Walk (Off) This Way

Cleveland Indians pitcher Zach McAllister walks to the dugout after giving up a walk-off solo home run to Minnesota Twins' Oswaldo Arcia in a baseball game Monday, April 25, 2016, in Minneapolis. The T wins won 4-3. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

Keeping track of Indians yearly walk(offs). Charts galore show what matters.

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Tribe by Numbers: The All-Time Best Cleveland Indians to Wear Jersey Nos. 16-20

Bob Feller Cleveland Indians

Opening Day has come, been postponed, come again, and gone, but the great jersey ranking of 2016 marches on. The current players are striving to get onto this exclusive list but it takes years for them to state their case. Today, we are picking back up at number sixteen in the countdown. No. 16: Clint

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NFL, MLB helping you cut the cord thanks to partnerships with Twitter and Yahoo!

NFL Streaming Twitter

The future may have arrived sooner than we anticipated following the NFL’s announcement to stream Thursday Night Football on Twitter.

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Opening Day: Facts and changes we’d like to see

Municipal Opening Day

With the Cleveland Indians’ first pitch just hours away, here’s a look at some changes we’d like to see to Opening Day.

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ESPN says Indians’ rotation might be the best in baseball

Corey Kluber Cleveland Indians rotation

The Cleveland Indians’ rotation is garnering so many accolades heading into the season, it’s starting to get scary.

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WFNY On Location: Spring Training 2016

2016 Goodyear 1

The first thing you notice is the cacti. They rarely look as symmetrical and green as their cartoon counterparts, but the abrasive plants populate the hillsides, front lawns, and side streets of seemingly every corner of the greater Phoenix area. For a midwestern kid, they are an agricultural anomaly and sure sign we are in

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Cleveland Indians pitcher Casey Weathers throws faster than you

Casey Weathers gets work in wherever he can get it. From @caseymweathers on Twitter.

You might think you have a gun, but can you throw 108 miles per hour? The Cleveland Indians’ Casey Weathers can.

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Tribe by Numbers: The All-Time Best Cleveland Indians to Wear Jersey Nos. 11-15

Both teams lined up along the baselines for the national anthem.

As the March march to Opening Day presses on, Waiting for Next Year continues to answer the question, “Who wore it best?” Our countdown of the best players Cleveland Indians players to wear their number. The rankings are comprised of traditional statistics, sabremetrics, and tenure in Cleveland. Note: Recently, we received a bit a flak

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Tribe by Numbers: The All-Time Best Cleveland Indians to Wear Nos. 6-10

Opening Day 2

Familiar names from the ’90s take up the 7-8-9 slots.

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Tribe by Numbers: The all-time best Cleveland Indians to wear jersey Nos. 1-5

Indians Numbers

The first of a series looking at the best ballplayers at each uniform number for the Cleveland Indians

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A Decade of AL Central Attendance

With game time temperatures in the low 40's and feeling like the mid-30's, few fans sits on the seats as the Cleveland Indians take on the Chicago White Sox in the first inning a baseball game in Cleveland on Wednesday, April 11, 2012. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

Progressive Field attendance has long been a sore spot for Tribe fans. We look at the AL Central data to investigate: Does winning alone boost the number of fans at the ballpark?

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Why are NBA players so damn marketable? While We’re Waiting…

Nike Bring Your Game LeBron Kyrie

“Bring Your Game.”

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Waiting is the Hardest Part

1948 Champs

The Cleveland Indians have not won the World Series in a while. How do their postseason accomplishments and droughts stack up against the rest of the clubs?

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The Bat Flip Heard ‘Round Baseball


People are getting this upset about a bat flip?? That’s something worth ranting about.

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Is This Your (Wild) Card?


Chasing a Wild Card spot is a full-time job, for players and fans alike.

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A look at the young position-playing stars of MLB


There has been increased attention paid upon the youthful stars dominating the current MLB season, and such dominance could be seen in the 2015 MLB All Star starting rosters. A mere five of the 17 selected starters for the 2015 game were above the age of 29. And, one of those selections was the AL

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Indians bullpen sends ransom note for Brandon Moss’ 100th homer ball

Moss 100 Home run

This is the kind of thing that makes baseball special. Only in baseball do you have a season that’s long enough and a roster that includes important players on the roster who spend the majority of their time watching the game and finding interesting ways to pass the time until their name is called. Only

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MLB payrolls continue to rise

Cleveland_Indians block c

Major League Baseball continues to be the one American professional sport without a cap on payroll. As such, the spending habits of teams oftentimes inspires debate. Here at WFNY in 2015, we have already featured some ways to potentially tweak the MLB CBA in order to balance the inequities. Thursday, Jayson Stark of ESPN wrote an article

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Listen to Indians player-manager Frank Robinson’s 1975 debut

On April 8, 1975, Frank Robinson broke the color barrier for managers in MLB by becoming a player-manager for the Indians. During the game, he crushed a home run that can be heard as the youthful Herb Score and Joe Tait make the call just after the 13 minute mark during this historic game. Thanks

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Baseball is better than football


I did not always feel this way. Football can be addictive. The strategies in having eleven men work together seamlessly in hopes of obtaining a goal can be beautiful to watch, and breaking down the individual components that make plays happen is satisfying to an analytical mind. However, as I have grown older, moved away

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