed to paint you a picture of the action while you can’t see it, then Herb failed finger-painting in Kindergarten. [Read more...]

“Munch” Bishop out at WKNR

ESPN 850 WKNRThose of you that listen to 850 WKNR/AM during the afternoon drive have definitely heard Mark “Munch” Bishop’s radio show.  Since 2007, he has owned the 3p-6p slot and has featured the ever popular “Brown Out” segment that discussed all things Cleveland Browns.  Guests like Aaron Shea and Bernie Kosar frequented the show, as did an unbelievable amount of advertisements ranging from ticket agencies to car dealerships. 

Well, reported by the News-Herald early this morning, “Munch” will be replaced by Cleveland broadcasting favorite Michael Reghi.   Effective today, WKNR fans will get Reghi’s show in the afternoon and for the foreseeable future.  Bob Finnan reports that Bishop will stay with the station, but will serve in a different capacity.

Source: Reghi will replace ‘Munch’ on WKNR [Bob Finnan/News-Herald]