Kevin Kiley is wrong, but not about censorship

Kevin Kiley Resigns

Kevin Kiley’s views might have been wrong about women in sports, but he was right about censorship.

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Mike Florio discusses Johnny Manziel, gives credit for “holding it all together”

Johnny Manziel Mike Pettine

Johnny Manziel is starting to bring people around on his potential as an NFL starter. Mike Florio is the latest.

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Josh Gordon decision has been made according to Adam Schefter

Josh Gordon

[Update: NFL Rules on Josh Gordon: Suspension Upheld, Browns Pissed] Adam Schefter is reporting that the Josh Gordon appeal decision has been made. Apparently the only thing left to decide is when to issue that judgement. Schefter just said on SC that he's heard Gordon decision has been made and Henderson just needs to decide when

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NFL salary cap could jump to $160 million by 2016

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 9.31.31 AM

Last week the NFL set the salary cap for 2014 at $133 million which was higher than many thought it would be. According to league sources in contact with Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, it could be a trend that continues. One source with knowledge of the process…  tells PFT that the cap could

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Browns have “no comment” on Lombardi’s Browns documents


Is it a big deal that recently ousted Browns employee Michael Lombardi was seen at the NFL combine with documents emblazoned with Cleveland Browns logos? The answer is that none of us have any clue. It certainly seems less than ideal for the Browns, but whether or not it is an actual impropriety or not

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Rob Chudzinski talks about Weeden, Desmond Bryant, and the Browns off-season

Rob Chudzinski went on Pro Football Talk’s “PFT Live” this week and had a few quotable quotes… On the organization in place right now… “From the short amount of time that I’ve been here with Jimmy Haslam, Joe Banner, Mike Lombardi and the rest of the people in the organization, it’s an exciting time. There’s

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Heckert: Running back will be a “very big positive” this season

Tom Heckert saying that the running backs will be a positive in 2012 isn’t much of a statement considering that the Browns took Trent Richardson third overall. But that’s not all he was saying when he talked to Mike Florio on PFT Live. I think it’s pretty safe to say we draft a guy third

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Mike Florio on the Dan Patrick Show: “Richardson not a top 15 pick”

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio was on the Dan Patrick show Monday morning discussing several topics, including his thought that the Browns may end up swapping picks with the Vikings at #3 to insure they don’t get ‘leapfrogged’ for Ryan Tannehill. He also discussed the Browns/Rams RGIII situation. At the end of his time on

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Controversies Sell Better Than Corrections

Thanks to the quiet of the bye week in Browns town, the Peyton Hillis “story” was big news all week long.  It cluttered the airwaves at 92.3 WFAN and even Adam the Bull couldn’t help but say that teams should keep stuff like this “in house” but that he was glad they didn’t because it

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