August 18, 2014

NFL Rumor: Browns to Pursue Peyton Manning?

I know that is one heck of a headline, right?  Thanks to Adam Schefter talking to Mike and Mike this morning on ESPN radio Browns fans can dream about Peyton Manning taking over the Browns offense next year.  So, what, exactly could this all be about?

The Colts have fired the Polian family from their front office.  The team hasn’t made a decision regarding their head coach Jim Caldwell as of yet.  They have the number 1 pick in the upcoming NFL draft and QB phenom Andrew Luck is staring them in the face.  Peyton Manning is rehabbing a neck injury where he had vertebrae fused together and he is 35 years old.  He is also due a $28 million (MILLION) roster bonus in March.  The Colts are at a crossroads.

Do they cut Peyton Manning?  Obviously the team could move forward next season without Manning and with Andrew Luck by simply cutting Manning and his gaudy salary.  The Manning family is kind of involved and over-bearing sometimes.  Archie is already on record about Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck sharing the same roster.  Archie makes Brad McCoy look like a sheepish little mouse. [Read more...]

LeBron James Hate Continues

It’s amazing to me how big of a story it is that LeBron James has been resting the last few games. This morning Mike and Mike talked about it for a couple hours. We’ve already heard from Stan Van Gundy and idiots with MVP ballots. Now it seems we will be subjected to this debate until the first round gets underway this weekend.

The argument is that fans are being ripped off because they purchased tickets to see LeBron James play and he is not playing. If he was injured there would be no flap of course, but because he is resting and capable of playing it is some sort of crime against humanity. Now, I’m all for getting your money’s worth when you go to a game. Like most everyone else I don’t have lots of loose cash laying around to throw away. I do realize that when you buy a ticket for a game you are never guaranteed to see any one player. That’s kind of the nature of sports. Especially at the end of a season.

Think about it like this- the NBA season is 82 games long. LeBron sitting the final 4 games of the regular season is the mathematical equivalent of Peyton Manning sitting down after the first two drives of the Colts’ 16th game. The Colts found themselves taking heat for Manning and company sitting out the final 2 regular season games, and only because the perfect season was in play. That would be like LeBron sitting out the last 10 games. [Read more...]

Browns’ free agency plans finished?


Phil Savage and his staff have been one of the most active and successful front offices this off season. Rock pointed out that this began with the signing of Jamal Lewis. I will throw my 2 cents out there and say that this off season would not have been as “successful” without the extension of Rob Chudzinski, which began this off season serving a bold statement that the Browns were going to build on their recent success and not slide backwards. The stability continued when Savage extended coach Romeo Crennel’s contract as well.

By signing Derek Anderson, the Browns have their QB insurance for the season and beyond. Phil Savage was on the Mike and Mike morning show today discussing the move to keep Derek. He restated that they had every intention of going into next season with both QB’s since the last game of the year. He did again mention the now mysterious ‘other team’ that was planning on signing Derek, giving up a “very late first and third” round picks and parlaying Anderson into a high first rounder. We can speculate all we want on what team that might be, or whether that scenario had much substance. What is obvious is that Savage was not about to let another team improve itself at Cleveland’s expense. Would it surprise me if Cleveland was able to make that same deal? Not entirely, but at this point you might question what would be enticing enough to make such a move. More on the moves yet to come after the jump. [Read more...]