Video: Mike Polk imagines the first episode of Hard Knocks with the Cleveland Browns

Mike Polk as Jimmy Haslam

You always hope for Mike Polk to create a gem when we’re in the middle of a Cleveland Browns news cycle. And Mike Polk delivered once again. This time he’s taking his awful, but oddly appropriate impression of Jimmy Haslam to the phone lines in an attempt to trade Johnny Manziel. Hilarity ensues, and I’m

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Browns fan gives team the “Frozen” treatment


Watch out Mike Polk and Angry Browns fan. Youtube has another comedic sensation with regard to Cleveland sports. You may have a Pontbriand jersey, Mike, but she is singing like Kristen Bell and lip-syncing like Milli Vanilli in the video. For the first time in forever… the Browns aren’t as bad as they used to

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Video: Mike Polk is talking to the Browns again

Mike Polk apparently didn’t think the Browns got beat badly enough yesterday. He decided to beat them up some more. I’d say they earned it. This is not to insult Mike, but it wasn’t even funny as much as it was poignant there in the middle of the video. The part about people only being

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Video: Angry Browns Fan goes all in on Davone Bess

I’m convinced (with no real empirical evidence) that Cleveland sports fans have more fun with less than any other city with professional sports teams. How else do you explain the continued fun of Mike Polk videos like The Factory of Sadness, and Ryan Pontbriand jerseys? Now, the modern age brings us Angry Browns Fan. Even

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Scott Raab part 2 on 2013 NBA Draft, Michael Irvin, Joe Thomas, Mike Polk, Danny Green – WFNY Podcast – 2013-06-17

WFNY Podcast Logo

Here’s the second part of my monday morning podcast with Scott Raab where we talk about some more sports. Please let me know if you appreciate me breaking it into episodes or if you liked just having one longer one. Michael Irvin hates Joe Thomas’ rank on the top 100 The difference in opinion between

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Mike Polk blasts Browns coaching search with (tragic) comedy

See if you can laugh through your tears with Mike Polk. It only seems fitting to make this the related post. [Related: NFL News: Browns interviewing Rob Chudzinski for HC vacancy]

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“I’ll See You Sunday”

In the brilliance of his now viral video ranting after a Browns loss in Houston, comedian Mike Polk ends said rant with the phrase “I’ll see you Sunday.” No matter what part of his rant you thought was funniest, be it the now classic “You are a factory of sadness”, or the fact that Polk

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Mike Polk Kills With His Browns Reaction Video

This video was good enough that we’re giving it a slot today. Watch. Laugh. Cry. React. Enjoy.

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