ESPN, Steph Curry, LeBron James and the over-covered athlete

LeBron James Steph Curry

Just because Steph Curry is a nemesis to the rest of the league doesn’t mean ESPN shouldn’t give players like him and LeBron James all the coverage they can.

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Audio: Kevin Love talks Cavs role and relationships on Mike and Mike

Kevin Love

Kevin Love and the pursuit of happiness with his role on the Cleveland Cavaliers has been a season-long topic of conversation. Whether it was the presence of his opt-out clause, rumors that he will return to Los Angeles1 , or LeBron James subtweeting about fitting in, the constant fascination of the elite power forward’s future

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Mike Mayock talks about Cardale Jones’ NFL draft stock


With his thick Philly accent, Mike Mayock turned the Mike and Mike show into Mike and Mike and Mike. The topic of conversation was the NFL draft and how exactly NFL teams might go about analyzing Cardale Jones as a potential draft pick. The impediments are obvious. Jones has only played three college football games.

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NFL Rumor: Browns to Pursue Peyton Manning?

I know that is one heck of a headline, right?  Thanks to Adam Schefter talking to Mike and Mike this morning on ESPN radio Browns fans can dream about Peyton Manning taking over the Browns offense next year.  So, what, exactly could this all be about? The Colts have fired the Polian family from their

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LeBron James Hate Continues

It’s amazing to me how big of a story it is that LeBron James has been resting the last few games. This morning Mike and Mike talked about it for a couple hours. We’ve already heard from Stan Van Gundy and idiots with MVP ballots. Now it seems we will be subjected to this debate

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Browns’ free agency plans finished?

Phil Savage and his staff have been one of the most active and successful front offices this off season. Rock pointed out that this began with the signing of Jamal Lewis. I will throw my 2 cents out there and say that this off season would not have been as “successful” without the extension of Rob Chudzinski, which began

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