Baseball is fine, but MLB could use some tweaks (Part 1)


Baseball is not broken. Baseball is as beautiful a sport as it has ever been. The art of hitting a baseball with an elongated, rounded bat has amazingly persevered through the generations as something that is worth attempting. The drama that builds during crucial games is incredible as every single pitch can have more meaning


The Ten Percent That Matters: Indians Spring Training Notes

Goodyear Ballpark

Reams of information are digitally thrown around during Spring Training. In the end, I would estimate that only 10% of it really matters. The catch? We will not know which 10% until May (at the earliest). All Cleveland Indians fans should be informed, however, so I will post the potentially important nuggets of information and we


Terry Francona and Nick Swisher discuss MLB’s Pace of Play rule changes

Terry Francona Cleveland Indians

Rob Manfred, baseball’s new commissioner, has been on the job for a short period of time, but has already shown that he is not afraid to push Major League Baseball in new directions if he believes said changes will make for a better product for the fans.1 It was during just last season that Keith Olbermann


Charting Expectations for the Indians by Kluber’s Enthusiasm

Corey Kluber Cleveland Indians

The genesis for this article was actually spawned from one of my alltime favorite WFNY running articles (Anderson Varejao Enthusiasm Charts from Denny Mayo). He has graciously allowed me to completely mangle it by extending the concept to the Indians and the player who wears his emotions as outwardly as anyone ever has. If you


Brandon Moss and Jason Kipnis: Early storylines coming out of Goodyear

Spring Training

On Wednesday, I explained some of the reasons Spring Training matters to me. In doing so, I neglected to discuss anything about the actual pitchers and catchers reporting for the Cleveland Indians. Well, the Tribe did have their official opening of Spring Training and’s Jordan Bastian reports that most of the players are already in Goodyear


Celebrate the Indians’ Pitchers and Catchers Reporting


I miss many things about Arizona where I spent the first four years of my professional adulthood. I miss going to Canyon Lake with my wife and dogs.1 I miss the beauty of the mountains in the distance. Or, the beauty of the mountains from their peaks at South Mountain or Top of the Rock


I’m not going to debate Wahoo again this season

From the @dechief twitter page

I recently saw someone on Twitter quip that it’s about that time of year where we get all hot and bothered about Chief Wahoo and whether he is racist or not or stays or goes. It is that time of year, no doubt—Wahoo debates tend to go into hibernation once the season comes to a

Read More... looking for “Stats Stringers” for the Tribe


Have you ever wondered how all that live game data gets updated on live game trackers? Well, wonder no more. posted on Cleveland Craigslist that they are looking for “Stats Stringers” for the Cleveland Indians. Stats stringers are responsible for digitally scoring games from the MLB ballparks, which provides the data used in the


Does MLB even want to speed up the game?

Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann took on the outgoing Bud Selig on his show last night. In this segment, he points out that Major League Baseball has the power to speed up games with two rules that are already on the books. So, what gives? Keith Olbermann is on to something, and I think it’s a problem. Baseball


Cleveland Indians Closer Doug Jones – Reliving Yesteryear

Mariano Rivera: “Super Mariano.” Aroldis Chapman: “The Cuban Missile.” Mitch Williams: (sing it) “Wild Thing!” (“You-stole-a-Cleve-land thing!”). Doug Jones: “Sultan of Slow”? Yeah.. that’s not really his nickname. Although I don’t suspect he would mind terribly. The unassuming, unlikely star closer for the late 1980s Cleveland Indians never was your stereotypical brash and showy big


Baseball isn’t dying, but is it kind of like Microsoft?

Selig Deaf

This morning Mike and Mike talked to Fay Vincent about the future of baseball and the next MLB commissioner.1 In that interview Vincent said that “baseball is booming” and I’ve fought that thought for a while. Everything about how I feel about MLB is that it is not booming. Even coming off of a playoff


Frank Robinson Arrives in 1974, Clashes with Gaylord Perry – Reliving Yesteryear

They hated each other. It was hardly a secret, from their days in the National League in the early 1960s. Gaylord Perry had been the talented pitcher of the San Francisco Giants; Frank Robinson, the five-tool outfielder of the Cincinnati Reds. The narrative came easily: the fiery, outspoken black child of the U.S. civil-rights era


NBA Musical Chairs, ClevelandRox, and Losing My Voice, While We’re Waiting

WFNYBanner www

Happy Tuesday WFNY! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend. Now it’s time to get back to business. It’s July 8, 2014…exactly four years after the original Decision. I don’t expect the 2014 Decision to happen today, but I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on what it was like around this


“So this David Justice is Albert Belle’s Replacement?” Reliving Yesteryear

David Justice

After forty seasons, all of Cleveland was awash in the excitement of playoff baseball. John Hart had completed what Hank Peters had begun. In the late 1980s, working under the anonymity of yet another Indians rebuild, Peters began collecting the building blocks of a true big league powerhouse. He and Hart famously identified a pool


Diamondbacks 9, Indians 8: Five games within a game


In case you missed it—judging by the time of night the game had finish you probably had—the Cleveland Indians, once again, played a game in which they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory not once, not twice, but three times. The game 9-8, 14-inning loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks was marred by bad defense by


Phoenix Rising


The barriers to entry are very real, but in a business dominated by one, giant manufacturer, Phoenix Bats—a small baseball lumber company located in mid-Ohio—looks to turn the tide.   The batter’s box is a lonely place. Baseball is a team sport, but when a hitter digs in at the plate, he is preparing himself


Chief Wahoo on borrowed time as 50 Senators sign letter about Redskins name


The discussions and debates surrounding mascots and team names have gone to Capitol Hill. While there’s still some debate about history, intent and political correctness, the one thing that has become abundantly clear to me is that Chief Wahoo is on the wrong side of history. It’s even more clear to me today considering what’s happening in Washington D.C. as


Unsolicited observations: Cleaning up Santana’s swoon, Jesus is here, Bourn problems and more

Carlos Santana - Dejak AP

These observations may be unsolicited, but it probably doesn’t take much to get an opinion from Tribe fans on the play of Carlos Santana. The Indians’ unexpected third baseman managed to get his OPS back over .600. In the stat world, we call that trending upward! One can hope, anyway. Watching Santana at the plate