August 26, 2014

Browns President Alec Scheiner on new uniforms and Joe Banner’s departure

Cleveland Browns President Alec Scheiner was on 92.3 The Fan Tuesday afternoon, and answered questions regarding the Browns uniforms in wake of Tampa Bay’s unveiling yesterday.

“We’ll have cutting edge uniforms that link back to our history,” Scheiner said. “I don’t want to speak about the Bucs (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) uniforms, but I’m really excited about our direction.”

The Browns have been working in partnership with Nike to design the new look for the team. Nike became the league’s official uniform supplier for the 2012 season. The first team that they gave a complete redesign to was the Seattle Seahawks. The Dolphins underwent a uniform and logo overhaul last season.

Public opinion on the uniforms for both Seattle and Tampa Bay was quite mixed. Scheiner doesn’t think that will be an issue with Cleveland’s new look.

“I’d be very surprised if our fans didn’t love our new look uniforms,” Scheiner added. “I think we’re headed down a really cool path.”

Scheiner said that he expects the uniforms to be unveiled next year before the draft.

In other news, Joe Banner is already out of Berea. That is a quicker transition period than the Browns and specifically Jimmy Haslam said would take place back in February.

The entire interview can be heard on 92.3 The Fan’s website.

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Ohio State makes minor changes to Buckeye football uniforms

Ohio State will take the field for the first time this year August 31st against Buffalo, wearing the traditional Buckeye uniforms, but with a few minor tweaks.

The panel stripe on the pants was adjusted by making the the black stripe on the outsides thin like the pattern on the helmet and sleeve stripes. For whatever reason the black stripes on the pants were thick and the white stripes thin on the previous pants.

The team will wear the Nike flywire collar design as well. This is the collar with extra stitching designed to help hold the collar down. The stitching on the collar will match the color of the jersey at least so there is no ridiculous two-tone effect. The Ohio State logo will appear on the front of the collar as it has been.

Two changes to the back of the uniform will be noticeable. Well, one will be quite noticeable. Ohio State has added seven buckeye leaves to the back collar of each jersey. The buckeye leaf stickers are of course awards that the players earn to put on their helmet. These seven leaves are sewn onto the collar and represent the seven national championships that Ohio State has won.

The other change to the back is with the nameplates. The font used is a taller and slightly thinner script than was on the previous jerseys.

Basil OSU uniform

Additional photos of the uniforms can be found at UniWatch here, and at Eleven Warriors here.

(Photo by Lori Schmidt)

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Dan Gilbert Reveals New Cavaliers Alternate Uniform

Dan Gilbert took to twitter revealing a new alternate jersey for the upcoming season-

The text of the tweet-

“Just in a few minutes ago.AC found them in @cavs locker room.Cavs will wear ‘home yellows’ @10/30 opener”

So it appears the Cavaliers will be wearing these for the opener.

(Hat tip- @Mike_CavsHQ)

Giving a second thought to a full Nike Browns uniform redesign

The dust has settled somewhat from yesterday’s uniform circus. In the end, the Browns uniforms look very much the same, especially to someone sitting in the upper decks, or at home on the couch. We weren’t really anticipating a big change, and certainly weren’t disappointed.

I kind of like the mesh pant stripe. I know it is more a performance change than an aesthetic one, but it reminds me of the old style mesh jerseys. The only question about the Browns new uniform set seems to center around if the team will actually wear the Brown jerseys.

‘Tradition’ is the reason given for why the Browns made the white jersey the standard for the team to wear at home this past season. Of course by choosing to wear the white uniforms at home, the Browns ended up wearing the same look for all 16 games. The funny thing about ‘tradition’ is that the Browns have a pretty long history of wearing Brown uniforms as well. [Read more...]

Indians getting ready for Opening Day, discuss “What’s New” at the park

Walking through the corridor around the club suites towards the media event I was already a few minutes late for, my nose caught a familiar smell that told me baseball season had to be just around the corner. No, it wasn’t popcorn or hot dogs or peanuts.

It was actually carpet cleaning solution.

Which meant that the Indians had been steam cleaning the carpets of the suites. Like I said, a sign that they are getting the ball park ready.

There were other signs as well. An employee was power-washing the tops of the dugouts and the aisles up and down the steps of the lower bowl. Cans of nacho cheese sauce and other items were being wheeled to the different concession stands. As Bob DiBiasio would mention in his presentation, baseball and food go hand in hand.

The Indians shared with media outlets on Wednesday the changes that have been made to the ball park and game day experiences. You can read all about these changes here, which is the exact same press release we were given. [Read more...]

Did the Indians wear the wrong uniforms for ‘Photo Day’?

Casey Kotchman

In an item that probably only interests me and a select few others, the Indians had their ‘Photo Day’ recently. That isn’t the interesting thing of course, as teams do this every spring. The interesting part is that the team apparently was wearing last year’s uniforms.

You may remember the Indians announcing changes were being made to the team’s uniforms. Most notable among the changes was the removal of piping around the collar and down the button panels. The script Indians is also more subdued.

Except in the team pictures. [Read more...]

Cavaliers’ New CavFanatic Alternate Uniform Review

So you know I couldn’t resist. Being the resident Uni-Nerd I had to chime in on the Cavs newest threads. As always, what follows is strictly my opinion…

The Cavs debuted the new ‘CavFanatic’ uniforms against the Knicks this week. They will wear the alternate set 4 more times this season. They are called CavFanatic because of the “social networking platform” that the Cavaliers established and encourage fans to join. I’ve not paid much attention to the CavFanatic message board, or Facebook page much, but I do know that they host events. Seems like a Browns’ Backers ‘type’ of organization. (I said type of organization, please don’t send letters if you have a strong opinion on either of these groups.)

Originally, I assumed that someone on the CavFanatic board must have designed these uniforms, or at least that the group got to vote on which design they wanted to see made into a set. That isn’t the case however- [Read more...]

Indians Unveil “New” Uniforms for the 2012 Season: Joe Smith Approves of One of Them

At least that’s what I think this link means.  Or maybe this is just a Black Friday ruse designed to make people buy jerseys that don’t really exist.  You decide.

The differences here seem minimal.  Slightly less trim around the “Indians” script, and the red-brimmed cap in both iterations.  Whatever.  They look pretty rinky-dink to me–like a replica you buy when you can’t afford the real thing.  Either way, I’ll still prefer the cream-colored alternates they wore on Sundays this past season. [Read more...]

Tribe’s New Road Uniforms Earn High Marks

Friday night the Tribe’s twitter universe was buzzing about the team, but also about the new road uniforms. It was the first time the majority of Clevelanders got a good look at them, and the reaction was very positive. (Of course it helps when the team has a double digit lead.) The all gray uniform returned, but with a new script on the front.

The subtle and somewhat understated ‘Cleveland’ is in blue block lettering with red trim. The font is a sans font, which I typically am not wild about, but the size of the script is perfect, and looks great on television. The sleeves have a small blue piping on them, and a Chief Wahoo patch on the left sleeve. The Bob Feller commemorative patch is on the right sleeve, and honestly looks like it was part of the uniform’s design from the start. A stellar tribute and blends beautifully with the new top.

The pants have the blue piping down the leg, and the dark blue stirrups really add to the overall look. Too bad not many players choose to wear them.

The red hats on the home uniforms have gotten a ton of criticism (and rightfully so in my opinion) because the blue ‘C’ has nothing to set it off from the red hat. It needs an outline desperately. (The fact that the red makes no sense with those cream uniforms is beside the point.) The new road look has the navy blue hats with the red ‘C’. There is no trim or outline on these hats either, but the red ‘C’ pops off the dark hat much easier than the home look. The hat is successful with the uniform, even though it doesn’t really make the look better. [Read more...]

Cavaliers to Unveil New Uniforms

Tomorrow night the Cleveland Cavaliers will release their new uniform design. In case you missed it, they have already made subtle changes to the color scheme and logos, and changed the design on the floor. Could that design already have leaked out however? Apparently an NBA video game already has the floor design, and has Cavaliers in new digs. No word on whether these jerseys are the real deal, but they have the floor correct. [Read more...]

Do Not Adjust Your Television…

If you have not heard, your Cleveland Browns will be changing up their uniform a bit tonight. 

The Browns’ official site reports that the team will be wearing brown pants for the first time in team history as they take on the defending champion New York Football Giants.  But unlike the white pants that the team typically wears, the brown version will have nary a stripe on them.  No color of any kind – just brown.

[Read more...]

Let’s put it to the test


I mentioned this in yesterday’s Minute, and was somewhat surprised by the reaction of those that responded. The short of it is this, I can’t stand the new uniforms the Indians are using this year. For those that haven’t heard, they are alternate uniforms, and have replaced the vests that the Tribe occasionally wore since being introduced in 2002. (By the way, Chris Creamer’s is the authority on any information of this kind.)

The new uniforms are officially cream colored, were designed at the request of GM Mark Shapiro. (Mark, I’m considering taking back my vote.)

It’s very old-school,” says Schloss. “We removed the retail glitter and looked back at the history of the team.”

Make that modern old-school in the best sense. Made of Coolmax, a breathable fabric, the jersey is cream in color, with a simple block INDIANS across the chest, with a Chief Wahoo logo on the left sleeve. The players’ names will not be on the back, just their numbers, and the matching pants are also cream with a simple strip of navy blue down the side. The caps are solid navy blue, adorned with a block C in red.

“Mark had a vision,” said Schloss of Shapiro. “We looked at where we had been and where we wanted to go. We wanted to get back to a simpler look.”

[Read more...]

4/01/08 Morning Minute- Hijacked!

That’s right, it’s Rick taking over the minute (again) today!


Two things, ok maybe three things for your consideration today. First and foremost, that opener went exactly as you thought it would didn’t it? (shaking head no…) Come on, who had Sabathia struggles, bullpen is shaky, questionable calls, and the Indians only score in 2 of the 9 innings for a 10-8 win in your office pool? No? Yeah me neither, but that’s baseball. The Indians were actually the beneficiary of those blown calls by the way. Well, at least one. The interference call was absolutely the right call, though you probably won’t hear many Sox fans admit that. Cabrera clearly stretched out to grab Peralta and deny the double play. White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen at least admitted later that interference was the right call- [Read more...]