March Madness: The 40 Greatest NCAA Cinderellas


They enter the dance as dark horses, longshots, sleepers, and underdogs. But since the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament introduced its seeding system in 1979, the biggest overachievers in March have always wound up going by one name: “Cinderella.” Incidentally, that is also the name of a brand new, live-action Disney film which—if I


Cleveland Seeing Highest Priced Sweet 16 Games Compared To Other Regional Host Sites

March Madness Cleveland

March Madness comes to Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio on March 26 and 28, and the stakes could not be higher with four teams vying for the Midwest Region bracket’s birth to the Final Four in Indianapolis. Three-seed Notre Dame and seven-seed Wichita State will take the court first on Thursday night at 7:15


Buckeyes in Rip City: One Alum’s Account of OSU-VCU

Ohio State

In an era of 72-inch TVs, couches that will rub your feet, and Roombas that bring you the remote control, it’s easy to watch NCAA Tournament games from afar. Despite all of the modern-day amenities in the world, there is still nothing like watching your team in person. On Thursday, I was lucky enough to see my


Not Done Just Yet: Buckeyes survive overtime thriller with VCU


If the gradual parody of the college basketball landscape and the pair of 14 seed victories earlier in the day hadn’t already informed you, a 10 over a 7 seed isn’t much of an upset. In fact, the Buckeyes were the only double digit seed to be favored in Vegas. But, the Buckeyes did surprise


Don’t trust the computers on Ohio State in the NCAA tournament: WFNY Stats & Info

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

I can’t ever recall a dichotomy quite like this. The base support for this year’s Ohio State men’s basketball team has been lukewarm at best. A team some thought to be a top-20 contender languished for most of the season, stumbled into the NCAA tournament, and landed a No. 10 spot opposite 7-seed Virginia Commonwealth.


Ohio State, Cincinnati, Dayton, Xavier make NCAA Tournament

Barbara J. Perenic/Columbus Dispatch

Four college basketball teams from Ohio were selected to be in the 2015 NCAA Tournament. WFNY’s Josh Poloha has our first look at each team’s place in the bracket. The Cincinnati Bearcats were the first Ohio team to be announced in the tournament on Selection Sunday. They drew a No. 8 seed in the Midwest Region


Cleveland State gets 13 seed in ESPN’s latest Bracketology projections

Cleveland State Viking Logo

ESPN’s resident bracketologist Joe Lunardi has taken note of Cleveland State’s recent success. Lunardi has the Vikings as a 13-seed in his latest edition of Bracketology. Per these projections, Cleveland State would face Louisville in a rematch of the teams’ November 26 matchup, which the Cardinals won 45-33. If these projections hold (a long shot,


Yan Gomes and Miguel Cabrera get paid; Josh Gordon wants Johnny Manziel: While We’re Waiting

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First and foremost: Baseball! *** First and foremost (Part II), if you haven’t cast your votes yet, now is the time to do so. WFNY is nominated for Best Sports Blog and Best Podcast in Cleveland. We do this for free and count on you all to show your support through the ballot box. It’s


Video: SNL roasts Stephen A. Smith

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 3.14.25 PM

Jay Pharoah was absolutely hysterical as he took a shot at doing Stephen A. Smith last night on Weekend Update. I even enjoyed when he lost his composure and cracked a small laugh and a smile. The only downside to this clip? It didn’t include last night’s host Louis C.K. who had some really hysterical


Community brings together America’s new Cinderella: The Dayton Flyers


I was pleasantly surprised when Jacob asked me to write a post for this site. It’s not everyday a Cincinnati sports fan gets to spout on a Cleveland sports site, but today is neither about Cleveland nor Cincinnati. No, we must put our differences aside for this moment. Today is a celebration of Cinderella. Today,


Can you spot the problem with this Ohio State basketball jersey?

Ohio State Basketball Jersey

Hmmm…. something seems off. This gives all new meaning to the term “March Madness.” @darrenrovell Jersey being sold at a Foot Locker on Ohio State's campus — Brett Spivack (@BrettSpivack) March 24, 2014 Honestly, it took me a second to see it. I wonder if it’s just one or if there are racks and


No more-deserving Cinderella than the lovable Dayton Flyers

devin oliver dayton

Why not Dayton? This was the question asked for decades by the renowned Flyer Faithful. While the once-storied program consistently disappointed, mid-major after mid-major blasted through the gates of the NCAA tournament’s first weekend into the hearts of the nation.


Brackets for the Cure: Turn $20 into $1,000, help fight breast cancer

In addition to our annual WFNY March Madness pool (which is free for all fans and readers), WFNY, in its ongoing efforts to give back to the Cleveland community, is helping promote a unique opportunity that comes in the way of Brackets for the Cure. Susan G. Komen’s Northeastern Ohio Affiliate is holding a March Madness challenge, sponsored by


March Madness through Wine & Gold glasses

While I love the NCAA tournament (I mean, who doesn’t love all-day basketball?), I’m always looking out for NBA prospects. NBA is my first love and I just can’t help but filter my college hoops through an NBA lens. This has been especially true in the post-LeBron era, where the Cavs’ crappy records gives them a


WFNY Stats & Info: Easiest roads to the Final Four

With Ohio State’s dramatic win over Arizona last night, I’m certain many of you are asking this question: Who else has played only 6 seeds or worse en route to a possible Final Four? As usual, I have the statistical research for the answer today. Dating back to the start of the 64-team bracket style


The Diff: NCAA tournament Sweet 16 odds

The Diff

Over the month of March, The Diff has been all about college basketball. First, it was the bubble odds, then an update of said bubble odds, and most recently, initial tournament odds. With the Buckeyes tipping off in the Sweet 16 tomorrow night in Los Angeles, I’m back with another round of updates today. On


WFNY Stats & Info: Elite 8 of NCAA tournament facts

There truly is no better time of the year than March Madness, right? Exactly. And that’s why today, after my spree of statistical #tournyhistory tweets @udjrosen last night, I’m here today at WFNY to share some notable facts as we enter the Sweet 16. Here you go with my Elite 8 of neat facts: ——————————————————————————————————–


NCAA Tournament: Statement on Ohio State-Iowa State charge

The NCAA has released an official statement on the controversial charge call from the end of today’s Ohio State-Iowa State third round game in Dayton. Here is the response from John Adams, NCAA National Coordinator of Men’s Basketball Officiating, that was sent out to the media this afternoon: “I spoke with the official, and he


While We’re Waiting… A conversation with Mark Shapiro

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While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at Our friends at The DiaTribe had a neat opportunity of a sit-down with Mark Shapiro. Here is Shapiro’s first quote: “‘Yeah, if you define


While We’re Waiting… 20 years since Indians tragedy

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While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at 20 years ago yesterday. Nice story from our friends at DTTWBL: “Whenever a loved one is lost, the memory of that moment seems endless.