Cleveland Browns Week 16 Winners and Losers

Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns Kansas City Chefs

Johnny Football was back, but there was no Mike Evans to be found.

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Cleveland Browns Week 15 Winners and Losers

Johnny Manziel pre-snap Seattle Seahawks

Johnny Be OK.

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Browns: Who are these freaking guys?

The Cleveland Browns dominated the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Wait…what? How? Why? Running through the narratives.

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Browns: What players are worth keeping for next season?

Photos courtesy of

Sifting through the entire roster to determine which players on the Cleveland Browns are worth keeping in 2016.

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On the lookout for optimism in a tough Cleveland Browns season

Travis Benjamin Cleveland Browns

Things aren’t all bad in Berea.

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Pettine, Schwartz, and Greco discuss Manziel’s performance

Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns Tennessee Titans

The final score of the Cleveland Browns Thursday night contest against the Cincinnati Bengals might not have appeared to show much offense, but Johnny Manziel had Browns fans buzzing over an impressive first half performance which included a 92 yard touchdown drive to pull the Browns within a mere four points as both teams rested

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2015 Browns Position Previews: Offensive Line

Cleveland Browns Joe Thomas

Training camp has begun with the 2015 Cleveland Browns taking the field in Berea. It is a great time for football fans with excitement for the season building each day. Over the last many weeks, I have examined many of the Browns position groups. I previewed every group on the defense and looked at the

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Hope for Josh McCown starts in the Browns offensive line

McCown Wants You Filtered

One thing I think pretty much everyone agrees on with regard to NFL quarterbacks is they take too much of the blame and credit. This point was illustrated in the Super Bowl this season where the Tom Brady narrative was forever cemented while he was helmet-less on the sidelines waiting to watch his defense intercept

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WFNY’s 2014 Cleveland Browns Position Review: The Offensive Line

Cleveland Browns Joe Thomas

Over the last couple weeks, I have been reviewing and discussing the performance of the 2014 Cleveland Browns position by position. It was a tough season for the Cleveland Browns, falling in five straight games to end the season at 7-9. The team showed some glimpses of promise and some other areas of concern. So

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Cleveland Browns Week 7 Film Room

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Because you haven’t seen enough of the Browns getting it handed to them by a winless Jaguars team.

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Browns Week 6 Review: Four Thoughts on the Offense

Mike Pettine Cleveland Browns

It’s hard to act like you’ve been there before when the the Pittsburgh Steelers have won 18 of the last 19 matchups. But, with this win over the Steelers, the Cleveland Browns are once again over .500. And with the Oakland Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the upcoming three opponents, the immediate

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Joel Bitonio has been working inside at guard at Browns rookie camp

Joel Bitonio Cleveland Browns

Obviously it’s really early in the process for the Browns, but indications are that Joel Bitonio is starting out inside at a guard spot. He’s been playing both sides, but obviously once camp breaks with the veterans, there’s no telling what kinds of combinations they might try before figuring out where everyone will end up.

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Hopes for the Cleveland Browns as the off-season begins for real

Pettine presser

The off-season already feels old for the Cleveland Browns as it’s been 35 days since they last played football on December 29. As the Browns seem set to announce Kyle Shanahan as their offensive coordinator, and as we sit back and think about how Seattle decimated the Broncos in the Super Bowl, I have a

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The only Jewish siblings in the NFL take each other on for the first time on Sunday. BY REBECCA MEISER It’s been 90 years since two brothers who remember each other’s bar mitzvahs have played on the same NFL field. And never has such a pair played against one another. Until Sunday– when Geoffrey Schwartz, an

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Scott Raab discusses the Tribe, Browns, the end of Chief Wahoo and Sigur Ros – WFNY Podcast – 2013-09-16

WFNY Podcast Logo

I’m a bit tired from being out at a concert last night, so I don’t have much to say other than it was a good conversation and the notes below tell the story of what we discussed today. Sigur Ros show at Nautica LeBron’s wedding on Yom Kippur The Cleveland Indians and their ability to

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Browns lose, commit crimes against entertainment

Browns helmet

More than anything else today, I’m struck by how bad the Browns were as an entertainment vehicle. The Cleveland Browns took a 6-0 lead into halftime, the defense played well, until eventually they started to tire. They gave up 14 unanswered points in the second half as Brandon Weeden missed a wide open Chris Ogbonnaya

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Cleveland Browns Film Room: Game 1, What the heck happened? Part 2

For the third consecutive year, we’ll take a seat each week in our very own WFNY Browns film room and break down a little tape from the game, with a specific focus.  Do enjoy. If you missed Part 1 of this week’s film room, go back and read it. It’s sort of a prerequisite. So

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Cleveland Browns Film Room: Game 1, What the heck happened? Part 1

For the third consecutive year, we’ll take a seat each week in our very own WFNY Browns film room and break down a little tape from the game, with a specific focus.  Do enjoy. Before we roll tape, let me first talk about my method for these pieces. Each week after the game I try

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In 2013 the Browns are betting on defense and hoping for offense

Browns Hat

The off-season isn’t over, but it’s not time to look at what the Browns have put together to try and figure out how they’re going to compete in 2013. When you’re caught up in all the details of free agency and the draft it’s much more difficult to get the overall picture, but now more

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WFNY Top 10 Cleveland Sports Stories of 2012: #3 Trent Richardson Headlines Browns’ Youth Movement

Trent Richardson Trucks Kurt Coleman Knocks Helmet off helmet goes flying

2012 was one crazy year in the wild wacky world of Cleveland Sports. Some would tell you 2012 was as bad as it has ever been here. As the year comes to a close, like we have done the last four years, WFNY will take a look at what we view to be the 10

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