Cable monopolies, the real NFL Network and more – WFNY Podcast – 2015-03-27

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Craig Lyndall and Dave Sterling get together in person, in public, to talk about the day’s events in sports, cable TV and technology… Nervous Dog in Stow Chris Clem live in Cuyahoga Falls Scene Magazine awarding WFNY Podcast into eternity Cavs game against Memphis League Pass and why they won’t let local superfans see local

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Will Jordan Cameron’s contract be legal in the future?

Jordan Cameron

Jordan Cameron’s path to Miami sure was interesting, wasn’t it? It would seem that Cameron’s agents pulled a fast one on some national reporters and helped solidify the Browns look of dysfunction in “leaking” a fictitious agreement with the Browns. In short order, the Dolphins were reported to have matched the two-years and $15 million

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Ohio natives: Brian Hartline decision soon, Ted Ginn visits, and Trent Cole to be released


As we have noted, the Browns have interest in a pair of former Buckeye wide receivers that are currently available. These receivers continue to meet with teams, but will likely sign somewhere before the free agency officially opens. PFT reports that Brian Hartline is spending today in Chicago and will likely make a choice between

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Brian Hartline to visit Browns today


Josh Alper at PFT reported this morning that Canton native and former Buckeye Brian Hartline is visiting with the Browns today. The 2009 fourth round draft choice of Miami had a rough year for the Dolphins where he saw his role reduced in their offense and ended up with a mere 39 receptions for 474

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Mediocre Quarterback Sampling

locker and mingo

As lifelong fans of the Cleveland Browns, I feel as though many of us are connoisseurs of mediocre-to-bad quarterbacking. We have sampled so many different types of these quarterbacks that we often can properly assess them and see the differences between them, while a New England or Indianapolis fan would just shrug them off as

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Jaguars propose the weirdest / coolest practice field configuration ever

Jaguars Field

This is a Cleveland site and unless it has to do with the Browns, we generally don’t post it. That being said, I saw this Tweet of a proposed Jacksonville Jaguars practice field that features a three-tiered field and just had to share it with you guys. I was so taken by the pictures that

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NFL suspends Josh Gordon for at least one year

Josh Gordon Cleveland Browns

The NFL didn’t waste a lot of time getting down to business with regard to Josh Gordon. A statement from the NFL was pretty succinct. “Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns has been suspended without pay for at least one year for violating the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse. Gordon’s suspension begins

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NFL on TV, freedom of speech and Ohio Sky… While We’re Waiting

Cleveland Sports

I am thankful to have this platform and community of people to talk to. It’s my day to talk about what I want and hopefully you want to talk about the same stuff. Further evidence that football is a TV sport… The NFL is moving their London experiment further and is going to start all

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Manziel finishes in top 10 in Dick’s Sporting Goods jersey sales

Johnny Manziel Jersey

Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel saw his No. 2 jersey finish among the top five in NFL sales according to Dick’s Sporting Goods, landing behind Denver’s Peyton Manning, Indianapolis’ Andrew Luck, Seattle’s Russell Wilson and Carolina’s Luke Kuechly. Following the 2014 NFL Draft, Manziel was the best-selling jersey in the league, reportedly providing 55

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Super Bowl set, Video games and Super Bowl Food – WFNY Podcast – 2015-01-19

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Off to another fine week of podcasting. I caught up with Dave Sterling (@dimoko)after his week of travel and we discussed lots of sports stuff, plus video games. Watching McFarland USA live and doing a movie podcast on it The Super Bowl is set with the Pats set to face the Seahawks Packers loss compared

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Urban Meyer says no to the NFL… for now

Ohio State Buckeyes Urban Meyer

Now that we’ve tired of wondering about which players might go pro, it’s reasonable to wonder about coaches too. Certainly, Urban Meyer would be a desirable candidate for many NFL franchises that are constantly looking for new ways to get a leg up on competition. When asked today about that possibility, Urban Meyer didn’t rule

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NFL playoff thoughts: No Browns, RIP Peyton Manning, and Pats trickery

Jim Harbaugh NFL Playoffs

The Browns weren’t in the NFL playoffs this year as you all know, but I had some takeaways that I thought would interest this audience even though it doesn’t directly involve the Browns. First and foremost, can you even imagine if the Browns were in the playoffs at this point? I was talking with a

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Surprise! NFL TV results were huge in 2014

Roger Goodell

After a weekend where the NFL dominated the TV ratings with playoff games, it’s nothing but more good TV news for the NFL. According to Greg Aiello, the NFL had 202 million fans tune in while they also made huge strides in prime-time. In 2014, 202 million fans tuned in, @nfl games nearly tripled broadcast

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Johnny Manziel, Browns will be on FOX for second straight week

Was Manziel laughing at this bill?

Being an NFL fan today requires you to learn about television contracts. The usual setup where NFC teams are featured on FOX and AFC teams are on CBS is being thrown for a loop as FOX has started “flexing” games involving two AFC teams onto its network. They did it last week with the Browns-Colts

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Five Things Paul Brown Was Not – Reliving Yesteryear


You know some things to be true. That they may technically only be your opinions is just noise. You’re right, and when others disregard or disbelieve you, a certain amount of frustration builds. At least if you are like me, anyway. Not to mention when you encounter resistance to demonstrable facts. Twenty years ago- when

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LeBron James’ sons aren’t allowed to play football

LeBron James Football

The times, they are a-changing.

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Of Paul Brown and Radio Helmets

Paul Brown Radio Helmet

Did I catch a “niner” in there?

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NFL trade deadline might be a lost cause

Ray Farmer Cleveland Browns NFL Trade Deadline

You get the feeling that the NFL would love to pump up their trade deadline, but as Greg Garber points out at ESPN, reluctance rules the day. It’s the only thing in a nearly 365-day NFL year that the league hasn’t been able to turn into an event. There are some examples of deals that

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NFL TV blackouts could be struck down today


The NFL no longer needs government protection to sell tickets via TV blackouts. FCC will end them today.

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Bill Simmons’ personal attack was the problem, not his opinion


Simmons asked for the hammer and ESPN hit him with it.

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